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The good news is: a LOT of our 2022 Dinner Theater Programs are now on our web site and ready to purchase.  The BETTER news is that you can still buy them at the 2021 price, but this won’t last for long because we’re paying more for staff, insurance, FOOD, and energy, just like all of you.  We can promise that these dinner events will not have to hover out, off the port of San Pedro, waiting to be unloaded.  They are produced right here in America.

We now have dates for..

Revolutionary Evenings (January through July) ◆ Details  ◆ Tickets
Valentines  (Three Dates) ◆ Details  ◆ Tickets
Finnegan’s Wake (March)  ◆ Details  ◆ Tickets
Mother’s Day ◆ Details  ◆ Tickets
Father’s Day ◆ Details  ◆ Tickets

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