The Strange Values of Claremont Unified School District

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American History: No
Gayish Adult Parties: OK

As many of you know, when our owner — James Riley, your correspondent here — expressed contempt for Stormy Daniels, Louis Farrakhan, and David Hogg on his personal social media, Claremont Unified School District ended a twenty year relationship with our living history farm.  My personal opinions were never featured in our living history field trips, but that didn’t matter.  Claremont engaged in what the Ninth Circuit called prima facie evidence of First Amendment retaliation.  Our case against Claremont is still being litigated.

One of the board members we named in the suit,  Steven Llanusa, apparently thinks inviting high school kids to an adult party featuring half-naked men represents Claremont values more closely.

You can’t make this stuff up..



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This post was written by Jim Riley


  • Linda Weber says:

    Steven Llanusa should have his pension’ll never happen

  • Kathy says:

    CUSD was and I repeat, WAS, a great school district when our kids were in elementary. However, since then, the great teachers and principals, and staff have since left, and only a few good eggs remain. Hence, I pulled my child out and we are more than happy, actually blessed, YES, blessed to be at a Christian private school. In fact, many of the staff and teachers from CUSD send their kids there. Hmmmm. But isn’t that the way of things these days, the good are kept quiet while the evil are heard.

  • Christina says:

    these people are mentally sick.

  • Mythtery says:

    He resigned on Dec 10th at the request of his fellow board members.

  • Sandra says:

    why is this on your business page for a farm.

    • Jim Riley says:

      Isn’t it obvious? As a company, we were officially blacklisted by a public agency, claiming our values were inappropriate for their students — when that very agency was following the leadership of a board president who invited high school students to a party featuring pervy adult entertainment.

    • Sandoval says:

      Mr. Riley has a right to express his political views, even on his business webpage. Although, not the best idea in a pure economic sense, as others then are free to disagree and not patronize the business that has now been directly tied to these views. It also does seem that Mr. Riley flippantly mislabels freedom as “cancel culture” when others who disagree with him then exercise their freedom….. Liberty and justice for all.

      • Jim Riley says:

        It’s odd that when, for example, major corporations wrap their products in rainbow flags or appeals for carbon reductions, no one questions the economic sanity of those decisions. It’s only when a contrary view is expressed that pious progressives gasp and timid conservatives tug at your sleeve and whisper, “listen, don’t upset the fascist orthodoxy.” I used cancel culture in a very precise way, because that’s exactly what it is — using the power of the state to punish (and thereby censor) free speech.

        • Sandoval says:

          Your reply utilizes self serving examples, some name calling, and false absolutes (no one, only). People do question businesses that wrap their products in different viewpoints such as “rainbow flags” all the time. In fact you just did…. proving my point. And so you have the right not to patronize that business. I support your right and freedom on one hand, but must bear the consequences as a business owner on the other, if you so CHOOSE to tie your personal viewpoints to your business. Also, I’m not the state, I’m one person exercising my liberty to choose who I conduct business with just like you. Having said all that, I do recognize and applaud not only posting my comments, but also replying to them.

          • Jim Riley says:

            You missed the point on multiple fronts. OF course, YOU can boycott anyone you choose. The STATE, however, is not free to do that as case law has reaffirmed quite clearly in the last fifty years. On the mega-corporation “social responsibility” front, it’s just an established fact. Corporations cater to social justice issues because that side of the political spectrum is far more shrill and violent.

  • Denise says:

    I support your stand for traditional values and the constitutional right to free speech. The woke insanity of leftists is corrupt and a disaster. Me and my family have been to your orchard and the whole Oak Glen loop over the years and plan to return to show our support! I pray that you will be victorious in the lawsuit.

  • Summer Boger says:

    This is a terribly widespread cancer of loss of virtue! Our Encinitas school district invited kids to a Halloween Drag Show!

  • Crystal Anderson says:

    My son attends a private Christian School and came to Riley’s farms for a field trip ! We need to keep these valuable field trips for our kiddos , unfortunately it won’t happen through the public School system – parent’s if you have your kiddos in a public School I would urge you to stand up for truth to your School board — we need to be the hands and feet of GOD . Stay diligent in prayer and support Riley’s farms

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