Should the Rileys Leave California?

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Soul Searching in the House of Riley

By way of introduction to a host of problems the farm is facing, ponder a new requirement for the working folk of California: a video course on the subject of harassment. Yes, the same state that featured Hollywood celebrities paying tearful, Oscar night homage to Harvey Weinstein wants to make sure regular people don’t mistake Meryl Streep for a role model. The course is not optional, nor are its conclusions.  For the most part, if you had decent parents who raised you right, it’s all Captain Obvious material. It even warns against predatory homosexual supervisor. Good for them.

But, here and there, it gets more than a little strange. Did you know that if a fellow worker says ‘hello’ to you and you fail to respond, you just engaged in harassment?  (Pity the poor supervisor distracted by a call on line 3.) Towards the very end of the course, we are reminded that in the old, backward days a child was born either a boy or a girl, but it’s just not that simple anymore, silly.  The course makes it very clear there’s no room for a contrary opinion, or a moral objection. Got that, Mr. Supervisor?  You will recognize, applaud, and support any sort of gender identity served up to you by the workplace.  If a bearded, 6’7″ dude, wearing a black leather bustier and stiletto boots, wants to use the ladies room, you let him. Capiche?  I suppose that means if an employee identifies as a Golden Retriever, we need to let him pee on the hydrants too.

Leave California?

Like the vast majority of my guests, when I ponder this sort of state-imposed insanity, I can’t help thinking of taking up residence in places like Tennessee or Texas or Idaho.  Like many of you, I’ve watched literally thousands of friends, customers, and retired teachers pull up stakes and hightail it out of Babylon.  We even field requests, here and there, for a Riley’s Farm franchise in some of those states.

For us, a wholesale departure wouldn’t be easy.  The sale of this property would likely take years. Finding a buyer who wants to manage a “Dinner Theater/Field Trip/U-Pick” operation might be, uh, daunting to say the least.  But it is that serious.  If you do see a “for sale” sign around here, it should only be understood as a means to either finding a partner or keeping our options open.  We’re not anxious to start over.  Creating what we’ve done in a rural state without the 23 million people living in Southern California would present more than a few challenges.  For the Revolutionary War Adventure alone, I’m guessing there are easily 300,000 fifth graders within two hours of our farm.

Then too, the second generation Rileys are all native Californians.  Our roots run pretty deep here.  If I want to socialize, I live right above a tavern full of friends, family, and customers who love our place.  Could that be duplicated very quickly elsewhere?   A friend of mine moved to Tennessee more than ten years ago and when he gets pulled over, the state troopers still say, “you’re not from around here, are ya?”  (I’ve vacationed in Tennessee, twice now — along with Oklahoma and Kentucky.  I’ve never met kinder strangers, so I don’t worry about this too much.)

By far, the single greatest reason for staying is just this: we are needed.  Sometimes, when I talk to customers, I get the sense they don’t want to leave.  A little “old normal” sanity is restorative.  At “Revolutionary Evenings” the other night, three different ladies asked if they could give me a hug. We certainly have our detractors, but I get the sense we are loved, in part, because of the sort of people who hate us:  Bolsheviks, identity-freak weirdos, Covid Pharisees, and people who worship the state as god.  All the wrong people want us dead, and that means God’s people look out for us.

My mother, now departed, once had a dream that some of the founding fathers were walking a distant part of the farm, on their way to some grand, heaven-lit meeting.  She took it as a kind of blessing on the place, and I do too, still, even if I know that makes a few of my cynical critics howl with laughter.  (A friend let us know a group of local witches on social media take pride in trying to hex us, and they were particularly frustrated when the big fires didn’t take us out completely.  Like I say, you are known, sometimes, by the kinds of people who hate you.)

In truth, I love the place.  I could sit by the fire and listen to the sound of my son, Gabriel’s singing voice, for hours.  Last Saturday, his cousin, Emma, sang “Wild Mountain Thyme,” and I had to walk outside, take in the beautiful Oak Glen moon, and grit my teeth.  It was THAT beautiful.  Sometimes, in the fall, when I see a handsome couple — a young mother and father — introducing their four year old to apple picking, the beauty of family can take my breath away.
“What’s wrong, Mr. Riley?”
“Nothing,” I say.  “Nothing at all.”
The old, cranky man — the guy who picks fights — is crying.

On this front, try to imagine a total stranger so taken with your home, so enchanted by the grounds, that they stop to memorialize that moment of their lives by taking a picture in front of your barn, in front of the poplar trees you planted, or standing next to the young living historians who work for you.  It’s a peculiarly touching experience.  Along with God, nature, and the rest of your family — you built something worth putting on camera, worth making a family tradition.  I can’t fully express how blessed I am by those moments.

The Problem, However..

I honestly believe that our ruling elites don’t want any small, family business to survive.  They want us all either working for the government or a huge, fascist conglomerate willing to enforce every environmental and diversity mandate coming down the pike.  When I complain about this, a few of our guests remind me that they are here for the apple butter, not the politics.  On such occasions, I sense they are feeling a moral conviction they find unpleasant.  They voted for the very politicians that made their favorite living history farm struggle, and they don’t like being reminded.  I have no patience with customers who want us around, but don’t care how difficult it is to do business in California.

Just consider..

  • The other day a monthly propane bill hit us for more than $3500. The  jet-set carbon crowd can pay for all the energy in the world, but the rest of us are stuck with the consequences of Joe Biden’s hatred for fossil fuels.  Man made climate change is a myth, and we’re paying the price for it. (We have ENORMOUS natural gas reserves and we aren’t using them.)
  • We recently endured an increase in fire insurance from about $23,000 a year, to $48,000 the next year, to nearly $65,000 the year after that.  We know of one Oak Glen establishment that has been forced to go without insurance entirely.  Environmental polices have left the forest un-harvested, the reservoirs decommissioned and the cattle hungry — so firefighting, and beef, are more expensive.  Once again, we live in a state that bows to irrational environmentalists, ignoring the science.
  • The public health policy response to Covid proves that our “experts” are either amateurs or misanthropes.  Millions of people were put out of work and thousands of small businesses were destroyed.  The Federal Government — sensing its own incompetence — had to print billions in funny money to bail out, among others, businesses like ours.  We took the money to keep our employees working, in an environment where the customers were frightened away by the very government-monster that created the virus in the first place.
  • Businesses like ours face a new water-regulation threat that essentially treats small rural resorts with their own wells as though they were full-ledged water districts.  Needless to say, it just can’t be done.  We have clean, mountain well water, and we’ve been paying $1300 a month to have it monitored and tested, but I’m getting the sense that bill is going to sky-rocket too.
  • Back to Covid again:  you don’t wipe millions off the books by shutting down the schools, (and field trips), without enduring major financial structural damage.  Even though our customers are coming back, we’re still trying to crawl back from two years of reduced income.  I honestly — still! — don’t know if we’re going to make it.
  • One school district, as a condition of returning to our field trips, wanted our “Gold Rush Adventure” to feature transvestite gold miners, along with loving tributes to the historical contributions of the LGBTQ+ crowd.  We told them this was a field trip for 4th graders and they could go to hell, but how long will it be before psychotics of this sort gain real enforcement authority?

Two World Views

Ponder–using Riley’s Farm as a microcosm–the struggle we currently face. Think about the two different messages young people are hearing today..

  • Riley’s Farm, (and other institutions that appreciate Biblically informed Western Civilization), teach children a Declaration message: “they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”  They are taught the noble struggle for the Bill of Rights, the injustice of the Stamp Act and the admiralty courts, the abolitionists’ lament, and the idea that some Americans, on the battle field, have loved liberty enough to give their lives.
  • Public schools are telling black students to expect structural racism, to see whites as “oppressors,” and to remember that America was built on slavery, that business owners exploit them, that Protestants oppress all other religions, that men seek to dominate women, that being masculine or feminine isn’t in vogue, and that, as a nation, tragically, we were never “really that great.”

I am not being too dramatic when I say this is a struggle between good and evil, between optimism and pessimism, between life and death..

Solution: A City on A Hill

Picture the entire East Oak Glen valley as a sanctuary against the evil that surrounds us.  Figuratively, you could imagine a fort, or a fortress, but, in practice, those of us who can’t leave Gotham all create a kind of joint stock venture to develop what could easily comprise 2,000 or more acres in Southern California.  Picture cottages and vineyards and retreat centers and walking trails and trout ponds and cideries and hills terraced with new apple trees.  Picture a New England style meeting house with messages from Edwards and Whitefield.  Picture dances in the barn and cider caves and a private, charter academy.  Picture new films and movies being produced in a huge, historic backlot.

Most of you spend $200 or more to visit Disneyland — a place that was once redemptive but that is now, sadly, a wasteland of sickly, woke, derivative nonsense.

My sense is that the Riley Family will not make it unless we up our game, charge an admission pass and make a day in the country something that might compete, at least a little, with the major corporate attractions.

Picture entering the farm and enjoying..

  • three or four live bands, playing traditional music
  • miles of walking trails
  • two or three different dinner shows, from Los Rios, to Wilshire’s to Riley’s.
  • An hour with Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglas, Chesty Puller..
  • Seasonal farming demonstrations (pruning apple trees, milking cows, making cheese)
  • Man skills (chopping firewood, felling trees, cutting mortise and tenon joints, milling lumber, marksmanship)
  • Woman Skills (spinning yarn, plucking chickens, making clothing)..
  • Dancing
  • Gospel Sings
  • Period food classes
  • Raise your own cattle..
  • Old world skills: glass-blowing, saddle-making, gunsmithing, pottery

We can add a lot more, at a lot of different price points, but I can’t help thinking.  It’s now, or never.  We either grow up here, or we “git going..”

What say all of you?

..because I actually do need to know.  This year’s weather has killed our cash flow.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you stocked up on dinner events and field trips about now. (Even though field trips and dinner theater are way up, we are struggling to pay our bills. We just paid off another $13,000 fire insurance premium, and we’re looking at a $20,000 property tax installment in two weeks.)

The question all the Rileys are asking:  Is the Lord telling us to go, or should we stay here, along with all of you — and fight it out as partners and planners? Your thoughts and prayers are coveted.  We’re particularly interested in knowing..

  • Is Riley’s Farm valuable enough to you, as a guest, to pay an increased admission price for our programs?
  • Should we become a “members only” establishment?  (Not an expensive membership, but a membership based system nonetheless)
  • Would you, or someone you know, entertain investing in a rural resort development entity, of the sort I described above?
  • Do you have experience in any of the new capital funding options that have been developed in the last ten years (crowd funding, private equity, etc.)
  • Are you a civil engineer or do you know a good one, who can help us conceptualize the physical space and the infrastructure necessary?
  • Should I just give up and get a job with the post office?  (Wanted to see if you’re still reading)

Thanks for the read.  We appreciate you!  (Well, the vast majority of you, anyway.)

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This post was written by Jim Riley


  • Cris (bigfoot) says:

    I a SoCal resident who went to your farm in fifth grade enjoyed how you bring history to life. I also disagree with a actual fascist representatives who pass their title to those who disagree with them (IE people who actually agree with republican or conservative view points).

    Before the real world hit me I used to agree with Democratic policies, once I started working and reading things for myself I find that I am consistently lied to. I myself have wanted to move to Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, and Idaho. But having so many friends and neighbors move out for better economic opportunities and better living. California needs people to fight for it.

    California is a red states but due to 7 select cities they vote on behalf of the state. The state needs a resurrection of conservative voters to correct the states horrendous policies by allowing nonsense pandering on social issues which hurt small and medium businesses and communities.

    I personally think it would be a shame if it came to the point for you guys to leave when you bring a unique experience for history and apple picking. I would understand a departure for economic reasons. But you do have people who care about the farm

  • Raq says:

    Please don’t leave!! Feel your pain but will contribute to you guys and pay whatever y’all charge! Sending love and prayers!

