Pride Celebrations and the Law Written on the Heart

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Only partly counterfactual..

Picture yourself as a young parent with three small children in tow.  As you pass through the entrance gates of Disneyland, with your debit card recently shorn of more than $500, you charge off to what’s left of Frontier Land in the hopes of seeing Daniel Boone.  Your oldest little boy has a fascination with the character, born of an American history coloring book and repeat-loop exposure to the old Disney television series.

When you get to Frontier Land, “Daniel Boone” is there alright, but “he” is clearly a “she.”  Moreover, “Daniel” is a very buxom she wearing a short leather skirt and sporting serious cleavage.  There are just enough Daniel Boone trappings (long rifle, coonskin cap, leather fringe) to put you on a kind of protected-identity warning alert: this is Daniel Boone.  Got it?  Double-dare you to disagree.

Your son looks bewildered, and disappointed. You are too.  It feels like a cheat.  There is no way to mask the grievance, but there’s no way of confronting it politely either, or explaining it to a child.  Your little family wanders away, vaguely on guard against surprise twists in mythology and history.

Later in the day, your daughter–obsessed with Belle in Beauty and the Beast–wanders towards a shop featuring little girl versions of Disney princess gowns.   A flamboyant fairy godmother borrows the winsome energy of the animated character, but the human being playing “mom” has a mustache.  It’s clearly a man not even trying to appear something like a grandmother, and the grotesque counterfeit of the thing confuses your daughter.  A ritual of girlhood–looking for the perfect dress, the sort of quest women pursue with sisterly, feminine celebration–has a big slab of pure dude dropped in the middle of it.  There’s a mental stench about the thing, as though you and your child are obliged to celebrate false-female as though it were all just Breck Girl wholesomeness.  This isn’t Corporal Clinger inviting you to laugh.  It is a self-obsessed performance artist demanding you and your child internally broaden your sense of “female” so far that it ceases to be anything at all.

A few years ago a friend took her daughter to a Taylor Swift concert.  The twelve year old was mesmerized by Swift and the performer went out of her way to befriend the girl.  However ridiculous Swift’s political convictions may be, she delivers Taylor Swift to her audience.  She doesn’t dress rubbery-nosed Paul Giamatti up in a spangled dress and defy her fans to embrace “paunchy, balding middle age” as “young, lithe and radiant.”  But in this age of fluid identity, medical students are being asked, essentially, to affirm even more absurd formulations: agree that a “man” can bear a child or be refused a medical education.

Overplaying Their Hand..

Yesterday morning I was startled to watch our follower-count on Instagram go a little crazy.  There were 800 new followers in five minutes, and over the course of 24 hours, our following has increased by 25%.  A Christian influencer took note of a viral video that inspired one of my “counterfactuals” above, that of the fairy god mother with a mustache.  The influencer in question encouraged her audience to frequent our place over Disneyland, and apparently it resonated.

When it comes to re-living mythologies or re-enacting history, it’s important to weigh the true depth of the absurdities we are being asked to applaud, and, likewise, to understand why our very compassion keeps us from playing the adult in the room.  If you follow the comments in some of these discussions, you see a huge majority of people plainly disgusted with falsely realized identities. If most of the men who pine to be women could actually achieve such a transformation, we wouldn’t be having an argument. We would simply see them as women.  The problem is: they can’t.  Nobody wants to watch a football game over beer cans decorated with a skinny, breastless dude pretending to be a girl.  It’s no more real than a female Daniel Boone or a fairy godmother with a mustache — and that’s the point.  They don’t want “real.”  They want you to stop caring about “real” altogether.

As much as a trans-woman may fantasize about a strapping young (real) man falling in love with “her,” no real man can stomach the idea of standing at the altar across from a hormone-infused, silicone-inflated dude trying to “feel” female.  If you actually take in such a scene, you aren’t watching a broad minded heterosexual men.  You are watching two people with very confused sexuality.

