My 4th of July Dream

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My Wife, the Dream Sky-Warrior

I laughed my way through an odd, patriotic, wife-affirming dream last night.

There I was in the sky deck of some preposterously large military aircraft, a C5 Galaxy at the very least.  It was one of those grey, ominous ultra-behemoths you can’t believe make it off the runway, and the kind — when they are in the air — make you proud to be an American.  I was smoking a pipe, which was a little odd, because I don’t partake, and I was discussing Civil War artillery with some British Royal Air Force officer.  I looked down to see that my wife, Mary, was actually piloting the aircraft all by herself through terrible turbulence.  There was just enough peril in the moment to register high relief when she landed the big whale smoothly–as though this were the most routine part of her day, as though she were merely jarring a dishwasher back to life by slamming it shut.

“Well done!” I said.
“No big.”

The dream continued.  Mary was buying produce at some sort of base grocery store, and I kept having the impulse to tell people, “did you know that my wife pilots enormously large aircraft?”  I was looking for ways to brag about her. I was looking for an audience.

Well, this is too easy to interpret, I know.  We have a HUGE celebration this Saturday and Monday, and people like Mary, and our staff, make it look easy.  We hope to see you up here, celebrating the greatest country on God’s Green earth.

Look for me.  I have a pilot story to tell you.

Death to tyrants!  Independence Forever!

Your humble servant,

James Riley

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  • Judy says:

    Yep she could do it. LOL

  • Stephanie says:

    I just have to say, we love your emails and could not agree more with your outlook and sentiments! We attended the Farm to Table Event Last weekend with your niece and heard from your brother speaking to the group. You are certainly blessed with an amazing family! I also attended a Patriot Street Fighter (Scott McKay) Rally at your farm last year and it was amazing! Keep up the good work fellow street fighter / patriot! We are looking to invest in some property up by you sometime soon, so it is good to know that there are amazing families such as yours up there in Oak Glen! Many blessings to you!

  • Kathy Johnson says:

    Great dream! What a perfect metaphor for what Mary does every day, and makes it look easy. I’m glad to be part of that audience you were looking for! LOL Happy Independence Day to you and Mary. I hope this holiday weekend is your best yet, in every way! We’ll be at a tiny small-town parade in Greenback, TN, celebrating our freedom.

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