  • Jenn says:

    Get out now. California is too far gone. We cannot wait to leave and we may sooner than later. I hate to say it but you’re better off being gone from here. Thanks for all the memories. The Franks Family

  • J says:

    Please stay!

  • Heather says:

    We love Riley’s! We don’t want you to leave California but like many of us, we wish we could! I would be more than will to pay an admission to see and do all the stuff mention. I feel like most families are lacking the skills to survive on their own without govt. It’s really sad. They don’t teach children in schools any skills needed for their futures. They only teach these kids to be slaves to the states.
    The idea of living in Oak Glen on that beautiful property, sounds like a dream. It would be amazing to breathe fresh air, farm, pick our own fruits and veggies, milk our own cows, and be with other like minded people trying to escape the tyranny and bs of California.

    If you choose to leave, you would be understood and still highly supported, but know you are wanted and needed here in California too.

  • Scott Daloisio says:

    If you leave, they win. Anyone who loves California and flees due to the corrupt state officials has lost. The last gubernatorial election was closer than many thought. Perhaps, more people are getting it. Fleeing is nto the answer.

    • Kirk Beck says:

      The answer is in the law. I have used small claims court and the Power of Paper to push back on government abuse. It works and oddly, it works better in California because of its willingness to hear cases of discrimination. Take a local school board official to small claims court with no attorneys allowed. Sue for $5000 and win. IF they don’t rebut your affidavit they LOSE!

  • Eliah & Anne Chernabaeff says:

    we’re with you, we love you guys please remain here, we’ll pay higher prices. let’s indeed start our own city!

  • Jeff Smith says:

    All the standing for what’s right you have done and now you are entertaining the idea of folding? Don’t you dare Jim Riley! We need you here!

  • Michelle says:

    Please don’t leave California! My family and I love your farm. It’s one of our favorite places to go. Do what you have to do. The ones who love and appreciate the farm will invest and pay. Praying the Lord guides you all.

  • Heidi Watkins says:

    Mr. Riley, your candor and all that you do give me hope. it pains me to hear of how California subjects your farm to extortion (as it does to us all). It would not doubt be less expensive in another state but I could not bear it if you and your family left. it’s also like ‘they’ would have won. I do pray for you, your family and the farm. thank you for many wonderful memories, and I pray for more.

  • Yasmin Fletcher says:

    Please stay and fight with us! If we can get more patriots involved in local government we can find a way to get our California back. We love Riley’s Farm!

  • Pamela Sailor says:

    I am the last person who would have left my hometown of Tustin, let alone state of California. But in July of 2022, we uprooted our family to Fairview, Texas. We’re an 8 hour drive to the closest relative but it’s better than I thought it would be. And I had high hopes!! I invite you and your wife to come visit our home in Fairview. It’s a bit of country in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Come see Texas through the eyes of a fellow Californian (say that last part quietly). I’m charmed by where we live and love the people. Come for a visit, ya hear? (p.s. we’re not psychos… but then again that’s what psychos say. How about this, Scouts Honor, we’re Patriots who miss your farm in the promised land of Texas.

    Call me, let’s chat!

    • Kirk Beck says:

      The answer is in the law. I have used small claims court and the Power of Paper to push back on government abuse. It works and oddly, it works better in California because of its willingness to hear cases of discrimination. Take a local school board official to small claims court with no attorneys allowed. Sue for $5000 and win. IF they don’t rebut your affidavit they LOSE!

  • Cindy says:

    We would love to see you build a Farm in OK. I left CA 20 years ago and love it here, but there are things I miss in CA, my family, Riley’s farm, the beach. I was in a small business out there but slowly watched as mine went down hill with prices, taxes etc. I know I would not be in business there now, I’d never be able to afford it. It’s a hard decision, but God will guide you.

  • Charlie says:


    If you truly are as unhappy with California as you say, by all means, go. We will survive without you.


  • Charles Robey says:

    Although I would be heartbroken for you and the rest of the Rileys to leave I truly understand why you would. I am also contemplating moving my family out of this communist state. However after a lot and I mean a lot of prayer we have decided to stay and fight. Sir I am a medically retired Marine and I don’t run from fights. I have been coming up to Oak Glen since I was an infant I am now 47 years old and we have tried to make it up there every year all 6 of my children love to visit and enjoy stepping back in time. I have even hiked back into the mountains behind Oak Glen to hunt deer. If you ever need someone to come and hunt deer or bear or even hogs just give me a call.

    • Kirk Beck says:

      The answer is in the law. I have used small claims court and the Power of Paper to push back on government abuse. It works and oddly, it works better in California because of its willingness to hear cases of discrimination. Take a local school board official to small claims court with no attorneys allowed. Sue for $5000 and win. IF they don’t rebut your affidavit they LOSE!

  • Diana Lloyd says:

    This post is so telling. I appreciate your field trips SO much. I homeschool my children, so we aren’t the type of client that provides much income for you, but the field-trips, apple picking, cider-pressing, and what Riley’s stands for is so precious, that I would pay a higher fee to go experience any of those activities. While the resort idea sounds fantastic, and one that I couldn’t likely afford. I only took my boys to Disneyland once because we got free tickets on a rainy day-I’m not willing to pay for that place. But training classes in old-world trades, that is highly intriguing. Manly stuff- definitely: I have 2 young boys! Thanks for all you do. I pray that our Lord guides you and the future of Riley’s Farm.

  • Jeanette says:

    God Bless you. Our school was just there last week. Riley’s is my favorite field trip for both 3rd grade and 5th grade. It’s so rich in history. Ever thing you said is spot on and unfortunately not right. I continue to pray for institutions like yours that speak the truth about our history. It’s unfortunate that as a state we have fallen so far from our first love God. I pray for this state and our country. The good news is we win in the end when Jesus comes back for his church. Thank you for all you put into Riley’s it’s an amazing place.

  • Theresa Miller says:

    stay and fight!
    but I would understand if you guys need to leave California.
    pray and ask the Lord to give you wisdom and confirmation.

  • you have to link us in from the Banning Bench.
    we will take the eastern border!

  • David Meslovich says:

    I completely understand your situation. As a 65 year old native Californian I would have never thought I would see this State dismantled into a dystopian socialist , anti-constitutional society. Individual freedoms being taken away at such an extreme that today’s youth have no concept of the freedoms that once existed and the sacrifices made by our fore fathers made for us. I would hate to see you leave the State, however I too am considering leaving to more conservative pastures.

  • Deborah Pond says:

    This made me cry. I hope it gets better. If you and your family left I would feel a little less hopeful. Do whatever you need to do. We haven’t been back since 2020, but we’ll make it up there, soon.

  • Christine Beamer says:

    Stay!! Definitely could charge an increased daily fee. to be honest, I’ve been wanting to go but a little confusing on admission for single vs field trip and not sure it’s actually at same time.
    A lot of people haven’t even heard of you. I tell everyone and I’m surprised how many don’t know. I do know some people I can talk to and see how involved they would be willing to go.

  • marilyn marestaing says:

    Stay and stand for true values. We would agree to charging more for entrance. Maybe establishing a foundation to raise funds? We’d support that, too.

    You are a beacon, you do influence adults and students, both. My husband is retired now, but his 5th graders loved coming to Riley’s Farms.

  • Leul says:

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Riley, my name is Leul Fox, I grew up in Southern California, in Chino Hills. I now live in Virginia not by choice but by duty. I’m in the United States Army active duty about to be stationed with the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg NC and I take pride in serving my country, because being a kid adopted from Ethiopia my parents taught me the American values, & dreams. I grew up coming to your farm every year with my homeschool group Western Christian, and even my pastor Jack Hibbs loves your family & farm. I always looked forward to it every single year even as a senior in high school. I have so many found memories of the farm, from apple picking to shooting bows and arrows, the revolutionary war reenactment , & the civil war reenactments. Where we had heart attacks and jerky with the cheese. To actually eating the delicious Chicken Pot Pie, (by far the best I’ve ever had to this day ) & that warm golden crisp apple pie with Vanilla ice cream oh my goodness that truly was the best. I remember doing the gold rush. I have so many found memories of that place. Even as a 22 year old young man I appreciate the effort and dedication you and your family & friends put into making my childhood memories so special. I do miss California especially Riley’s farm. I remember the passage Jesus shared with His disciples about not worrying about things that they can’t control and about how if the birds in the air eat and don’t sow nor reap but our Heavenly Father takes care of them, how much so Shall He take care of us. I remember when I was a young child I used to tell my mother that I wanted to work & live on Riley’s Farm. I’m very sorry to hear that things aren’t going well on the Farm. And I wish I had all the financial resources to be able to help out. But what I do have is the same love that you have for our LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD who hung upon that cross to set sinners like myself and everyone who comes to HIM free & I also have love for AMERICA & her history. Joe biden is crazy but guess what it’s the LIVING GOD that sets kings on thrones and crumbles empires so what evil this joke of a president & all others are doing will not go unchecked & unpunished by THE LORD. Keep up the great work whether y’all stay in California or move to another state continue to be that house hold that’s on the hill top that shines for all to see so that all may see and glorify our LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. May GOD BLESS you guys & keep you always in HIS AMAZING GRACES.

    ——— Sincerely Leul Fox.

  • lucia ayabarreno says:

    I believe it would be fine to raise your prices somewhat but not to high because so many people are struggling also. This administration is evil and I pray for a great move of God soon. I would suggest, if you’re not doing it already, get a group of people (“where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there”) to commit to keep you and your farm in prayer for as long as the Lord requires. 10 people, 15 minutes a day. Fasting is very effective. God is so good. I pray your faith is strong. God bless you, your family and your farm abundantly ✝️

  • D says:


  • Ashley says:

    As much as our family loves going to your farm multiple times a year, I totally understand if you would need to leave.
    We will miss you greatly but honestly we would still make it a point to visit your new location in another state when possible. I don’t agree with California’s laws and everything you were saying. I would take off tomorrow to live in Tennessee or Texas if I was able to! The people in those areas are all so nice and I can’t see them giving you all problems about how to run your business. My sons Christian school went to your farm this year for his 4th grade field trip for the gold rush event and it was amazing!! We loved everything about it!! I just read about your revolutionary nights I need to check into that now! I would love to see that!! I greatly appreciate that you didn’t change anything or hire any of the drag or trans things that the school district wanted you to do. I don’t agree with any of that and don’t think kids should be exposed and force things like that to our children at such a young age. I am truly sorry the prices on utilities and insurance have gone up extremely for you all. I can’t even imagine. The whole covid thing was crazy and how they shut everything down was insane. Our family got so much grief from a lot of people because we were still trying to live a normal life.
    Our family will definitely continue to support your farm if you decide to stay in California but if you need to leave we will completely understand!!

  • Terri Webster says:

    Dear Mr. Riley~
    There are so many of us that have found a much needed respite from this crazy clown world at your farm. You offer food for the body and the soul. I remember tearing up and feeling so giddy to be holding a strangers hand and dancing 2 years ago when it was a general taboo in society to do so, especially sans muzzle. I’m sorry your wonderful farm and family are struggling and are having to dodge the flaming arrows of our government tyrants. I love the idea of you expanding and reimagining your land and life in Oak Glen. California is a gem worth staying and fighting for. We will be there. We will support you. Charge what you must. And, who knows, maybe we’ll all move up your way and we can have a right little community, supporting each other the way we were meant to.
    With deepest appreciation and support,
    Terri Webster

  • Joe says:

    Just want to say we love your farm. My family and I have come there for years. Myself as a child have visited numerous times and I even was one of the firefighters who helped guard it back in 2009. Sadly, we have moved on from California and have left to beautiful East Tennessee. Should you pray on it and decide to leave, we would love to have you out that way. God bless and thank you for being patriots!

