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And why we need your contribution today..

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Imagine you aren’t Jim Riley — as in “not a conservative, not outspoken, not given to ridicule and debate.”

Imagine you are quiet, mild-mannered Erin Lee, an independent who voted for Jared Polis, a Democrat, for governor of Colorado.  Erin Lee found out that her twelve year old daughter was encouraged by a public school teacher, at an after school Gay/Straight Alliance Club (masquerading as an art club), to..

  • Lie to her parents, since they wouldn’t understand..
  • Consider that she might be transsexual..
  • Consider sexual attraction for other girls..
  • Consider body-altering surgery that, by law, did not require her parent’s consent

You can watch Erin’s story here, but I’ll cut to the chase for you:  Erin and her husband were told, by the school’s principal, that this school-sponsored deception — this child abuse — was necessary in order to give gender-confused children a “safe space.”

Put yourself in the position of another teacher at that school.  You see this cruelty and insanity and you want to speak up against it, but you fear losing your job.  Put yourself in the position of a doctor, afraid to advise a twelve year old girl she might consider counseling over breast removal and puberty-blockers — for fear of losing your board certification.  Put yourself in the place of a Fortune 500 employee having to sit through an HR workshop actually praising this nonsense — and not being able to speak for fear of losing your job.

Some version of that is coming for all of you — the sane majority — if we don’t spank the government, and cancel culture, very hard.  If I can’t afford to carry my case across the finish line, the neurotic, progressive bureaucrats who run public agencies will keep retaliating against public employees and those who sell to public institutions.

But we can beat these bastards with your help!

If you have already given, THANK YOU.   If you haven’t, please consider a generous donation today.

Help us Fight


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