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From Kathy in Corona..

I just wanted to take a moment to say WOW! My family was totally impressed with our entire experience at the matinee show of The Christmas Carol last Saturday. The food was absolutely delicious! The actors were so very charming. We look forward to returning again for other shows this year.

From Michael in Dream Park..

Thank you putting on A Christmas Carol and Christmas in the Colonies this past Saturday. We very much enjoyed ourselves, especially once we got to wear the colonial garb. I had the chance to talk with Mr. Riley throughout the evening.. Merry Christmas and we look forward to many more visits in the new year!

From Barbara in San Dimas..

We can’t say enough about your Presentation of Christmas Carol. Excellence in everything ! From the bonfires and cider before to the finale of the show giving God the glory! We had the most memorable time ! We will be talking about our visit forever! Did I mention the fun we had??? The dancing!!! The food! Singing! Thank you for all you do keeping the Farm going! What a treasure you are! May the Lord Bless you in everything you do. And thank you for keeping the Lord the center of the evening! Such a refreshing time for our hearts! Can’t wait to book next year and we will bring our children and grandchildren! PS. When is the 2023 show available for booking?

From James in Claremont..

I just finished reading “Emerald City”. I took my time with it for good reason – I did not want to cheat myself by skimming over anything. I expected it to be an enjoyable read (you Stanford kids really know how to write!), but I was even more impressed by the subtle profundity of it all.

From Elaine in Texas..

I recently received and read “Emerald City” and I beg to differ with the reader you quoted at the end of your newsletter. It’s not your Stanford training but rather your Arcadia High years that came thru in your writing. 🙂 Joking aside, my parents are 1969 grads of Arcadia High (Dad was at Foothills Jr. High and Hugo Reid Elementary while Mom went to Dana Jr. High and Santa Anita Elementary), and it was fun to read that you have those connections too.

We all live in Texas now, and since “discovering” you and Riley’s Farm sometime during the clarifying years of 2020-2021, my desire has been to fly out and visit Riley’s Farm; that is a huge compliment as our tourist dollars have been headed to FL over CA these past almost 3 years.

Thank you for being part of the voices of sanity and common sense who encouraged more people than you will ever know by simply speaking out Truth in the midst of a crooked and perverse world.



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  • Jennifer Jarrard-Scalise says:

    I have been gong to Oak Glen since the 1960s and love it. Riley’s Farm has added so much to the charm of the apple experience. The plays, the food, making apple juice, and the sweetness of it all, touch my heart. I was hoping that maybe next year you could add reindeer to the fun. They are such amazing and beautiful animals to see.I would love to see one again. Years ago they had some in the town area. It would be so nice just for the holidays and educational. Thank you for the blessing of Rileys.

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