  • James says:

    My wife and I would be willing to pay increased cost for your programs and we would also consider paying a membership if that was enacted. Riley’s Farm is one of our favorite places in Southern California.

  • Maren Ruesch says:

    You do Not want to work at the USPS— their regulations would have you tearing out your hair!
    We’ve come with friends to shows (you won’t find us I. The computer because they arranged tix & we then paid them).
    But we Love the feel of Riley’s Farms!

    We do wish for more disabled parking & possibly a few trails where a mobility scooter or wheelchair could maneuver. Maren would love to see more of the hands-on crafting & building skills that our grandparents took for granted. But it’s really hard to get around.

    We are hoping to afford one of your dinner nights soon! You do such wonderful presentations.

    Please do not leave SoCal! You are the leaven needed for the loaf of humanity. You’re a beacon of days gone by but Not forgotten.

    If you left, who would fill the Farm? Aromatherapy, crystals, & Gwynth selling her “Goop”. Yikes!! We do not need more of that. We Need people to cherish the skills of yesteryear’s everyday life.

    Please stay!
    Most sincerely,
    Brian & Maren

  • Jeanna Sandy says:

    Please stay! Patriots and believers need to stand up to these fascists! I am here until the end. I hold you at too!

  • Joey says:

    I agree with everything you said on here. Amen!

  • Nan says:

    I’m not sure what the answer to this one is but I’m praying God will continue to provide for you and your family. I’d hate to see you all leave here. You’ve been such a blessing for so many years. I remember first visiting you as a child in the 1st grade and I grew up in Pomona. I loved Riley then, and I love it now. I’m pray God will give you the wisdom, strength, and funds to continue to provide the educational programs and apples which you’ve provided. So many kids have benefited by your programs and it saddens me that the district I work for still prohibits or kids from going there.

  • Lisette Macias says:

    I am sorry to hear of your troubles! My family and I have been going there for a few years. It is a yearly tradition we all look forward to. You ARE valued and needed as a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is so peaceful there. While I agree you may be facing many mountains, I do believe God can move them and provide for you and your family. I will be praying God gives you clarity in all of this. Although I say you are needed here we must respect what God ultimately wants. I selfishly pray you will stay and I pray your business will thrive and your family will be blessed.
    Also, thank you for standing up for your beliefs we are definitely heading into days where it is more evident who is with God and who is not. God bless!

  • Brent Riley Dugmore says:

    Hello. This is unfortunate news to hear. I have been thinking of leaving California myself. But we have family and jobs that keep us here for the moment. We definitely find the taxes insane. This year we had to pay around $6000 in taxes on just our little home. I hate paying property taxes to schools my kids will never go to. As a young family, we do appreciate your farm greatly. This is a tough time and we have all has to buckle down and push through while govt seems to ride it out easily laughing at the French Laundry at us. I’m not a skilled engineer or finance expert. But, I would get one if I were you and I would personally consider all options on the table. I would choose the best one and move on with what’s best for me and mine. We love your farm and have had great memories there 100%. Every time has been so great. But if you left and went to the states you’ve mentioned, I would totally understand. In the last few years my friends have all moved away. Nashville, Ten., Idaho and Florida. My sisters moved to Oregon, which I’d never go to but sales tax is 0% there. It’s worth noting.
    I wouldn’t get a job at the post office either. I think Amazon is pretty much supporting them now. benefits are good though. Haha. You’d have to become a Postmaster and just chill out I guess.
    I will be praying for you with all else. I’ll tell my wife asap. Please pray to God and He will reveal it to you in time. And yes. My middle name is Riley. haha

  • Brenda Suzanne Titus says:

    wow Jim!! I read every word! ok..first off,it would be selfish of me to say stay and fight with me, after seeing your enormous bills and frustrations running this awesome entire family ,4 generations here! are starting to leave cali..and I am MAD AS HELL! we need you and your farm/family. I say charge Admissions! packages might lose people..but charge for tomahawk, manly chores etc..petting/feeding food bags $5. Took my cousin to Finnegan’s wake and absolutely fell in love with your family’s singing and musical talents! I am blown away that Gabriel put that all together! I’m here in HB , things have changed here to the point husband said” we’re outta here” but Im a fighter anyway, I’m not trying to outdo your post, so I will pre buy tickets for events to help you out. Or buy a 100 Apple pies!! because those were fucking amazing! haha Tell me what would help YOU more!!! Talk soon

  • Melanie Teeter says:

    The thought of your beloved family and the experiences you offer brought tears to my eyes. I don’t blame you for considering it. My husband and I have a dream of homesteading and that unfortunately doesn’t include doing it in CA. I didn’t vote this madness in (my firm opinion is CA is the voter fraud beta state, but I digress). I would LOVE to see your dream of expanding come to fruition. I equally understand the hardship you’re facing and the difficult decisions you’re forced to make as well.

  • Roxanne says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and giving us customers who LOVE Riley’s farm an update on all that has been going on these last few years. I have to share that we just discovered your a few years back, and have become our traditional favorite farm that we go to every year. A couple of our kids are adults and we had been taking them to your farm when they were younger. I still call them and ask if they want to go with me to Riley Farms and as old as they are they still want to go because of there fond memories of going with us. I can’t tell you what to do, but I would say keep fighting the good fight of faith! I’m so blessed to know that this farm is founded on TRUTH I had no idea! It makes me love your farm even more. And will support Riley farms if there is an increase in price. Because honestly I would hate to see you leave. I get the temptation to want to leave Sodom and Gomorrah (California) my husband and I have a small business and it’s not easy to keep it running with all the price hikes in everything and our children that we homeschool. But my husband said if all the Christian’s leave this dark state of California then there will be no light in this dark state. I want to be like Jonah and run away from here, but I know God has us here as long as He keeps providing the finances for us to stay. I will be praying for your decision because it is not an easy one! Thank you for sharing your heart with us all..

  • Kelly Fitzgerald says:

    There’s so much to say, but to keep it short & sweet. I’ve loved what you do for many years! I’ve wished I could live there! I’m born & raised in California but I am to considering moving to Arizona because of taxes, politics and overcrowding. But I would support your establishment if you needed to have a membership or charge a fee. I would understand if you decided to leave California and how difficult it must be for you and your family but there’s so few places like yours around I would hate to see you go. So with that, like I said, I would support if you needed to charge fees to help support what you’re doing.

  • Janet Proodian says:

    Riley is very valuable to us. We love Riley’s and have been coming for years. Increased admission would be a small price to pay to keep Rileys going.

  • Liz says:

    We love your place & love what you stand for! It hurts that you are hurting as a business & personally with the decision at hand. We need more people & businesses like yours to take the stand that you have & my family appreciates you! We are a single income family, myself a stay at home homeschool mom, money is tight but I’d be willing to budget & find room to pay a membership with you all or admission! Please don’t go :(. We love you all. Praying God leads you in this decision and makes a way for you all to thrive here!

  • Rebecca says:

    I just wanted to say I am sorry you are struggling with this. My husband owns a small non emergency transportation company, and we just left. Couldn’t stay alive in Cali anymore. It was leave and try in Texas or sink and find another way to survive there. The Lord led us every step, I am praying for direction and clarity for you! I am no longer there to offer my opinion, but just want you to know I appreciate what you stand for! So few do any longer there in California! Praying for the Lords best for you!!!

  • Jonette Chase Burk says:

    I enjoy reading your newsletters. I am adding your concerns and Riley’s Farms to our Hawk Moms prayer list.

    Spending time at Riley’s Farms was my requested birthday present to my family. I got my wish and we spent the day there. It’s a treasured memory. we wanted to stay local, but there were too many restrictions so we stayed at the Mission Inn in Riverside, which added to my birthday memory.

    Thank you for staying this long and trying so hard to hang on. I am a native Californian. I try to hold my head up high when conversing with friends around the country. Had my eyes set on moving to North Carolina. But, after a beautiful year with all of this rain, I feel God has answered so many prayers, I have hope.

    I have not experienced one of your dinner shows. I am a little uncomfortable driving down the mountain in the dark. Just a fear I have. Probably would be fine in June as the days are longest.

    Have you considered “Tiny Homes” or “ADU’s” in locations by a stream or hidden from the tavern. I stayed in Lowgap, North Carolina last year in an old farm house with big front porch I found on ArBnB. The owner took my son and I on a tour of her 175 acres. She had a stream run through the property. She was going to place 9-10 ADU in various locations along the stream to increase the rentals. Her place was booked every weekend. People came from the city to get to the “country”. To me the cities were more country like, but I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Now in Carlsbad.

    My point is being able to stay overnight on the premises is an experience like No other. It’s like a Mini-Williamsburg. I would have a new birthday wish.

    I hope this was a wee bit helpful.

    I appreciate you.
    Jonette Chase Burk

  • Jessica Fritz says:

    This too shall pass. Turn off the social media insanity the best you can. The world is noisy right now. Allow God to fight these battles in the mean time take your hand to the millstone to make the course grains flour for believers of truth to consume. Clearer heads will prevail in time, but meanwhile manage the best you can in the way that God provides. It is okay to be small, it is okay to raise prices and yes those employee requirements are a hassle, but people drawn to work generally have a solid understanding of things that are nonsense, let them sort that out on their own. I am sorry for the warnings children are receiving about your field trips. Applying modern societal understanding to history is insanity you all do a great job keeping educational content developmentally appropriate. People are just having an over reaction to some error made to the civil religion of America from 1976 – 1991. It’s going to take us awhile to fix this one, but with programs like the ones you offer it will help that happen. Keep working at it and remember God always wins which means good always wins. Keeping you all in prayer.

  • Bernadette Astorga says:

    My son visited Riley’s in 3rd grade he is now 21 years old.
    I was a there too, we really enjoyed. So sad to hear what you all going through, staying in California would be great for all the children and families. Hope you make the best decision for you and your family. My prayers are with you , Riley family.

  • Beth See says:

    I love your farm and your family’s investment for the generations! I’ve taken 3 groups of middle-schoolers to your farm over the years and there is no place like it. As I was imagining the farm life you described. Are there folks in the area who could learn sustainable farming/living practices at the Farm? As the world gets crazier, your City on a Hill really could be haven for helping people get back to the basics.
    I pray that God leads and directs your path. After hearing Patrick Henry in the tavern, I vote that you “stay and fight!” Huzzah! Sending best wishes from crazy Nor Cal!