I suppose we could be libertarian enough to just walk on by, and we could be Christian enough to feel sorry for them, but that’s not what these folks are after. They want a very intimate spot at your child’s bedtime story hour.  They want to be off the sin list at your pastor’s pulpit.  They want a normalized cast of characters in your teenager’s public school reading list.   They want the next major Disney film to feature golden-hearted cross dressers and mean-spirited men of religion.  In short, they want the “social construct” dismantled so thoroughly that girls won’t be able to shop for gowns by themselves and boys won’t be able to sigh at the image of a surfer girl in a bikini.

You want a memory of a loving, reasonably normal, mother and father?  Just who do you think you are?

Here’s the secret:  they aren’t happy with themselves.  They may even be disgusted with themselves, and they think big rounds of non-stop, broadly enforced “pride” will create a new consensus that will restore their self worth, but you don’t get around the “law written on the heart” that easily.  Men who are attracted to brunettes don’t demand days of national pride because no one feels self-revulsion, or endures a shaming, when they “break” laws God never wrote.  (“Thou shalt love red-heads and red-heads only.”)  On the other hand, we all feel at least some remorse when we break moral law, but even people who commit adultery aren’t foolish enough to think an “adultery pride month” would make them feel better about themselves.

We may have reached a point–if Bud Light, Target, and Disney are any guide–where we have been asked to pretend for too long, where we have been asked to affirm absurdities too outrageous for our tolerance, and our children’s safety.  It may even be a costly benefit associated with Covid debacle.  If you ask a nation, repeatedly, to pretend incompetent scientists actually know what they are talking about, you just might create a generation willing to say, “okay, let’s keep the women with beards out of women’s locker rooms.”

But if we don’t stop this false compassion, and this outrageous indulgence, it’s only going to get worse.  The absurdities will get too large for us to even contemplate.  Imagine, on the history level, Steven Spielberg populating his Saving Private Ryan landing craft with thousands of raging queens.  As the young army rangers hit the beach, they wear ruby red lipstick and hair done up in victory rolls. They are, moreover, full of trans-female power, impervious to bullets.  They just march up the cliffs in their high heels and take those pillboxes.

But it’s not comedy.  Call it a comedy at your peril. Who are you to question their self-worth, and their need to re-write the historical record?  Pride Re-Write Month will be there to make them feel rooted, and established, in history itself.

Think it can’t happen?



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This post was written by Jim Riley


  • Cindy Kraft says:

    I SO admire your mind reading capabilities! My (and millions) thoughts exactly, in this brave post. You are blessed with God’s gift (talent ) of skilled writing and creative language. ( or is ALL credit given to your profs at University of Iowa) I was born there, while my dad was a very poor, young Hawkeye undergrad, taking classes on the GI Bill, after serving in the US Navy. Why? Do we get ONE DAY to honor and remember, as a country, our fallen service members? (my husband a wounded veteran, tears up on this day, each year, missing his comrades , lost in Vietnam.) Yet we are bombarded for 30 DAYS! of displays and fanfare ( How ‘bout them Dodgers?) to recognize perversion? Until this year, when they began to push TRANS genderism on babies and kids…. we just looked past the …. rainbow. They went overboard! Sadly…. It’s 2 steps forward…. and only one step back. Our broken society is creeping (literally) toward accepting pedophelia as norm, and bearded, tucking princesses. Hey! and I think we need to reclaim our God given RAINBOW. He told us, “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth . ( the perverts STOLE it! God’s sign has been hijacked!) Thank God you still have a platform ( and it is growing) YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We will NOT comply with the institution. A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated… But twi standing back to back can conquer. Three are even better…. for a triple braided cord cannot be broken.. God Bless Riley Farm… God Bless AMERICA and her beloved Patriots. ✌♥️

  • Jillian says:

    absolutely love that I’ve found a wholehearted christian values place for my next family day adventure withy kids. very well said

  • Florez f says:

    I love what Riley’s Farm stands for ..
    God Bless America & Riley’s Farm . Thank you for standing by your values in this corrupt world we’re living in. ❤️

  • Florez Family says:

    I love what Riley’s Farm stands for ..
    God Bless America & Riley’s Farm . Thank you for standing by your values and not giving in to their evil agenda in this corrupt world we’re living in. ❤️

  • Erin says:

    This is what so many of us are feeling!! You have expressed your thoughts so well. Thank you for being heroic in this upside down world!! I pray for your continued success and am so grateful for you creating such a family friendly place that shares the values we must uphold in our nation!!!

