What Does It Profit A G-Man If He Gains a Pension..

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And Loses His Soul?

Ponder a few undeniable truths..

Yesterday, the same FBI who doesn’t appear to care about any of the above wrongdoing staged a raid on a former president of the United States.  This is without precedent.  It signals nothing less than a banana republic surrender to justice for sale by the last politicians to win office.  The FBI, which apparently didn’t care about a totally false Russian collusion narrative, could have retrieved a few documents without staging an armed invasion OF A FORMER PRESIDENT’S HOME.

Our justice department is now something like the Gestapo or the East German Stasi — a tool of those in power.   I know this very well, because ever since I visited Washington DC on January 6, 2021, there are a few of my far-left, lunatic customers who vocally call for my arrest — just for being in the crowd!   Seriously.  These people want millions of people arrested simply for availing themselves of the First Amendment.

What does that sound like?  Arresting millions of people at once?   Cattle Cars?   Incarceration Camps?  Yellow stars?

In a more innocent and honest age, my mother, Bea Riley, taught us respect for the FBI.  The family story was that she had friends in the bureau, back when she was in college.  They all went target shooting together.

Bea Riley believed in equal justice before the law.  She would be ashamed of today’s G-men.

Use the First Amendment while it is still available.  A group of local citizens will be protesting at FBI headquarters in Riverside.  Be there.   August 10, 2022.  July 10, 9 AM.  Riverside FBI Headquarters.  3480 Vine Street, Riverside, CA.
Be civil.  Be Truthful.  Be LOUD.




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This post was written by Jim Riley


  • George Mack says:

    This group has no collective or individual soul. That is how they can do the things they are doing. I have no sympathy for them. What truly makes me sad is how there ARE agents and others out there in the Bureau that see this and do NOTHING. THOSE are the ones that deserve whatever wrath that will be incurred.

  • Cindy crothers blumenkrantz says:

    Thanks Jim! If I were in CA I definitely would be there! I live in NJ and several of my friends and I will be supporting our True President at Bedminster Trump golf course.
    This raid is illegal, unconstitutional and has kicked the bee hive for sure.
    We MUST pray for Trumps safety and his family’s safety.
    Thank you for laying out this information and protest.

  • Cindy crothers blumenkrantz says:

    Jim, would you email me this article and flier for the riverside office? My family is still in Riverside and I want to send this fact article and the flier to them.

  • Great message, Jim!
    I can’t be there today, but hope I can attend a future event.

    I must disagree with this statement, though:
    “It signals nothing less than a banana republic surrender to justice for sale by the last politicians to win office.”

    The last politicians are the current to sit in office, but they didn’t “win” their seats. They stole them. We’re not stupid. It’s obvious to all of us who have a brain and can think for ourselves and see the corruption. There’s no way a reasonable person could believe Biden got 80 million votes. Hillary was shocked because she was trying to steal the election too; they just had no idea who she was up against, and they didn’t plan well enough to get enough votes to beat Trump the first time. It was Hillary’s “turn.” Obama had his “turn” to win – err, steal — the election. They were ready when it was Biden’s turn.

    If we don’t fix their rigged system, Trump may not WIN AGAIN in 2024 and our votes won’t count. We won’t ever have another legitimate president again. We are on par with a third-world country in the corruption of the current administration and the powers behind it.

    We all know Biden is not in control of our country. Who is?

  • Dave Telenko says:

    Hi Jim, thanks so much for putting the TRUTH out that the media won’t! My wife & I believe in equal justice! We’re so tired of this one way justice. We believe in “the rule of law” & our constitution. I’m really hoping that your message is read by all who don’t see it on the 6 o’clock news. We pray that all the lies that have been told about our so called justice system come around to getting the truth out! those who are brave enough to stand up for our rights will prevail in the end! The whole justice system is corrupt & they have made that so blatant!
    Thank you again Jim for your bravery to put the truth out & let us know we need to get united!

  • Lisa Reed says:

    It’s time we stand up for President Trump and for America. The fbi is horribly corrupt- from the cover-ups of the Clintons, Obama’s, 9-11 to the burying of hunter Biden laptop and now this injustice! I will be there todays. Be calm. Be respectful. Do not be pushed to violence.

  • Coral Nash says:

    God bless you Jim! Thank you for being a proud American Patriot. For love of God and country I appreciate you speaking up against the radical left and their communistic ideas and values. For those of us that have studied history see what is happening. Schools stop teaching history, parents stop talking about history and indoctrination camps have been installed under the ruse of being a school, history will be inevitable to repeat itself. Just because there are different players in the game doesn’t change the outcome. Someone wins and someone loses. We cannot lose our country.

    God bless you and God bless America!

  • Carol Daly says:

    Have you contacted the Pacific Justice Institute? or Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch? Perhaps they can help you with this. I will be praying for you and your family. Our God is not held back by any man. We must pray!!!

  • Haywood says:

    The director of the FBI that approved this raid was appointed by Trump. Also, now that I know my hard-earned money has been going to a right wing nutjob supporter of insurrection and the toppling of democracy in my beloved country, I will never patronize Riley Farms again.

    • Jim Riley says:

      George Washington worked with Benedict Arnold too. We will miss you a great deal, even though “dealguzzler@gmail.com” doesn’t appear to be in our 30 year database anywhere. Maybe your mother was buying your tickets?

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