  • Bob Wallace says:

    Howdy! I am an x-California business person who has sold out-packed my bags and moved to Southern Arizona. I lived 27 years in Big Bear and we would go to Rileys Farm several times a year-I love the opened face Roast Beef and my wife the chicken pot pie. I loved roaming the property and the creek-kind of reminded me of Tennessee where most of my family is originally from and a lot of family still there living on farm land owned for generations. I loved Big Bear until it started growing to much and eliminating the small town feel it once had-but-Tennessee is going through an even much larger growth-I write Christian songs and record them in Nashville(my Producer is Gary Carter who played the Opry weekly for years with Connie Smith and my lead guitar player is Danny Parks who is staff lead guitar 5 nights a week at the Opry) Most of the folks who have lived in and around Nashville for years and tears are now calling the place NASHVEGAS. It getting to a point where all the good affordable places are now becoming Californized and so what’s the difference. Atlanta is the new San Francisco for alternative lifestyle as well as Albuquerque, NM. I lived 8 years in El Paso Texas before Big Bear and we looked there before settling in AZ-El Paso has changed so much over the past 25 years it’s nearly unrecognizable and actually a dangerous place anymore-not to mention the escalation of house prices recently and the property taxes are ridiculous in Texas. Our barnwood furniture business manufactured our furniture in Bozeman Montana so we spent a lot of time up there at our plant and considered moving there-but-the prices or almost everything there including houses is ridiculous and the winters are extremely cold-down to minus 40 degrees and winter goes on and on for 8 months. So-where is one to go that is any better than California? At the time I love living at 5000 ft. near Ramsey Canyon of the Huachuca Mountains in Sierra Vista Az 25 miles from Tombstone & Bisbee on our little 2 acre plot with my new diesel tractor and John Deere riding lawn mower. We are 20 miles from the border wall and Sierra Vista is a hub for Border Patrol-State Police-County Police Field office for the FBI-not to mention Ft Huachuca out my back door which is the Military Intelligence Command-this is probably one of the most secure places on the planet today. Like I said earlier-I Love Rileys Farm and it would be a loss to California to see it go-but-what is one to do. I hope and Pray the very best for you and your family and for Rileys Farm. Prayer-Now That’s what we need a whole lot more of. Peace to You and Yours-Bob Wallace-CBW

  • Bethany Murphy says:

    I think what you guys are doing at the farm is beautiful and brilliant! I truly hope it continues. Finnegan’s Wake is our favorite show! We adore the music in the fun of it! (I’m the one who’s pregnant with our 5th baby.)
    We absolutely want and hope you to stay in California, and help stand up for what is right and good!
    Because times are hard, and my husband owns his own small business too, I don’t see how we could ever pay those Disneyland prices. He is one of the hardest working men I know, but he really doesn’t get paid a dime. It’s pretty sad with California puts the small businesses through.
    It would be amazing (if only we personally had the income) if you had some sort of hotel, or bed-and-breakfast, or cabins or something. Or maybe those white things that people have a thought Huntington Beach, Central, Park, Civil War /revolutionary war event) How fun would it be to take the family up to Riley’s farm, stay up for the Friday evening dance, and spend the night, and wake up on a revolutionary morning. Then maybe do some sort of paid for pass that’s all inclusive to those that stay. Kind of like a dude, ranch or something.
    “A weekend away, away back in 1774”

    Thank you for all that you do!
    Love, Bethany Murphy

  • Annette Morales says:

    I would definitely support the rural resort. Sounds amazing. And thank you for all that you do!

  • Annette Gross says:

    Pray for answers…if God wants you here, He will make the way. Praying His covering till your answer is clear.

  • Fear Not says:

    Stay and fight. For such a time as this.

  • LyssD says:

    Our family loves Riley’s and wants you to stay! we are God-fearing, freedom-protecting, small business owners here in so cal and we understand how hard the fight is, BUT the more that stay and fight, the stronger! please continue to stand with us and be the light here! We would be willing to pay a little more for events and activities if necessary. We have lots of friends, family, and clients who have left the state but some of them have already returned because they couldn’t find community quite like this.

  • Terri says:

    I bet you could make quite a bit off of using it as a wedding location. Or how about those tiny homes/camping places? I’ve seen those advertised before. I hate the politics here too. Trying to hang in there but they are making it hard.

  • Eslai says:

    I just wanted to let you know that Im praying for your family and for the decisions ahead. May the Lord guard you and guide you as you wrestle with many of the questions believers are having here in California and the difficulties that are specific to your family and the beautiful work that you do. I do think you guys shine a light and bring a long missing perspective to our children and all of the people who walk through your gates. We have been very blessed in every trip and dinner show we have attended and have created lasting family memories there. The economy is getting harder for everyone. But I do think that if you offered more classes that homeschool kids and other students could take, relating to survival and all the lost skills; hopefully many would be interested in coming. Maybe hosting debate and speech competitions? More plays? Also hosting classes on values and character. Traditional American values. I know we would be interested in that. Perhaps a membership for those kinds of classes year round would be something many families would want. I wish I could comment on other aspects but I am afraid Im not very knowledgeable on them. I do know however that our young men and women (I have teens) need guidance, lessons, mentorship and old survival skills and critical thinking that is not being taught to any of them nowadays. Thank you for what you do and all of your hard work. May the Lord bless you and keep you, make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May he lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. May we all shine a light on this state that so desperately needs it until the Lord calls us out. You will be in my prayers.

  • Alyssa says:

    Our family loves Riley’s and wants you to stay! we are God-fearing, freedom-protecting, small business owners here in so cal and we understand how hard the fight is, BUT the more that stay and fight, the stronger! please continue to stand with us and be the light here! We would be willing to pay a little more for events and activities if necessary. We have lots of friends, family, and clients who have left the state but some of them have already returned because they couldn’t find community quite like this.

  • If the US economy tanks, as may happen with the dollar ceasing to be used as the world’s trade currency, things could get real bad real quickly. I think it might be wise and perhaps timely to consider relocation to Tennessee or Kentucky. If you could build near the Creation Museum/Noah’s Ark in Kentucky, or nearby enough so people who go there could also visit the relocated farm, you’d have the crowds and a Christian / family based clientele to frequent your business. I was in French Camp, Mississippi last month and loved it. You’re certainly in my prayers for the Lord’s guidance. Let me know if you get up my way anytime soon. May the Lord bless you all in all of these considerations.

  • teri wryn says:

    I have visited your farm events a few times—but my daughter and her kids along with many other friends have LOVED ALL THE EVENTS over the years!! I would have no problem paying an entry fee of approx 15 or 20 dollars. If contributions are possible, I would also donate! We as a family will spread the word along with link to website! God bless you and family.

  • Vanessa Garcia says:

    I came as a homeschooler when I was little and learned how to make butter and wash clothes by hand. I learned how hard it actually was compared to what my child-like mind said. You all put action to the words that read in my school book.
    I just went back this past November with my three young kids that I am homeschooling now. We would go even if you raised the price! It is worth it!! We plan con coming back for the gold rush portion. Please fight!

  • Sue Bruns says:

    Please stay
    I don’t have the skills you need
    I have some money to invest but not lots
    I have been visiting on and off for 30 years- doing field trips as a parent, teacher and Christmas in the Colonies.

    I find prices fair but I do have to save up for things. Everything has gotten so expensive and your fair priced now- hmmm on admission unless it included a few free things.

    Price increases for you- wow- sorry and yes it’s crazy.

    Training stuff- part of it is good- much is over the top and frustrating and invasive and I do want to leave this state.

    I have lost so many friends too. It hurts but I’m glad for them.

    I will pray over ideas.

    Rustic Airbnb’s are wonderful
    Working volunteer vacations are popular
    I’d love to manage a small bed $ breakfast
    People are very interested in farming/building chicken coups/building anything and how to’s – maybe some cool adult or family camps on this.

    I have tons of field trip ideas I’d love to do

    Thanks for sharing
    Blessings on your Journey
    Love the intimate family stories and tears

  • Jacquie says:

    What ever you decide please just don’t join the post office. Personally I would not want the Riley’s gone for selfish reasons of course. We love your establishment and only get to visit twice a year and sadly because we are also struggling financially did not do any dinner shows this year. I know I would pay an entrance fee and do not think it is unreasonable to ask of visitors. I like for you all to stay and fight with us. As always I appreciate your honesty.

  • Mariam says:

    I would not mind paying a fee or membership this has been a special place for me and my family. You can’t go but if God is opening other doors let’s pray together

  • Cynthia Gabaldon says:

    Please stay!!!!!

    The pendulum is swinging.

  • Beth says:

    You had me at “Wild Mountain Thyme!” (The Corries would have been proud.) I sit here and cry reading this. And yet I know God will guide you. The place you have there is very special! And being a Native Virginian, I appreciate it, extra. Being able to show my daughter the heritage that she did not get to witness much thereof has been immeasurable. I’m grateful for Who and what you stick up for. Praying for what you all are supposed to do!! And hoping that we can enjoy many more times there in the wait!

  • Melinda Martinez says:

    I felt every word. You are absolutely amazing. I agree with all your points and yes, raise the price, add membership, do what it takes to survive. Or pack up and ride off into the sunset. Either one needs to be your happiness. Do what is best for your soul. The universe will guide you and take care you.

  • Serafina Weaver says:

    It would be a shame if you left but I know financially it would make sense. My neighbors moved to Tennessee and they love it out there!
    To lose your establishment would mean losing the heart of Oak Glen.
    If you do decide to go I would like to thank you for providing us with a glimpse to the past.
    If I win the lotto you’ll be the first to know!
    Hang in there Mr. Riley.

  • Paul Hannosh says:

    Brother Jim,
    We need you in the fight. Can you try using the State Fund fire insurance? Hopefully there are some ways around those exorbitant prices. I think the crowd funding idea has merit. Crazy California’s woke policies will be their own demise. If Italy and Netherlands can come back from the brink of Bolshevism, so can California.

  • STAY!!!!!!!! F*ck the post office and MAKE YOUR OWN VILLAGE!!!!!!!

  • Dara says:

    Please don’t leave us! it is the only authentic experience of American history and rural life that kids get here in California. coming from the East coast and all the historical sites that they have in those states– there is literally nothing as close to home as Riley’s. praying for your discernment and for God to provide.

  • The Jekums Family says:

    We agree with everything you are saying and understand completely if you need to leave but we wholeheartedly hope that you stay. Our family has enjoyed apple picking every year and had the best time at the Christmas dinner last year. We are planning to come to sleep hollow this year too.
    Thank you

  • AnonymousTea says:

    I’d say go but only because I to have tried to stick this out but only see the Fire getting bigger. To even hear our elders who are CA natives saying it’s best to leave is hard to hear. Seeing ppl in the Midwest with such manners and simple respect for each other makes us only think that there is hope out there.

  • Emily A. says:

    I feel this. In my bones. My tired tired bones. My family and I LOVE your family’s farm. But we made a decision to relocate to AZ for work and the fact that we can carry legally without BS. I def love the idea of a membership. Members only country store, special events, possible resort, FREEDOM! Yes! It is a beautiful idea! You would/could be a refuge for patriots from all over. That’s just me day dreaming but I would DEFINITELY come visit the Farm when we are visiting CA (all our extended family is in SoCal).

  • Lindsie says:

    Don’t leave! Visiting Oak Glen in the fall has been my favorite tradition for 40 years. Even when we left crazy CA for TN during covid, I missed Oak Glen (and Riley’s specifically) and found nothing just like it in TN. While TN is beautiful and the people are friendly, we found ourselves back in CA where our roots have been growing for generations. I LOVE the idea of homesteading classes (gardening, butter-making, animal care, men’s/women’s skills, etc) and also time slots with founding fathers. Open to the membership idea and other visions mentioned. Praying for Gods provision over the magical City on a Hill that fills me with good memories and gives me hope.

