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Or at least there should be..

Former SNL star and good friend of the farm, Victoria Jackson, sent me this video of Dr. Phil interviewing Andy Ngo, author of Unmasked: Inside Antifa, a story of the violent, anarcho-communist group of misguided city kids who believe if all of our institutions are torn down, something like Utopia will arise from the ashes.  Andy repeated a story new to me about CHAZ (“Capital Hill Autonomous Zone”) in Seattle, where Antifa took control of entire city blocks, attempting to run their own country.  Thinking “racism” would end when no Seattle police were allowed inside their village, an urban warlord, with armed followers, rose up to fill the void, and — can you guess what’s coming? — he threatened violence against anyone who disagreed with him.  The most well-intended Utopians ALWAYS pave the way for the Stalins, Hitlers, Maos, and Castros of this world.   People like John Adams, who believe in the natural depravity of man, fashion long-lasting, peaceful republics.  People who believe man is “basically good” assume power will never be concentrated in the most ruthless, and they wind up creating totalitarian hell-holes very quickly.  (Assignment, class: ponder the difference between the American and French revolutions.)

On a side note, years ago, Dr. Phil once offered to broker the Riley family feud on his television show, but I declined out of respect for the founding fathers.  My thinking at the time (2006?) was that I didn’t want my humble, small-business ode to American history blemishing the very noble history we try to represent — on a network talk show trading in family drama.

I promise to tie all this together, but first another video of Victor Davis Hanson forwarded to me by my sister-in-law, Benita.  Professor Hanson laments that Stanford undergraduates don’t even know what a Doric column is.  They can’t describe the Pythagorean theorem, or the difference between US Grant and Andrew Jackson. Their bright little heads are full of schemes to eliminate the electoral college, and they have no idea why the founders proposed it in the first place — or why our country is kept substantially more sane by giving Idaho the same number of senators as New York.

Likewise, how could we expect such kids to have realized how ugly a politicized justice system can be?  There are so many laws on the books, and district attorneys have such discretion in deciding what to enforce, and whom to prosecute, we shouldn’t be surprised when Hillary Clinton pays for the fake Steele dossier, and calls it “legal services,” (getting away with a fine), and Donald Trump is threatened with life in prison, on the basis of testimony from a whore and a perjurer — all signed and sealed by jury members too afraid of the urban mob to follow their conscience.

We have to re-build, people.  We need to put some of that ancient seed back in the ground.  We need to teach the value of very old, very proven ideas:  “love your neighbor as yourself.”  We need to remember, as John Adams certainly did, that our best protection rests in the honesty, compassion, and faith of our neighbors.  In Adams’ words, our government “is fit only for a moral and religious people.”

On that head, I have a question for fellow Republicans and conservatives.  If YOU were targeted by a crusading, urban prosecutor, would a jury full of people absolutely indifferent to killing babies via abortion, have any trouble convicting YOU on the flimsiest of evidence?  Why would people untroubled by killing children have any care for your day in court, or abstractions like “reasonable doubt?”  How could you expect such folks to extend justice to people they regard as “deplorables?”

The answer seems to be, clearly, you can’t.

“..the mercies of the wicked are cruel.

Think on that one for a moment.  The very kindness of wicked people is vicious and without remorse.  There is a reason why red state district attorneys aren’t conducting political lawfare:  they still have a conscience.  Likewise, there is a reason that political prosecution is limited to New York and Washington, DC.  The light of Christ is very dim in some corners of America.

Some will say here, I’m showing misplaced compassion for a bombastic fellow who produces beauty pageants and (allegedly) consorts with porn stars.  Some will lament Trump’s use of bankruptcy laws to short small time vendors.  I’m quite certain the sort of people who develop facial tics talking about Donald Trump can recite their own litany of grievance, but you should all pause for a moment and consider both the playing field and the precedent that is being set here.  The current occupant of the White House bragged about using American taxpayer dollars to coerce a foreign government.  From the earliest days of his political career, he engaged in lying so easy to document, you almost have to wonder about his mental health.  It’s odd, moreover, to hear people demand we believe E. Jean Carrol (a woman who told Anderson Cooper rape was “sexy”) and we’re expected to believe a man who showered with his own daughter didn’t do anything improper with Tara Reade.

Have any of you folks actually studied the American presidency?  For every Jimmy Carter quietly battling lust in his heart, (and cheering on abortion rights), there are more than a few Bill Clintons, LBJs and JFKs using the secret service as harem-guards.   One accusation against JFK is so disturbing, I won’t go into it, but you can read about it here.

I can well imagine my own political fraternity using this dirt on the campaign trail, but can you imagine an army of conservative lawyers holding a post-presidential Bill Clinton to criminal and civil account for all of his indiscretions?  Can anyone explain why Hillary Clinton was allowed to conduct state department business on her own email server stored in a bathroom?  Would YOU be able to do that?  Would I?

If you are among that number of Americans cheering on the incarceration of former presidents, and little old ladies for walking around the capitol on January 6th, you should pause to understand where this will go.  Eventually the “play fair” crowd will defend themselves.  Some red state district attorney will start to serve arrest warrants and organize SWAT teams. Some of your own folks are already changing parties, not because they love Donald Trump, but because they are afraid of what you might do if given unlimited power.

Ponder the nature of your “mercy,” and take measure of what it might cost you.

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  • Mike Hayden says:

    Hear hear! Thank you for your always insightful, truthful, and hard-hitting commentary James!

    This explains why they’ve dumbed down education. If young people knew the truth about where this country has come from, and realized what the steadfast beliefs of our founders and how far we’ve strayed from those founding beliefs, the left would never be able to maintain power.

  • Cindy says:

    You are a breath of fresh air in all this turmoil. I hate reading the news. Thank you for the reminders. Wish you would open in Oklahoma one day, I miss visiting.

  • Robyn says:

    Mr. Riley, I’m a neighbor, an Christian, and love Riley’s Farm. I’m a registered Independent voter because I think for myself not any party line. So with respect I have to tell you that you’re spreading false information aka extreme right wing propaganda. Here’s just one article I found that I’ll share with you showing that E. Jean Carroll DID NOT say that she thought “rape was sexy” she said some other people think that way but that she doesn’t. Trump was lying, like he has a pathological habit of doing. The rule of law and our justice system worked!!! He was tried fairly and found guilty in the sexual assault case and in the hush money trial. The juries did their job and I’m proud of them as a patriotic American myself. Please look into the other side of things rather than stay in your echo chamber of fake news. For the love of God stop spreading propaganda and lies!

    • Jim Riley says:

      Thanks for visiting and supporting the farm, but you could not be more incorrect about E. Jean Carrol, or about that mock political trial. Her direct quote was “I think that most people think of rape as being sexy..”

      That created such an awkward moment that Anderson Cooper went to a break. The New York legislature was so politically motivated to crucify Trump that they wrote a law specifically allowing the statute of limitations to be suspended for a year, so the case could be tried by a partisan jury and a partisan judge and a partisan prosecutor. Do you honestly know _anyone_ who would say that “MOST people” think of rape as sexy?? There is a reason, moreover, that lawyers seek something called “venue change,” because they know that highly politicized (or marginalized) defendants don’t stand a chance in some areas. It’s sad that you support a politicized justice system.

    • Jim Riley says:

      P.S. The money-losing Washington Post is not a credible source, and CERTAINLY not an “independent” one.

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