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Pointing the Way

There’s an old marketing joke about signs, involving three men’s clothing stores that are side by side.  The one on the left has a sign that reads “Fine European Tailoring.”  The one on the right says “Huge Selection.”  The store in the middle says “Enter Here.”

It is true that you can over-think a sign.  You can try to do too much with a sign.  You can under-estimate how big the letters really need to be, but our business — strangely enough — requires a LOT of signage.  When you go to a dry cleaning store, there’s a counter and a cash register and a place to pick up your fresh-pressed laundry.  People know what to do in a dry cleaning store.  They remain confused — with good reason — what they get to do on a living history farm.  I haven’t been writing much because this is just a small fraction of the signs I need to design in the next few weeks.  We once had a more or less full time artist working for us.  In Joe Biden’s America, full employment and a growing economy don’t seem to be priorities, so Jim Riley has to do all the marketing.


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  • Steve Killgore says:

    Sadly I’ve never been to your place (I’m in TX for now.)
    Are the signs on metal, can I buy a copy of a sign – your Tomahawks and Archery looks great, and the Please No Communists is hilarious ( and topical )

    • Jim Riley says:

      Thanks! Actually we don’t sell the signs, but I don’t have a problem if you take the high resolution version to a printer. I would have to charge you $125 plus shipping for the metal ones.

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