  • Lea Hargis says:

    Love your farm Love your food and all the activities. I would pay an admission fee. Gas Prices are so outrageous that I haven’t been able to gas up and head over more than 3 times this year. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. CA has gone crazy – The good ole USA is in trouble due to poor leadership. I recently read the book of Jude and it really hammered things home. Anyway – I would hate to see you leave but you gotta do what you gotta do. (But I hope you stay)

  • Tanya says:

    Your vision is something I would actually love to relocate and move my family into as a residence! I will gladly invest, pay a membership, or even pay a higher price for field trips and dinners. Why? Because what you, Sir, are fighting for is worth every penny invested. But if you choose to leave Sodom and Gomorrah, then our family will visit your new location … because again, it’s worth it. God bless you and your family

  • Christy Templin says:

    Thank you so much for your faithfulness in serving the Lord and our community. I will be praying for you all as you continue to seek the Lord in this ministry He’s called you to. I have had the privilege of enjoying the Oak Glen beauty for 43 years, it’s a favorite place of mine. My prayer is that you’ll stay and fight. We will support you all in any way we can. There’s a remnant left in California and I believe Jesus is tarrying for a reason. He’s working mightily in people’s hearts. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this fight. Ephesians 6:10-18

  • Cynthia Morales says:

    Hi Rileys!
    I am so saddened to read about all of this. Kind of overwhelmed! (Seen some recent post and thought what in the world is going on) who is cancelling this amazing farm! i can not believe how evil some people are. And also truly believe someone is out to just destroy not only yours but so many amazing natural places that teach teal value and growth. Also bravo! On the excellent points made, and such great writing skills. Ive been going to Rileys since i was about 10 (now 29) so maybe before it was Rileys. I know get to enjoy taking my 2 boys apple picking. They love it! (5&2) I love everything youve done woth the place and as a business owner, understand how hard it is for us small business owners to stay open to this Franchise owned economy. Sigh. I would hate to see you go but you are right, many people would rather spend $1000+ a day at Disney, than have a family picnic, support local and learn something new. I support you no matter what. Id hate to see you go but my visits probably arent enough to see you stay. I visit maybe 4x a year. I am so happy for my apple picking memories, and that i got to share it with my kids. On that note, i do think some sort of membership with bonus membership rewards/perks maybe cow milking lessons 😉 would help your ranch…i know id sign up my family for it! I am from Indio, and recently bought a 37 acres ranch in aguanga, which i want to keep as a natural beauty for family camping purposes only. To get away…i hope you dont leave California. Keep counting with my familys business and contributions.

  • Cathleen Tucker says:

    Dear Mr. Riley,
    I am a 63 year old grandmother and southern California native, and I have been coming to Oak Glen since I was a girl.
    My husband and I continued this tradition while we lived in Orange County for 35 years. (The long drive was worth it to us, just to get out of the city.) And again during the last 5 years that we have lived in Lake Arrowhead.
    We have attended almost all of your dinner events, and many of them several times. Most recently – Finnegan’s Wake. Several of them have become traditions for us as a couple.
    WE WANT YOU TO STAY, of course. We LOVE your values, patriotism, and everything you do. You have been a wonderful blessing our lives.
    We would pay more for Dinner Events, etc.
    We would pay for a “members only” situation also.
    In short, we would support whatever you might feel necessary to do to remain in business!
    (We have selfish reasons, of course.)
    We too wonder if one day we will choose to leave our home state due to all the reasons you mentioned, but honestly we don’t want to have to go.
    God bless and be with you in your decision making and choices ahead. You will be in our prayers. Honestly. (I am not just saying this.)
    Most sincerely,
    Cathy Tucker

  • Michael Sherman says:

    My family is considering a similar choice. Stay and fight or leave to a home on land with freedom. We(collectively “the citizenry”) need to focus on local elections. We were able to flip a union backed incumbent out of her schoolboard seat by a regular, non political mom! Our board when from 3-2 liberal leaning to 4-1 conservative christian leaning. I think there is hope here on the horizon. The pendulum is indeed swinging again. I would pay a membership or entrance fee if needed. I would even be willing to be involved somehow in your classes or events. I live about 1.5 hours away. Or if you decide God wants you in TN, I might be there too eventually and could help out there as well. A constitutional convention class of sorts would be eye opening for guests and be the start of many good conversations. Perhaps collaborations with some great you tube Creators would get more people there. My family loves your farm and patriotism! The apples are great, but we come for the atmosphere and nostalgia. I have lots of ideas for wherever God wants you to be. Just listen to the small still voice and follow.

  • Jennifer says:

    Yes, my family and I would pay a membership to learn about all the topics you suggested. We love about an hour out but would love to live closer if we could learn how to farmstead.

  • Ms. Garcia says:

    Stay. I’ll pay. I’ll invest. I often feel the same way. It’s people like you who encourage me to stay and fight. Honestly, every time I go, I’m hoping for more things to buy (!) I think if you expanded food / drinks, you could make quite a bit more. I love Big Bear and would love something like that at Riley’s!

  • Victoria says:

    Whatever Riley’s Farm wants to do, I’m here for it.

  • Kelly says:

    Sometimes I find Riley’s posts a little weird, but hey, some of mine are too. And I support your freedom of speech and your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    I’m a native Californian. My mom is very elderly so I choose not to leave yet. I’m horrified at what my state has become. It’s too far gone. I will leave as soon as I can.

    I think only you know the right decision for you.

  • Vincent Ray Vine Jr says:

    Hi Riley family,

    I thank God that you are here being a light in a very dark time. As you said it in broader terms, it’s getting harder to stay here. My daughter is now 4 and 3 years of her life has been spent annually going to your farm in the fall. She would likely start to wonder where you went if we stopped at some point……

    Heart strings aside, I’ve been trying to come up with a good enough reason to leave this God forsaken place. But each time I’ve tried to come up with a power point presentation for my family, it gets shot down. Sometimes with good facts and other times with small nothing excuses. I’ve started to understand or apprecieate thinking from an old book called Ruth. In it there is a history about a woman named Ruth….. (didn’t see that coming I’ll bet). her uncle explained to her the dire need to stand up for what was right because maybe she was called and placed for such a time as this.

    Whatever you choose to do, we will support you. We will be praying for you and the decision you have in front of you.

  • Elena A. says:

    You and your farm, good sir, are a staple to Southern California. I was in first grade when I took my first field trip to your farm for apple picking. I know take my son. I would LOVE to see your vision for City on a Hill come to life. It would be breathtaking, and definitely worth an entrance/members fee.
    If I can make a suggestion, having some kind of nighttime activity, especially during the spring/summer nights would be absolutely wonderful. Perhaps moonlight walks, and having having parts of your fields lit with lights for evening/ night strolls. Often times, my family and I are looking for things to do in the evening, other than walking downtown Disney or visiting Victoria Gardens. I’d rather be up in the hillside. We would gladly pay a fee for such things!
    I would love to see your family stay. Your fights against such an awful leadership in our state is a refreshment for my spirit. Our freedom is worth fighting for.

  • Sarah says:

    I would pay extra money just to attend your events at the farm. I don’t have a community of reenactors nearby, so Riley’s Farm is all I have. I live six hours away, and can’t come often, so a membership to attend a few events a year is not financially possible for me. but I would hate to see Riley’s Farm leave California, as it is the only 18th century reenactment I’ve found in this state, and I love the community so much. I have plans to move closer and work there in the next year or two, once I have saved enough money. Lord willing, see you all soon!

  • Melissa Whaley says:

    First of all my family loves Riley’s Farm and the light you are to all of Southern California.

    As far as branching out or changing things up a bit I would suggest Taking a look and giving a visit over to 123Farms at Highland Springs Ranch. We just dropped $100 for a Family Membership to access all their festivals. As a mom with 6 kids it was an affordable option for some outdoor fun. Without the membership I would be paying for parking, possible admission (depending on the festival) and then we still buy some food and/or farm products.
    I think it’s a model that could easily translate to Riley’s Farm. We would definitely understand charging for parking/admission to the farm especially during peak seasons.
    I could also see little cabins for vacation or retreat center things. What a fun treat to sleep overnight with a view of blossoming apple orchards.
    Skills classes or workshops I am 100% on board for! Sign me up I’m ready to learn.
    There are so many opportunities out there and with the way everything is going cost wise we know you have to do what’s necessary to keep the gates open and feed the family first.

  • Abby says:

    Very hard decisions! I’d love a Riley’s in TN, I completely understand wanted to stay also. Lord Jesus make provision bring wisdom and discernment! Continue to bless and prosper the work that they are doing in Jesus name

  • Sharon says:

    Awwww the question of the day. Stay or go. There are many of us pondering this question right now and waiting to hear Gods still small voice. When Covid hit and people were flocking out of California we felt called to stay and try to make a difference. Since then things have continued to go down hill as you well know and we feel a strong calling to get out. I love your beautiful plan of building more here and if we hear different and end up staying we would love to offer support. But it may be we are all Lots being called to leave Sodom. My family and I will pray for peace and clarity for you and yours.

  • Nita C. says:

    Aloha! As a 3rd generation former California who moved to Maui (MANY Calif. Conservatives are moving here:) I’d like to put in my 2-cents…I have 6 sisters and oodles of extended family..(2 sisters left Ca years ago) and one just left for Tennessee and loves it…As a fearless Patriot, I am still “in the fight” in CA. as I volunteer with FactsLawTruthJustice and Attorney Nicole Pearson (lead attorney on LAUSD Covid Mandates case- they won !) :…Why stay in the fight? Because as CA goes, so goes the nation (maybe!), and my young adult children are still in CA..We made our CalExit to get to clean air/water/lifestyle different from our Orange County roots…Most people I know in CA are either planning their CalExit or cannot leave for a variety of reasons or want to stay the course and fight on :)…CA is NOT the state I grew up in that is for sure, BUT they are LOTS of Good God-fearing people still there and like other posters have said ALL POLITICS is LOCAL & change can happen if approached with concerted effort, tenacity and courage.. I may suggest to “Surrender it to God” and Pray for Guidance…We 1st visited Riley’s with our now 27 year-old son when he was a baby and have SOOO many cherished memories with our son and daughter :)…in my opinion, Riley’s is like the best kept secret…Advertising/Promotion is the key to increasing businesses…I LOVE your idea of a charter school (talk to Dr. Jeff Barke, Newport Beach who helped start one …his wife is Mary Barke, who sits on the OC Board of Education), as well as creating a community/town of like-minded families raising their children in a safe, wholesome environment…having said that, I also see the benefits of pulling stakes and going elsewhere where Freedom truly rings….only time, Prayer, discernment and wisdom will guide you in the right direction…God Speed in determining your Future..please feel free to reach out if you need any referrals/resources/support from FLTJ…peace & joy to you !!!

  • Krystal O says:

    You guys are a light in a dark place, I sure hope you guys stay! I definitely wouldn’t mind paying admission to visit your beautiful farm.

  • Earl De Vries says:

    Please stay. Our friend, Pastor Jack, reminds us to grow where we are planted.
    Praying for our Lord to make the way clear.
    Blessings Earl

  • Cindy says:

    I will pay the higher prices, I appreciate and thank you for standing up for righteousness, God’s truth. We are the only light in this dark state of California. Jesus has placed us here to point others to Him. Jesus never said it would be easy. Whatever decision is made I pray that is confirmed my God.
    God bless, guide and protect each of you.

  • Tatiana says:

    Please DON’T leave! We need to stay & continue fighting on together! Anything is possible with God’s help! My family has been going on a road trip to your farm yearly for over 12 years & would hate to lose you! Totally willing to pay additional prices. You’ll be in my prayers ❤️

  • Amanda says:

    Don’t leave California! This area needs you too much. Our family loves the events, atmosphere and the truth that your establishment represents. We would absolutely pay more to attend events, invest in a membership/annual pass/etc.

  • Jim says:

    Come to Tennessee! We loved Riley’s Farm while we were in So. Ca. It’s one of the few things to be missed. Would love to see you in East Tennessee! $25 to register my car. It was going to be over $400 in Ca. – for an old car. And, it literally took less than five minutes without an appointment and all the employees were happy and friendly. Purchased ammo, just sitting out on a shelf, at the local hardware/farm store without having to give ten forms of ID and reasons why I want it. Talked about theology with strangers at the barber shop and they didn’t think I was insane nor did they think I should be cancelled. At one of the local schools, a poster is up with a John Wooden quote “Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible.” Could be allowed because it’s from a coach. The only thing some of the people here love more than God, is sports:) Most importantly, the state does not hate and, worse, actively crusade against everything I love. I know that will eventually come, but until then…

  • Marianne Dicapua says:

    The goings in ths state is insanity….we love your farm…..we would be willing to do whatever we need to to continue to enjoy your farm ….we LOVE you.

