The 2023 Riley’s Farm News Mirror Ad — Vote For One

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Every year, the local newspaper, The Yucaipa News Mirror, runs an Oak Glen harvest edition.  We’ve had fun with this over the years.  Which of these do you like best?

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  • Michelle Arredondo says:

    I like #1
    Riley’s Farm will always be the realest !!!

  • Andrea says:

    Number one…nothing better than real

  • Kathy says:

    The first one – Nothing is better than Real

  • Priscilla Ahlers says:

    My favorite is the third comic looking one!

  • Dave P. says:

    Riley’s is great! love your Big Band Nights and A Christmas Carol. I vite for number 1. Nothing is better than real!

  • Beverly Munoz says:

    I like #3 pic cuz it feels family & loving…rather than pic #1 it feels luring & perhaps can b perceived as sexual…however the words r a bit better on Pic#1 except the word Nothing can have a tinge of negativity in that nothing is nothing and and everybody wants something… suggest change words: I love this place…. Riley’s always feels REAL!…or something similar….family & loving…thats the message…0:)

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