Adventures in the Old World at Riley’s Farm

Join us at Riley’s Farm each Saturday for Adventures in the Old World and experience life in the 18th century! Each Saturday we offer our tried and true farm favorites, so you can hone your skills as an archer or increase your marksmanship with a tomahawk throw all year long.  We’re also expanding our Saturday offerings as each month now features a new specialty focus and challenge in the life of a colonist during the American Revolution.

Tomahawk Throwing, $1 Per Throw  (ages 8+)
Archery $1 Per Shot  (ages 8+)
Candle Dipping  $6
Blacksmithing — Musket Ball  $6
Blacksmithing — Pewter Soldier $8
Corn Husk Dolls $6
Cider Making – Half-bushel apples $22
Cider-Making – One Bushel apples $32

Please note: not all activities are offered every Saturday.
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Adventures in the Old World (AOW) from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Cider Making

By the bushel, or the half..

Wool CultureClean sheep’s wool & weave a small square
Tomahawks (Age 8+)

Archery (Age 8+)


Candle Making
Dip your own take home candle
Corn Husk Doll Making
Make a take-home doll out of corn husks