  • Erica says:

    Our homeschool group has done field trips there for years. Five years ago we moved to the area and one of my first thoughts was, “Wonderful! We live closer to Riley’s now!” You are a beacon in a dark place. We have had thoughts of leaving CA as well, as well being frustrated with election results we did not vote for. God has been providing a way to keep us here. We are very careful about where we invest our money. We will never buy passes to Disneyland, partly because it would cost a lot our our large family of 9, but mostly because we do not want to support them. Your farm and the values you uphold are something worth investing in and supporting and we would like to do so in any way we can. A membership idea sounds appealing, and I like the ideas others have put out there of opportunities staying overnight on the farm.

  • Jeanette says:

    I’ve left 1.5 years ago because I have young kids and couldn’t take it anymore. You have to do what is best for you and your family, and your sanity. We went to Texas and there are so many Californians here – but they all know exactly why they left. It’s not as pretty but freedom is a beautiful thing.

  • Cassandra says:

    I would gladly pay $500 to spend the night on the farm. It would be awesome to wake up on the farm. You can build little cabins like in Yellowstone. Or host a couple of camping nights in the summer – you could charge $150 per tent/family. There’s one we did in Orange County where they had a big screen movie, roasting marshmallows, a one-mile hike at night, and crafts for the kids.

  • Bill says:

    I’ve been stationed here several times during the past 25 years of military service. In total, I’ve lived here over 12 years and will be leaving this state in 2024 and never coming back for any reason. They’ve gone extreme far-left liberal, it’s been building over decades, and it will only get worse before it gets better. Some of the folks I see asking you to stay clearly don’t care about anything but the entertainment. If you’re able to sell and be in a good financial situation afterwards, I would pull chalks and leave.

  • Maureen Waite says:

    We left California almost two years ago. It was hard but we knew our kids needed a better future. In 2020 you hosted a graduation. My son was a part of that. You were a beacon, a refuge. To this day, that graduation means the world to us.
    But, you have to think about your family, your prodigy. You have to do what is best for them. Don’t think about California or your customers. You are a fighter, so am I but family is #1. What decision will provide the best future? If the Lord is promoting, step out in faith. I will be praying for you.

  • Greg Corrigan says:

    It is with a heavy heart that I reflect on what you wrote along with the comments posted. I would bet that you are very correct when you said that some of these customers voted and will continue to vote for CA’s restrictive, utopian government. They also never ran a real business. I first went to visit Oak Glen in the 1960s and grew up in Forest Falls so I always loved the mountain atmosphere. I am afraid that everything continues to change including Oak Glen and Forest Falls. I have driven through both recently and they have lost their attributes that led me to them. You could move but before I made that decision, if you have not done so, I would figure out in dollars, how much you would have to spend to make the profits you need for the business. The other issue is that with the exception of winters like the last one, weather in Oak Glen is on your side. The comment about Montana weather in places like Bozeman, MT, reminds you that it would be difficult to attract customers when it is windy and -30 degrees. Your initial letter to us was just a reminder of what is happening to California and why those that love freedom are leaving. Yes, you will have people make the snide comments that CA will survive without you and that is probably true. But who wants to live a life of “surviving”…? God Bless You Jim and Family

  • Taliah says:

    I’m so sorry I haven’t made it to your farm. I’ve been meaning to for some time and share your core values. I would love to take classes on farming!!! Tree pruning and everything! I know it’s hard in commifornia, it really is a beautiful state and I am so sad at what it’s becoming. I wouldn’t blame you if you left. But I hope you are able to stay. Keep praying. You’re in my prayers. And I be looking g for your email if you ever start farming training I will totally be signed up.

  • Cindie Peckenpaugh says:

    Hard to say – part of me says leave but the other part of me says “please stay, we need more patriots fighting!”

    We love everything about your farm and everything you stand for! we will visit more often!

  • SARAH says:

    It’s def about following God’s will over any of ours…what are you feeling called to do? Go in obedience. If you stay, maybe a pivot of sorts is needed. We love a distance from your farm so while I’d love to take my boys there frequently, it’s just too far for a day trip. Would be neat to offer weekend retreats for families / youth groups, etc with activities tailored to that group. Add housing for these groups. We would love to spend a couple long weekends a year with you all instead of a hotel somewhere.

  • Jacqueline Melville says:

    When California sneezes the rest of the US or the world get pneumonia!

    I don’t believe any state would be different with their competing with California.

    I see the dilemma and so does God.
    Our prayers always….for years.
    My husband said you wouldn’t like the Post Office, they’re just as woke!
    Mrs. Melville your employee for 15 wonderful years!

  • Kathleen Unsell says:

    Please please stay!!! I’m in tears! Let’s stand and pledge our lives and fortunes!! Let’s not allow the enemy to scatter us! We would pay more, join membership! I send a private message.

  • Cara Schmidt says:

    We were pushed out of San Diego during Covid and we enjoyed several wonderful trips to your farm. We fought politically there for a long time and to no avail. My husband is a combat veteran and he told me that sometimes it is foolish to stay and fight. Sometimes the best thing you can do in a battle is to pull back, regroup, and fight another way. I think there was painful wisdom in that… I didn’t want to Alamo the lives of our children in a state so far gone. We chose eastern Oklahoma and have been very happy with the politics, freedom, and people we have met here. My heart aches for what we left behind, mostly our incredible friends who I wish could have come with us. Electric here is less than a third what we paid before, and even tornado insurance is far less than our wildfire policy had been. The historical opportunities and homesteading events and mindset in this area are plentiful. I can only imagine how daunting and complex a move for your business and your families would be given the unique nature of what you offer. I’ll be keeping all of you in my prayers.

  • George Cowles says:

    It ain’t this beautiful state that God has indeed created for us to enjoy and love. It’s the knuckleheads running the state. We need to vote them all out !! We’ve allowed this to happen. If we don’t take the stand and share God’s truths, who will ? Let’s stand together !

  • JT says:

    Please don’t leave! We would be willing to pay more for the wonderful atmosphere and rich cultural education you offer. Like many, we have considered moving, but we also can’t run from these problems. Praying for you all, that God provides and gives you strength and wisdom in these decisions.

  • Tim Adams says:

    I say don’t have all your eggs in one basket. Go ahead and stay in California if you like, but we would love to have your presence in Tennessee.

    We will not tax you into oblivion.
    We will not twirk in front of your children.

    You cannot stop what’s coming in CA, but you might be able to create a fall back position.

  • Felicia says:

    Yup, thanks for bringing your religion and politics into your business, if you’re this upset over having a class over sexual harassment and not believing in the tragedies of black Americans, then you should definitely leave and take yourself you Florida where (I’m guessing) you think it’s better.

    Fires have always (and will continue) to be an issue in California, Florida doesn’t have too many fires, but I’m sure hurricane insurance is much cheaper for a business than fire insurance ‍♀️

  • SH says:

    Praying for you! We’d pay the price increases. Thank you for all you do!! Hoping you don’t move (or go work at a post office!) Your farm is invaluable to us. We drive far to visit every year!

  • Lacey Webb says:

    Please stay!! Some of us Californias are stuck here for various reasons. If we were able, we’d leave… so I understand the tension of staying to fight or fleeing. Please know that Riley’s is one of the only places I feel like I can bring my kids to! There are so many of us in our local community that love and need what you’ve created.
    Ps. If you offered cow milking, I have a handful of people ready to pay and take part in the regular milking process!! (The only “herdshare” close enough is in Ontario; this may not be a revenue generator, but would at least pay for itself). We appreciate you!!

  • Andrea Mclellan says:

    Hi Mr. Riley. I live in Hemet, and know about it but but have never been to Rileys. A friend sent me this, and I’m taking the family there soon. I LOVED the IDEAS above. and am struggling with many of these same questions for my own family. We (now 32 1st degree relatives) settled in Hemet from Detroit, in late ’70s, believing Hemet was (almost) Heaven. In 50 years, Hemet has become a place almost as bad as was Detroit.

  • Diane Renslow says:

    I concur with all the other comments above. You are loved, appreciated, & valued. We would miss you! I took my family to Finnegan’s Wake for St. Patrick’s Day. I posted pictures and video to my FB and my uncle in VA thought I was in town visiting without telling him. He couldn’t believe CA had such a place! I have often thought if you offered land for me to build, I would relocate, teach farm to table cooking, run Airbnb, I would do it! I understand if financially this would be overwhelming and a move is necessary. We are facing retirement and wonder if we can live here? Not sure, but I’d like to think I could stay in my home state as a 4th generation California girl. Prayers for guidance and peace

  • Lisa C. says:

    Please stay and fight!! If this tyranny is not stopped in CA it will spread to every state. Don’t kid yourself that other states will stay “safe”. Praying for you and your family Mr. Riley.

  • Kelly Bird says:

    Hello Riley Family,
    Our family owns a manufacturing business out in Paramount and we understand your struggle. We had to deal with a lot of policy changes over the past ten years. All the recent ones were very crippling.
    One thing our family has relied on is our faith that God takes care of His remnant. Jeremiah 17:5-10 blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD. Pray and do not worry about what to say or do but just read Gods word and listen for Him to answer.

  • Lisa C. says:

    Please stay and fight!! If tyranny isn’t stopped in CA don’t think anyone will be “safe” in other states. You and your family are in my prayers Mr. Riley!

  • Robyn says:

    It’s awful, the way the state is treating you. There is irony in the fact that your farm re-enacts the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, all about fighting to the death for freedom, and you’re really living the tyranny. I love your idea of expanding and would pay the admission, for sure.
    You are in my prayers

  • Martha Rudometkin says:

    Please don’t leave we really need places like this that teach the important fundamentals of life with important life skills such as the one’s you mentioned. I’d be willing to pay more to keep you opened. Stay strong for the Lord is always with us. God bless you and your family.

  • Fc says:

    First of all thank you Mr. Riley and crew for making a place of refuge in California. I have littles and it made the lockdown bearable. We ended up leaving to Texas for many reasons but the main one being we didn’t feel as safe as we wanted to be living there. When it comes down to a decision like moving, it all comes down to what is God putting in your heart as far as one’s family. I find God is very clear when we reach out to Him with decisions like this. Many may not agree but I feel as the head of household the burden of whether to leave is heavy on your shoulders but I know being a good man that you take your whole family into consideration. What is God telling you? When you walk and talk with Him, what is he giving you convictions to do? I am the wife so I followed my husband’s council in moving and we did ultimately make the decision together but I was the one a bit more hesitant. Thank God for his decisiveness. How does your family feel? But back to God, what do you think He wants from you regardless of how you feel? It’s difficult to do something you may not want to do especially when all your life is banked on it but ultimately a decision made trusting the Lord leaves a person without regrets. But if you do end up staying, maybe a timeshare resort? I’m sure a lot of us, especially those that have left out of state, would buy timeshare properties and pay upfront to get the project started. We know you’re busy but maybe a Rumble account with you speaking? I don’t know how that brings revenue but I know I love hearing you speak.

