Papa Bears and Mama Bears..

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Imagine an identity so fragile, it needs to be both created by the state and then hidden from loved ones..

The vulgarity of the attack on Erin Lee and her daughter, by Colorado public schools, is so stunning you wonder why more people don’t start stockpiling ammunition.  Erin’s twelve year old daughter, shy by nature, and yearning for company after Covid school closures, was invited to an “art club” after school by her favorite home room teacher.  The “art club” served as a pretext for inviting an LGBT+ activist volunteer who told the assembled students..

  • This was not an art club, but a “gender and sexual awareness” class
  • Their parents couldn’t be trusted.  “What you hear in here, keep in here.”
  • If girls weren’t 100% satisfied with their body image, they were transgender

The volunteer, who had no academic training or certifications in counseling, encouraged the students to identify who they found sexually attractive.  If such an encounter were to take place in a public park, if a stranger asked your twelve your old daughter about her sexual interests and then made her promise not to tell her parents about the conversation, we would be talking about a predator, but if your public school does the same thing, we’re being told to accept their expertise.  When Erin and her husband calmed down enough to make a complaint, the principal told them this was all done in secret, so as to make LGBT kids “feel safe.”

Erin’s horror story, (video here), is not only common; it appears to be an utterly conventional practice in contemporary public education.

When California Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond, visited a Chino Valley Unified school board meeting this week, he claimed to be responding to safety threats against LGBTQ students.  Say again?  In an era where public schools are asking students to ponder, and sometimes celebrate, gender confusion, in an era where art clubs are turned into transgender recruiting clubs, it’s “threatening” when a parent wants to know if the brainwashing works?

It has become this absurd: “hey, Mr. Principal, you messed up my daughter’s mind with your gay porn curriculum and your devo art clubs.  Can you let me know when she gets so freaked out, she’s considering breast removal?”

Wrap your mind around this one:  Tony, and his fellow travelers, argue that a child considering surgical gender transition (which we all know is impossible and universally regretted), is actually endangered by parents who object to penis and breast removal.  Got that?  A parent who believes her son might not be well served by removing his genitals is actually the dangerous one. A father who doesn’t want his daughter’s womb rendered sterile?  HE is the threatening one?

The world has turned upside down and is sinking down to hell through the ether.

The alt-sex continuum — that range of identity including same-sex attraction, cross dressing, surgical transition — is so utterly fragile it requires the state’s help in getting new recruits, and it is so utterly disgusted with itself it needs your affirmation and affection.  It needs an entire month of you wearing your rainbow colored cheerleading outfit and pumping your pom-poms for sexual activity you find repulsive. Bob Hope once made a joke that proved prophetic:  “they legalized homosexuality in California.  I think I’ll get out before it becomes compulsory.”

I can’t think of any other social, biological, occupational or political identity quite so weak and shrill and peevish.  Can you imagine the carpenters union demanding secret recruiting clubs for high school students and subsequent demands for secrecy, so as to shield them from parents hoping for a career in medicine?  Would wood-workers demand a special flag at the post office? Does the “stigma” of being a lowly carpenter deserve a special lighting ceremony at the White House?

I sometimes wonder why the worldwide victims of communist butchery don’t demand a month of social recognition and affirmation.  They at least deserve it.

But the oddest thing of all?  Over the years, people have thanked me for speaking out against this insanity.  It’s truly startling to me that so many people find themselves in family or occupational environments that make speaking obvious truths dangerous. A distraught mother laments a child secreted off to be castrated and it is somehow BRAVE to object, loudly?  What?

Still, the school board revolution is good news. Things are changing.  Some of you weirdo groomers in the public schools picked on the wrong enemy: papa bears and mama bears.


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  • Lori says:

    I was at this meeting and am very proud of Miss Shaw! She has received death threats because she is speaking on our behalf! This isn’t what we want to she spoke for us! Simple as that! Crazy upside down world

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