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DisclaimerOur living history programs are not political. We have been forced to discuss First Amendment Issues because Cancel Culture is threatening our livelihood.

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Ever Had a Death Threat for Speaking Your Mind?

As the vast majority of you know, whenever I offer my own personal political perspective as a small business owner, I’m often ordered, by annoyed “progressives” to just shut up and “be an apple farmer.”  (This would be the polite version.  A few of my political adversaries have threatened everything from boycotts to arson, to actual death threats.)

So, pardon me for demanding a reasonable standard here but..

When a “respectable,” “corporate” Instagram account like the cuisine-mag Bon Appetit laments a declining number of lesbian bars, (“Over the past several decades, the U.S. has been hemorrhaging queer female spaces”), am I to conclude this decline in queer female spaces is perfectly acceptable Overton Window conversation?  There you were just trying to source the right lardons for your coq au vin, and you get the lesbian bar shortage front and center.   Is this the sort of political conversation that is perfectly peachy and wonderful, across all cuisine enthusiasts?  And, likewise, would any snicker, any eye-rolling, in response to this weird lament be nothing short of digital verbal violence?

I’m guessing, that over at Bon Appetit, there are very few young staffers worried that corporate management has gone WAY overboard in worrying about lesbian bar decline.  Of course not.  This is their generation’s holy, intersectional crusade.  No one should point out, of course, that ALL independent bars and restaurants are suffering in the wake of Covid hysteria.  (Did you know that a huge fraction of them are way behind in their rent?)

Worrying about a befuddled public health response generally would assign the blame and the victim status too broadly.  Let’s keep this all a holy war against the decline in “queer female spaces.”  A declining U.S. economy isn’t about lock-downs, hospital-rationing, supply-chain fractures, right?  Anthony Fauci funded gain of function insanity to attack queer space.  Right?

I get so tired of this nonsense, but the ONLY way to fight it is to counter it.  Speak inconvenient truths.  Skewer sacred cows.  Exercise the First Amendment.

If the enemies of free speech get their way, there will only be ONE way to interpret events and ideas.  I have been red-pilled for many years now.  I graduated form Stanford.  I know how dumb, and venal, the elites really are.


Will you stand with me?

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