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October 12, 2023 Update:  Patty Lage Kolb and her party were able to secure passage out of Israel.  Thanks to all who helped spread the word.

We received this text from a close friend this morning.  Please tell your congressman!

Good morning. This message is from our High School classmate Patty (Lage) Kolb (CHS ‘76). She is also a graduate of University of Redlands. She and her husband are in Israel trying to get home in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Israel and the state of War that now exists. Please pray.

“Many people have asked how they can help. First of all thank you. We feel very blessed to have so many people thinking of us and praying for us. We definitely feel the prayers. The best thing you can do is pray. Pray for the hostages and for their loved ones. Pray for the IDF soldiers and pray for the Israeli government. Pray for us to find a way home.  We are currently safe and we have food and shelter and water. What we don’t have is a way out of Israel. We have contacted the state department, the US Embassy, and many congressmen as we are a party of 5 Americans traveling together from multiple states.  We have yet to receive any response from anyone other than a form email.  We know other countries have already made plans to evacuate their citizens, but we have heard nothing about the evacuation of American citizens. We know that Israeli airlines are still flying. However, there is no availability. We are also working with a local travel agency. We are flexible on where we go as long as it is not an Arab country as there is an Israeli and two Jews in our party. One practical way we believe you can help is to go to your congressman and let them know that you have five American friends stranded in Israel. Perhaps if there are many requests on my behalf, we will get some response. Please feel free to share this with others. Thank you.  We so appreciate you!”

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