We Call Their Bluff

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$10,000 Raised in 24 Hours..

Sometimes you have to ask for some sort of sign.

When Obama-appointed Judge Jesus Bernal recently granted summary judgment to Claremont Unified–denying us our day in court for the second time in more than four years–it was rational to at least consider surrendering.  We have risked our homes and our livelihood on this battle.  We will likely owe law firms money for the rest of our lives.  I’m not Elon Musk.  I can’t afford to perpetually call the bluff of jurists who can make gross mistakes and wager we won’t have the money to take the case back to the Ninth Circuit.

Bernal, on the subject of injunctive relief, has already been overturned once by the Ninth Circuit.  That was an expensive battle, and it’s reasonable to believe a plaintiff won’t have the means to try it again.  We proved that Claremont Unified had LIED about their blacklisting of Riley’s Farm, but they made a pro forma effort to declare Riley’s Farm “approved for field trips,” even though, in practice, they keep teachers from booking them.

Bring Claremont To Justice

When faced with such cynical, corrupt evil, and their power of the public purse, I just decided to let God decide.  If I can continue to raise money — serious money — I will go forward.  If it doesn’t come in, it was not meant to be.

I appealed to my customers and decided to wait and see.

The money poured in, with avalanche intensity.  Within two hours of sending the email, something like $3,000 had been collected, and by the end of the first 24 hours, more than $10,000 arrived.  

Huge public agencies MUST understand they can’t use their power, and our money, to restrain First Amendment rights.  THEY MUST BE PUNISHED FOR THIS!  At the very least, they owe us our legal expenses in teaching them a lesson.

Apparently, you agreed, and if we can keep this up, we can scare them right back into a love for freedom of expression..

Your comments..

Amen keep fighting!

Praying for you!

Don’t give up! Time to take a stand for everyone

Give me liberty!

“God bless all of us!

Psalm 91″

God Bless America and Riley’s Farm!

“God bless us, every one”

God bless you Jim. Go get ‘em. Praying for your fight.

God bless you Jim. Now go and get them.

Good luck!! We plan to join the fight! Slowly we must take back CA!! God Bless you!

Good luck. I’ll be praying for you!

I am a returning customer/supporter for many years. God Bless you, Mr. Riley! Keep fighting for America!!!

I appreciate you being a leader and man of God. You are a blessing to our community.

I’ve been receiving your newsletter for several years now. Love what your place offers and what you stand for! I want to be one of the 300! Go get ’em! Prayers and blessings for you, your family, and your legal team! God’s got this!

Keep up the good fight.

Love your farm!

My family and I have been going to your farm, and wonderful u-pick, for about 35 years now. I love you guys and hope you stick around for many decades more! Keep up the American fight!!! God bless you all!

My family and I love you!

Please win

Praying for victory!!

Praying for you!

Standing with you

Stay strong. Praying for you guys!

Stay the course!

We got your back! Thank you for all you do!

We love Riley’s Farm and support you!

We stand with Riley’s Farm!

We stand with you! May God bless you and be with you in this fight for freedom.

When we were stationed in CA in 2020, it was depressing not being able to explore with our children the way we usually do. Finding Riley’s Farm was such a bright light in the storm, a place where we could feel a bit of normalcy amidst the chaos. Although we now live in MN, Riley’s Farm will always be a special place to us and we are thankful for the memories of educational and engaging homeschool field trips and a special Valentines Date night. We are praying for you in this fight for freedom and pray that you always keep your sights on Christ through it all.

Wish we could donate more to this cause! We have enjoyed every visit to your farm. Down with the bastards who forget what’s good for them.

You guys are an inspiration and a beacon of light!


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This post was written by Jim Riley


  • Gabi Holt says:

    We love you Jim! We love your farm, we love your passion, we love your tenacity, we love your purity. You are a loud voice for freedom in this wilderness of woke.,We are with you all the way!

  • John says:

    Doubt you will publish this counter to your opinion, but I disagree with everything you stand for.

    • Jim Riley says:

      Lawyers (assuming the “esq” in your email address means something) usually think more precisely. You disagree with **everything** I stand for? I stand for America. You don’t? I stand for apple farming. You don’t? I hate communism. All *reasonable* people hate communism. You don’t?

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