  • Buck says:

    Thank you Mr Riley for all that you accomplish with your very unique farm.
    I’m not from CA so I personally feel little compunction fight for the survival of a state that has become so corrupt & evil in so many ways. I can’t wait to leave this insanity behind as I feel I should have never been here in the first place.
    That said, you & your family’s purpose here seems to me the very thing CA people need the most. The patriotism, the history lessons brought to life, the beautiful scenery of you place may be the only window into a different world than the average CA child experiences. It’s very important work & that you & your talented family & employees do such an excellent job of. No one would fill the void you would leave.
    I’m not long for this state but for the remainder of our stay my family would gladly pay an annual fee to indulge in your offerings & your expansion ideas are fantastic.
    We were there for Independence day during the height of the overblown plandemic & it was nearly the only thing in life that felt normal at a time when we weren’t sure if “normal” was even a consideration any more–I could hardly stand to walk away from your farm at days end.
    God bless you Riley family, you will be in our prayers

  • Maria says:

    We were the crazy family in the middle of the rain driving up to your farm. We made candles and bought pewter figurines, and topped off the visit with a delicious apple pie! We were drenched in the rain, and made beautiful memories. When the snow came, my son begged dad to take him to your farm so that he could see snow falling for the first time. Dad definitely took him. They made more beautiful memories, along with scarfing down another pie. Dad was able to take him because he was recently laid off. We homeschool our kids, and your farm is one of the few places where we can find like-minded people. I’m an immigrant from a communist country, so I know the evil is real. But, I’m sick of running. California has been my home for almost 45 years. When do we fight?

  • Susan Ryan @the_ryan_family_farm says:

    Sitting here weeping because of the truth you have written. I am not close enough geographically to have a vote, but I encourage you to lean into the LORD & pray for clear vision & provision. He called us to start a small urban farm in 2020. It is hard work & we operate at a loss right now, but I pray constantly that He will make our path clear & He has been so faithful. At a time when Los Angeles is a cesspool, we are salt & light and we are building a lovely community. We are so much smaller, but it is a calling until He says no.

    I encourage you to keep things open vs membership & provide price points for everyone – free for people who just need to experiment the wonder, and perhaps Patron opportunities or packages for people who have more resources. Nature is the last frontier where people can experience Wonder, and farmers are caretakers of this precious meeting between God & man.

    I fully expect that one day God will say to me, as He did to Lot, “FLEE!!!” I wake every morning and ask if today is the day. I am astonished that He is telling us to stay in a state with such unabashed evil. But for now, we stay.

    Pray, Mr Riley. I am praying with you & for you & your community.

    God bless you!!!
    Very Truly Yours,
    Susan Ryan

  • Ann Abel says:

    Your farm is a year-round highlight for my family. I remember coming up as a girl and my teenage boys still request to go for all the picking! We have recommended so many people to go, as it is the most fun, bucolic, comfortable place that we can drive 1.5 hours to. They love being in the beauty of God’s creation that you all work to preserve. We recently had family pictures taken on the farm because it is the one place that has been a constant with us since my boys were babies. It would be an incredible loss if you were to go. With that said, I know that God calls us to different things in different seasons of life. I would understand why it would be easier in many ways to go, and I’ll pray alongside you for wisdom to discern what call God has for you and yours in this season.

    Reading the ideas of others, I would also love waking up on the farm in California! We did that in rural Pennsylvania a few years ago. My younger son attended farm camp at 1-2-3 Farm, and he loved being a farm hand and learning. We we’re willing to pay then, and we’d be willing to pay at Riley’s!

    We pray for all the best and thank you for so many years of fun and wonder. I hope these won’t be the last.

  • Janna C McCain says:

    Mr. Riley,
    My little family has enjoyed visiting your Farm for years now, both on field trips with our Christian private schools, and day visits with friends and family.
    At this moment in time our family is in a season of being uprooted. We have left our home of 20 years, responsibly and lovingly rehomed our veritable menagerie of pets that also called that house home (because the Lord said “Be ready to travel light”), and I’ve also been led to the conclusion that my 12 year long season as a Stay At Home Mom is coming to a close, and it’s necessary for me to re-enter the workforce. Being without deep ties to anything right now other than the Lord, (even our church! our pastor of 40+ years retired last fall) I have been having that same conversation of “Double down, or get out??” with the Lord quite a bit in this season.
    Your vision of an East Oak Glen “City on a Hill” sounds beautiful, and daring, and so badly needed for those of us willing to stay and fight. If you told me that there was a Christ-centered charter academy for my two children (9 and 12 yrs old), a cottage to rent, and meaningful work for me to do to put food on our table… I’d bring my family up there asap and happily help you build your vision!
    My expertise is in customer service and fine dining, but I’m no stranger to DIY repairs/construction, handy with all kinds of tools, and not too proud to “slop the hogs ‘n muck the stalls” in the name of serving a Higher Calling.
    Honestly, your vision is about as manly as it gets, and I love it! In my opinion, when a Godly man is faced with trials and persecution, his nature will be to expand what he has and grow by faith, or faithfully follow the Lord to greener pastures. “Double down, or get out”!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Your the reason I stay in CA. You are my get away from everything you have mentioned. I look forward to coming up to your family farms for the simple life, clean air , friends and great food. No cell phone, no problem. Once in a while you need the get away. NO DISNEYLAND, that has turned into a mess, no fun and to many people no enjoyment and no way to relax. Out of state ………..goes thru my mind all the time, Idaho, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri, would it be better ? goes back to the saying is the grass greener ? or should you stop and take care of your side first ? do not want to see you leave, but totally understand and respect you.

  • Janna McCain says:

    And to add to Ann Abel’s comment, my daughter attended farm camp at 1-2-3 Farm one summer and we both adored the experience! I have searched for other Farm Camps since then (with no luck) and think something like that could be an amazing opportunity for Riley’s Farm to capitalize on.

  • Stacy says:

    Hello Mr. Riley,
    I pray that God will give you a clear direction and that he will bless you and keep you. My husband and I have been going back and forth about this very question. I am deeply disturbed by all of the issues that you mentioned, but especially by the fact that we are now an abortion sanctuary state. I hate, just as God does, that my Federal and State tax dollars go towards killing babies here in CA. I would be all for the stay and fight movement if it wasn’t for that.
    I feel very conflicted and I pray for guidance. Does God want us to follow him out of CA? I have not received a clear confirmation, but if we know God hates something and our tax dollars pay for that, do we wait for confirmation?
    We visited Tennessee a few months ago and the people there were very kind. Riley’s Farm is a wonderful escape and a place of learning. It will be missed if you decide to leave but would be appreciated anywhere that you go. A void would be left here, but the most important thing is to follow God wherever he takes you.

  • Florez Family says:

    We love your farm & what it stands for . My children have great memories going to your farm on school field trips. Please stay. We will pay higher prices & donate to your farm . Through FAITH , HOPE & PRAYER at the end we will win over this evil agenda .

  • J. Labrador says:

    I left my cushy public education job in 2020 to move to Idaho. I’m a single mom, and I just couldn’t imagine being in CA much longer to raise my young daughter. I prayed and planned for more than three years, and I thought we couldn’t move until 2023. God opened door much sooner than I had even dreamed. NO regrets at all. There were confirmations as I prepared my CA home for sale, and then more confirmations as I hunted for a home to buy in a really competitive market up here. I can see His fingerprints all over the whole experience. If you don’t mover for yourselves, you may consider making the move for your children and grandchildren. I don’t think things will get better as they assume more responsibility for the farm. Anyway, submit your plans to the Lord and let Him lead you where He wants you to be. All that said, RF was a family favorite, and one of the few things we miss about CA.

  • Christina says:

    Tighten the belt- still in the Valley

    God allows these valleys friend. We are all in it with you. Every one of us is going through financial hardship, this debt goliath is about to be brought down..
    Im finding myself struggling to pay bills in this gd economy created by these deep staters.
    This is a spiritual war. And i dont think its time for us to lose faithe. Faithe as an action word.
    We do not stop fighting.. even when what we see looks hopeless.. we dont stop leaning on Him.
    Just know He is working. And you know His timing… never when we expect him to produce results! Lol
    I say up your prices, do a standard admission, do what you need to do to stay afloat.
    Your farm and family are valued by so many. Remember these weirdos are the minority…
    If God be with us, who be against us!!?
    There might come a time when all we have is rubble.. but as long as our faithe never wavers.. we are victors in Christ.
    This is a faithe opportunity. Dont let go.

  • Pamela Hunt says:

    We left California for same reasons. Come join us in Tennessee! We loved Riley’s Farm and would LOVE TO SEE YOU back here with like-minded folks.

  • Mark from the Mountains says:

    Become a PMA or a Private Membership Association. Then all the Karens and regulators no longer have a say You’ll be out of their jurisdiction. Working in the public in Kali is no fun, but in the Private… it’s amazing! Private club is the way forward. Public school trips may not be allowed, but who cares…

  • Nancy says:

    So sorry to hear this. I lost a job due to strict California regulations (AB5 ran my company out of the state), so I share in your frustration.
    1) I would be okay with paying higher admission to events.
    2) I would pay a membership– but I think having a membership option would be better than members only.
    I’m trying to get history loving friends to join me in visiting the farm. It would be nice to be able to invite people without them having to join a membership.
    So many history lovers I meet don’t know about Riley’s farm so I’m trying to spread the word.
    Please stay and fight if you can. I grew up in New England, surrounded by and had access to so much early American history. In California, I feel like Riley’s Farm is my only connection to that. So it would be a dream come true if you guys went bigger and added more.
    I will make an effort to come out more and support you guys– I’ll keep coming so long as you’re here.

  • Nancy says:

    Please stay if you can! Would absolutely pay higher admission as there’s nothing like you guys. American history lovers need a place like yours to stay sane.

  • Destiny Cheshire says:

    Charge people! Nothing is free anymore! Your insurance, property taxes, labor…just to name a few, are staggering expenses. You could also charge for on site parking. No one should complain at $15.00 for adults and $7.00 for children. Disneyland is a joke….try $1500 plus for a weekend for a family of 4.
    If people refuse to come, then you can talk about leaving. But try it first. Knott’s Berry Farm used to be free too ( I remember those days)!

  • Laurie says:

    Yesterday I watched a short documentary, Titanic: Band of Courage. It told of the 8 band members aboard the Titanic who played music for the benefit of all until the last minute, rather than look out for their own survival. Also yesterday I was reminded of the account of Noah who’s disciplined obedience gave testimony of truth to a taunting crowd.

    I cannot discern how God will lead your steps, but I believe that He uses His people in seemingly hopeless situations – situations where our efforts won’t change the material outcome for us or others, but we will see on the other side how souls were impacted.

    I hope your prayers for direction will include a refreshed willingness to lose the commonly expected rewards of this life for the sake of gaining what the truer life with which God desires to bless us.

    Thank you so very much.

  • Marie says:

    Though I understand why you would leave, please don’t!! California needs the Rileys more than ever!! I visited your farm as a child and remembered it perfectly. Decades later, I was able to take my children to enjoy your programs and property. We never pass up a Rileys field trip if we get the opportunity. You are set apart and so unique. Nobody else compares. Your values are exactly what younger generations need to be exposed to and parents need to be reminded of, teaching them and showing them that solid grounds and beliefs still exist. Stand firm, friend. Praying for you in this time of decision making.

  • Michele Griffitts says:

    Dear Mr Riley
    I’m so sorry to hear about the struggles your farm is having. All 3 of my kids attended Christian School growing up and we loved the field trips to your farm. I was hoping my grandchildren could enjoy the same wholesome experience.
    I applaud you for being so open and candid on how so many of us feel about the ridiculous policies this administration is trying to force on us. Leul Fox’s message made me cry too. Could you possibly reach out to some Christian or Patriotic Country bands to come do some concerts to help raise money for your farm ? I know a lot of people who would pay good money to come listen to music and support. Coffey Anderson is an amazing Country Christian artist that we would love to come see at your venue.
    Praying for you and your family. We hope you stay !

  • Mom5kids says:

    Stay, Mr. Riley, and fight the good fight with the rest of us. Hoping that as you read through these comments, you are blessed in knowledge knowing how much your farm, family and patriotism impacts many families. As, some others mentioned, it’s good to know we aren’t alone out here fighting for traditional morals and values. If this is the hill to stand on, our family is doing it…maybe with a little apple pie or turnovers but standing strong nonetheless.