    • Thelma Mericle says:

      Thank you so much for your article. That is the way the silent majority feels. We are losing our family values. Where is our Christian Pride month? Where is our Faith and Freedom month? More people have to stand up and say something. I have cancelled and cut up my Disney Credit Card. I am also NOT supporting KCET. Speak with your pocket book and let the businesses know why.

  • Kristen Crumly says:

    May God continue to bless you, your family, and Riley’s Farm. Thank you for being a light in the increasing darkness that is surrounding us.

  • Judith Green Shaw says:

    Thank you for continuing to write about the idiotic and atrocious ideas of ignorant people.It makes one wonder how much time they have to waste to come up with such irrational ideas. Will we ever return to being the Country we loved. We never should have started with toilets being used by both genders. It was Gents and Ladies. I get tired of hearing well that’s the way things are now. No we should not have to put up with the Woke ideas. Keep fighting and writing Jim. We need and have to have people like you.

  • Toni says:

    I’d rather give you my money than Disneyland. I was planning to go to Riley’s Farm sometime in the future. This article is making me get there faster.

  • Sue Mc says:

    We are off for June and July.
    I have Riley’s and Creation Science & History museum on our list of places to visit as well as a friend’s Christian camp.
    I decided to take back June.
    Pride goes before a fall.
    June belongs to the Creator and it always will.

  • Kathleen Unsell says:

    Absolutely agree 100%!!

    Very thoughtful and well-written. It’s unbelievably surreal that the debased minds have influenced and pushed this insane agenda in such a short time. Everyone that knows basic truth of biology and normal God-ordained social structure has been forced to turn the other cheek to these insults of our intelligence and (what used to be) common sense. We are now “extremists” if we hold to obvious truth! It’s astounding. Our children are preyed upon by these that God has given over to their own sinful desires and seared consciences. Lord come quickly! Until then, I thank Him that there are still some pastors, patriots, people of sound minds, and men like Jim Riley that speak up and stand for the TRUTH!!

  • Bill McCarthy says:

    My wife and I have been to Riley’s Farm four times the past 2 years.
    Little did we know, while dumb, illiterate, and gullible America was being forced to appease blm and antifa’s racist, anti-white and anti-other than black, anti-American agenda, lurking in the background, or shadows of that agenda would be a silhouette unknown. Unknown in every sense of the word because men and women and yes, boys and girls, have deconstructed the value of human identity for they are dumbfounded when looking into the mirror. Man, woman and boy, girl of the normal gender identifiers, are now being forced, politically and of special interest, to acknowledge a species of “whatsoevers” including behind the backs of parents not knowing that their children are being brainwashed.
    Simply put, Mr. Riley is spot on. As a career Soldier, it is saddening to see the devaluation process of America underway, the mental and societal breakdown of citizenship responsibilities, moral and ethical guides becoming comical, and a flagrant abuse of the 1st Amendment.
    Disney has certainly cornered the market of pathetic allegiance to flawed ideologies followed by Budweiser, professional and collegiate sports, special interests, and DNA flaws.
    Mr. Riley, we can go on and on but our obligation is to America’s values, first and foremost. Carry on, as your support network grows, so shall the demise of our enemies, both foreign and domestic. The coming election will reestablish America’s value.

    Thank You Mr. Riley, for your loyal and steadfast allegiance to family and patriotic values.

  • Michael Edmonson says:

    Jim, your words are spot on. Thank you for taking what many of us are thinking, and placing them into such eloquent words.

  • Cody says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth. May God bless and protect you and your family in Jesus Name

  • Karen Hughes says:

    Mr. Riley, you have always been a strong Christian and Patriot! The solution for everyone is “VOTE! VOTE! VOTE” and vote without “labels”—vote for values, morals, and American history and American integrity”
    America is a beautiful country, but it has gone off the rails.
    Voting for people who share our values, morals, and mind set will get us all back on track. God Bless you, Mr. Riley, and blessings to your wonderful family! We’ll be coming up there soon!

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