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Why haven’t you resigned?

My views, and my values, are shared by MILLIONS of Americans, but when I criticized that evil racist, Louis Farrakhan, (“Satanic Jews have infected the whole world with poison and deceit”) one public school teacher called our reservation office and wondered, out loud, why I hadn’t resigned.  He simply couldn’t believe I was still attempting to make a living, to feed myself, when I had double-bad, very-icky, non-progressive opinions about a black man who happened to be a racist. If Louis Farrakhan isn’t a black supremacist, then no one is, and merely pointing that out, and the danger it represents, earns you, in some quarters, “untouchable” status.

Likewise, anyone who mocked Senator Kirsten Gillibrand–the hypocrite who defended Bill Clinton’s debaucheries but suddenly found her moral compass when Al Franken and Donald Trump came along–just had to be a misogynist, right?  Surely, someone like that doesn’t deserve a job — a living — anywhere.  Right?

Conservatives, like me, may disagree with you, but we understand that you need to work for a living.  You need a bank account.  You need a home, a way to put food on the table.  We may boycott your institution, as individuals, but we don’t lobby the government — and its massive police power — to take the food out of your children’s mouths.

The totalitarian nature of progressive fundamentalism, the cult-like zeal of progressive orthodoxy, seems to be something we both acknowledge and assume too fortified to dismantle.  We need to remember these poor people are locked in an evil cult.  They can’t think.  They can’t reason.  Telling them obvious truths (“men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports”) is something like the secular-humanist equivalent of guzzling bourbon, and farting loudly, at a Bill Gothard purity conference.

“Resign!” they shout.  “Apostate!  Denier! Jail!  Death!”

Critical thinking isn’t their thing.  We know that.  But we treat them as though they are mentally impaired people who deserve respect by virtue of their authority positions.

No more.  Stop that.  Speak up.  Risk your employment.  Risk the ill-will of your children and family.

Can anyone be safe around someone who disagrees?

Early on in our federal lawsuit, one school district demanded — as a condition of their returning to our farm’s living history field trips — that..

  • We modify our Gold Rush Adventure (designed  for ten year olds) to prominently feature gay and transgender participants in the California gold rush era.
  • I, Jim Riley, never show my face around their students — on my own farm, in the vicinity of my own home — on the theory that someone who had publicly claimed there are only two genders would be dangerous around school children.

Since then, I’m happy to report that several teachers from this district booked field trips with us, defying the weirdos within their administration.  When this legal “compromise” was originally proposed to me, I told our attorney to inform opposing counsel what to do with himself, and I explicitly demanded he use language I won’t repeat here.  They actually had the brass to repeat this demand, and I called their bluff again, getting as salty as Old Testament Ezekiel in the process .  That school district was never named in any of our legal actions, because individual teachers, and parents, acted on their own and returned to the farm in defiance of some very creepy people who seem to be running their shop.

What I can’t understand..

If a friend approached me and tried to make the argument that a biological male should be able to compete in basketball as a girl, and we just have to accept his injuring so many of the opposing team they have to forfeit, and we have to do this so he won’t feel all despondent, and unloved, and prone to suicide, well, I suppose I would conclude my friend was making an extremely bizarre argument, but I would not..

  • demand my friend lose his public-sector job
  • demand all decent people shun him until he attended re-education camp.

I would probably just tell my friend he was being silly and irrational.  He was unaware that his extreme empathy for gender-confused people meant that someone’s daughter might suffer a head injury, and that this was empathy we simply can’t endure as a culture, without paying too high a price for indulging a delusion.

If that didn’t work, I would resort to ridicule and mockery, and — believe me — those are very powerful tools.  The left uses them regularly, but we’re mostly church people and we forget that Jesus, the Son of God, used ridicule quite regularly, you “blind guides.”

Nothing to fear, but fear itself

When the average citizen of “majority culture” (white, male, heterosexual, Christian, happily married), is accused of not being “sensitive” to some lament of the “disenfranchised,” they tend to make utter fools of themselves.  Here’s a timeline of what happened when the poor, timid teachers and administrators at Claremont Unified School District faced a single parent demanding their schools boycott Riley’s Farm. They caved. They forgot “innocent until proven guilty.”  They ignored our 20 year relationship and our friendship.  They bowed and scraped to please an entitled chest-feeder who never lived under Jim Crow or slavery.  They did what countless celebrities and government officials did upon hearing Jussie Smollett’s bogus story of racial hatred.  They let someone use the race card, even though the credit limit ran out decades ago.

Be a David

A single voice can enliven an entire crowd full of cowards.  YOU can be that voice.  When someone defends gay porn in your children’s public school library, don’t be afraid to call the people who do that pedophiles.  Get nasty, not for the sake of being nasty, but for the sake of the truth– and your children.

Our enemy isn’t nearly as dangerous as our silence.

Get loud.

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This post was written by Jim Riley


  • I love you Mr. Riley. I have been a volunteer with Citizens for Free Speech (based in Mesa, Arizona) since 2020. I took some hits as well during the past few years, as most moral people did. Well done and BRAVO. I can’t wait to finally visit your farm tonight! Thank you for standing up with your eloquence for all of us.

  • Martha Rudometkin says:

    Mr. Riley I respect you for standing up and saying what many people are afraid to say. I completely agree with you. I will never go along to get along. We must always speak the truth and defend it for the sake of our children and our country.

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