  • Cassie says:

    We love coming here yearly! When we left last year we actually questioned how it has no entry fee. Seemed like after everything going up in cost you guys would have had more fees. You go to the pumpkin patch’s locally and have to pay to enter…. We feel you can easily charge a fee and without hesitancy people would still come every year.

  • Jessica Ryder says:

    I believe you know the answer in your heart already and are seeking affirmation and wisdom from a multitude of counselors.

    You know well that the kind of fulfillment and satisfaction you seek in life cannot be found outside of the legacy your family has built on that mountainside. You, yourself, along with others in your family, may find an emptiness and a longing ever-tugging at your heart as you glance back to what once was or what would have been if only you had stayed and fought in California, should you ever move to a new safe haven. (Of course there are no safe havens promised in this life. only in the life to come.) I don’t know if the joys you would find in a new lifestyle could ever match the fulfillment you would find right where you are, walking in the steps prepared for you by your ancestors, with your family at your side. Despite the war waging round you all the time.

    I sense that underneath these heavy questions sits the reality that your family needs a reprieve from the relentless battle they are facing. Perhaps everyone is looking for some hope that it might be possible to shore up a protective wall from the onslaughts still to come? In answer to that real need for reprieve and to your question about upping the stakes, I would be more than happy to support any effort to upgrade the Riley’s Farm experience into an annual membership or pay-for-entry experience like Disneyland or Dollywood (have you checked out what she’s doing over there? very wholesome and well executed on a massive theme park scale).

    If gate entry in the fall was the cost of your pumpkin and parking pass up front (pumpkin voucher redeemable at any retail stand, tent or storefront on the farm, I could see paid entry Working. If off season entry required a reservation at the tavern (future revitalized dune in experience) or your entry ticket provided a voucher for an activity of choice from Adventures in the old world, a system like that could succeed. “reservation required for entry” is a good way to go as long as there are tiered options so even the budget minded homeschool family could justify the expense.
    I think you are on to something with the idea to upgrade the farm experience and raise the bar to entry and it may finally be the right time to do it, not just to lift the business financially and strategically, but also to lift the family and shore up against the future. I think this could be a wise new road and pray for you “Godspeed” that it will be a success.

    Count me in, and please send me a link to purchase your new annual pass (with pass holder discounts on food purchases please )

  • andee eve flynn says:

    Stay!!! Our pastor always reminds us that if everyone leaves who will stand for the goodness of God in this state and be a part of what He wants to do to bring our state and our country back to what we were founded in!

    If Riley’s farm leaves- who will set the example to our children of good moral values and give us an opportunity to show not only tell! We need you for field trips for our families and our children.

    I say stay and pray! Pray for our leaders. Pray for our state. Pray for our cities. This country was founded on biblical principles. I pray that God moves so mightily in the hearts of His people that a great awakening will shake this country, this state and our cities to return to our foundation. In Jesus’ name amen.

  • Wendy says:

    As a native Californian and small business who was crushed by Covid I totally understand and I believe there are more people than we think that feel this way. Way more! We are just usually too busy working hard and being good people but now it’s time for us to push back. People of god are always so patient and gentile but at some point we do need to stand up.

    We can run but this sickness will spread if we don’t face it. I have a gut feeling that when faced with evil the last thing you should do is turn your back or it will just spread to those places we see as safe. Read “Lord of the rings” lol the shire is not safe if we don’t try to stop this insanity.

    We all must do what we are called to do but I have grappled with this same question and I know if I’ll left it wouldn’t solve the problem. It would be temporary until it spread….

  • Greg says:

    Interesting to read the “stay and fight” comments and the weirdos are the minority in CA. If the latter is true, why is the state run by them? Tell us how someone “stays and fights” when all of the things Jim Riley is explaining that are killing his business are caused by CA politicians and those that support Democrat agendas. Yearly membership, raising admission prices…. sounds like what Disneyland has been doing?

    • Jim Riley says:

      Well, of course, this is _our_ email list and Instagram following, so it’s not a sample of the general population. Still, I get the sense that the opposition is louder than their actual numbers.

      People with good values tend to dislike the political snake-pit. It’s a big party full of shameless liars. Look at what they are doing to President Trump.

      As to raising admission prices, I’m not sure I understand your take, but thanks for responding.

  • Sara says:

    Thank you for sharing! We grew up visiting and would be so sad if you left, but i love the idea of maybe some of the land being a development of like minded truth seeking patriots! I have some experience, ideas and connections and would be happy to help! Praying theres a way to make nature and peace and experience continue as part of the so cal community there!

  • Kelly says:

    We must fight! God needs his people to stand and fight! The government needs to know that traditions should stay true and they cannot just erase the past!

  • Meredith G says:

    We would be so saddened to see you all leave! We love visiting Riley’s farm! Fight the good fight, we will stand with you.

  • We love Riley’s Farms. It would npt be the Inland Empire or California without you. My family would be willing to pay a fee to keep you here, teaching the faith and character in which we believe. I love the idea of expanding. Have you heard of the American Village in Montevallo, Alabama? They might be a source of inspiration and information. Please keep us informed.

  • Sir, have you looked into Matthew Peterson’s new org: New Founding? They are trying to connect like minded people. High level people looking to get out of woke/corporate America? Maybe there is a connection to be made?

  • Kimberlyn Paul says:

    There is no other answer to the Question, other than STAY!!
    You must, you have to.
    As an African American woman who supports what you stand for, your ideals, and your work ethic, you must remain as a beacon on the hill and an example. Whatever I can do, let me know.

  • Audrey Van Vliet says:

    Reading your post made me cry. Four generations of my family have enjoyed Oak Glen for decades. Until, that is, when we no longer had the choice but to leave. It’s been a difficult time trying to adjust for all of us. My 91 year old mother, my daughters, their husbands, and five children. All but the two youngest have many fond memories of Riley’s Farm. We love you like family and miss you so very much!
    We’re all in Texas now, and for selfish reasons would love you to come here. I can’t even begin to comprehend the logistics of a move like that. Another part of me says, “stay and fight!” Unfortunately, evil parasites are in powerful places and can make successful living, and running your beautiful farm impossible. Evil thrives on the suffering and misery of others. Even now, I cry at the road ahead for you, and all the good people in California trying hard to fight the beast. I miss my home. My community. My beautiful state, and all of it’s natural beauty. Please God, bless the Riley Family! Protect them from all harm, wether from a corrupt and criminal government, or natural/man made disasters. Bless and multiply their finances and provide for all their needs abundantly. Protect and give courage to each member of the family. Bind the roots of those that would do any harm. “Greater is HE that is in me (the Riley’s), than he that is in the world”! Give them wisdom in the coming months and an ear to clearly hear your voice. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

  • Paul Berry says:

    The more people who love America and have Christian values end up leaving California, the worse off it will be. Why should the darkness be permitted to consume such a beautiful place? California is worth fighting for! Our majestic land (including yours), our history, our amazing culture and entertainment, our agriculture, and our people are all worth staying and fighting for. I don’t mean a political fight. I mean the preservation of all that is good through enduring the slings and arrows and spreading the hope, the liberty, and the love of God and one’s neighbors that your camps teach our little ones about. Leaving would be the same as putting the light under a bushel. Our founding fathers faced no less of a conflict between light and dark than we face now. So stay, Mr. Riley. Stay and continue to do as you have done. All that you offer at your farm is good, wholesome, and godly. I can’t think of anything my ailing, beloved California needs more.

  • Amanda Kirkpatrick says:

    May the Lord lead you and guide you during this time. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11. Allow your spirit to hear from the Lord to see if you should make this move or not. Remember, God is your Source!! Not anyone else. Stand firm on His word and He will direct you. We are in spiritual warfare. We must fight the good fight of faith, knowing God will prevail. My family and I love Reily’s farm, we saw you on Huell Howser, over 20 years ago and ever since then we have been going to Riley’s Farm. We have been to all the plays, movies on the lawn, apple picking, and much much more. I do not agree with what is going on in the world as well with all the agenda they are making us take part in. I used to worked for a school district for 21 years and they required us to take the COVID 19 vaccine and when they did not accept my religious exemption, they let me go. But, I was not going to compromise what God told me to do. I bow down to no man but to God ONLY!!! And now I work for another school district and I love it. I stood on Jeremiah 29:11. He knows the plan for all of us, if we take His word and TRUST HIM. My family and I would support Riley’s Farm in any way we can. We as children of God must support each other. We cannot allow the devil to run us out, but we must run the devil out, he must turn his tail and run the other way. We will keep you and your family in prayer for strength, peace, courage, prosperity, and great health. Seek God, He will direct you. We LOVE you Riley’s Farm.

  • Howard Goble says:

    I can do a monthly donation, like $25 a month. I feel that you are doing something similar to Turning Point USA with Charlie Kirk, or Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. We give monthly donations to both ministries.

    Working to educate children and families through real-life depictions of Biblical roles for men and women in family, and of course about the inestimable value of the Godly heritage of our nation are worth a few bucks. I love you guys. We’ll be visiting this Friday with our home school group. 🙂

  • Eviee says:

    Pastor Hibbs would say stay and fight!! Our beautiful state needs you and the wonderful organization and education you bring to so many. Our poor state is suffering too under the whiles of the evil in high places. You, your family and all that you all have done would be sorely missed. I for one speaking for my family here in cherry valley, we love your farm. If you were to raise prices and charge admission we would support you. But the most important thing since I accidentally came across all this trouble you’ve been having is that I will share the need for PRAYER asking Gods sovereign will to see you through with a victory over the terrible costs that have been piled on you. I can’t even imagine what your going through but we were also faced with the fire insurance issue (residential) . It was shocking the cost of that for a house . Certainly nothing with respect to what they are doing to you and this wonderful place. But God is good and we just need to start a prayer chain and bring the fight to God. Expanding could be the answer but from reading all the beautiful supportive and loving comments I know with Gods help and everyone here would help PRAY TO THE LORD and get the word out to bring more visitors. But I will also send donations as I am able. It’s really a miracle that you haven’t lost heart already by these enormous costs to keep things running. But that tells me that maybe getting the word out, really sharing the need on all social
    Media platforms with other
    Patriots that just maybe we can help keep
    You and your family here. Whatever you decide I will pray and bring this prayer needs and donation needs to as many as possible. May The good Lord be with you and your family and show his tender mercies through all the love that’s been shown you here. We must all join together to win these battles against the evils that hunger to destroy us! God Bless!!

  • John Jay says:

    Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. We don’t need your particularly pernicious brand of aggressive ignorance in our state.

    • Jim Riley says:

      Read the comments. It looks like you’re outnumbered.

      • John Jay says:

        Are you saying that might makes right? The majority rules? Because if that’s your stance, then what does that say about many of your own views, which are in the minority view in this country?

        Now that I have answered the question you asked, I won’t bother to engage you any further, as you have time and again shown in your comments that you don’t tolerate disagreement well, even going as far as to sue people who don’t agree with you.

        Have fun with your martyrdom, however.

  • Kirk Beck says:

    The First Amendment gives us a powerful weapon against tyranny. I am not talking about the Freedom of Speech. I am referring to the Petition for Redress (Remedy) of Grievances.

    I have used it successfully 4 times over the past 5 years. Americans have something powerful in the Rule of Law. But it is of no value if not understood.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with the leadership at the Farm. Suing an oath-breaking government official in small claims court is something you might not be able to do in Texas, but California loves litigation on the basis of discrimination. It sure sounds like that applies to Riley/s Farm.

    Please visit

  • Laurel Ho says:

    I sure get it, but it would be heartbreaking to see you go. A huge loss for CA. If I had the means and my kids and Grandkids weren’t here I’d find a way. I wish I lived closer so I could support you guys and the farm more.

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