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Remembering Dad

The high, cold Sierra Mountains.  It is the summer of 1973.  Our boy scout troop has bedded down for the... View Article

Random Gratitude..

It’s no secret that the last four years have been difficult for reasonably normal people,  but sometimes you get hit... View Article

We Call Their Bluff

$10,000 Raised in 24 Hours.. Sometimes you have to ask for some sort of sign. When Obama-appointed Judge Jesus Bernal... View Article

Day of Decision

Judicial Dictatorship District Judge Jesus Bernal, an Obama era appointee, granted Claremont’s motion for summary judgment yesterday, declaring that no... View Article

We Get Letters

From Kathy in Corona.. I just wanted to take a moment to say WOW! My family was totally impressed with... View Article

Thanksgiving 2022

We Gather Together.. I settled into a good book Thursday morning, contemplating two turkeys in the oven, (one actually raised... View Article