The Old, Happy Crazy-Normal

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Lines & Busses

Mary Riley has been tired, but happy, these days.  The old kitchen-crazy has returned, with the parking lot full of busses and the bakery line full of moms buying chicken pot pie for dinner.  We have returned to the old pattern of booking about 500 students a day in new tours.  Most guests arrive without a mask, and precious few ask if we enforce any vaccine policy.  I don’t comment on this, for fear of sounding like a virtue-signaling rah-rah chorus, but our guests are glorious diverse, and there’s a simple reason for that:  American history has a universal appeal.  NO ONE, whether they count themselves black, brown, yellow, green, or white — wants to live in a world where they are not “endowed by their Creator” with “certain unalienable rights.”

I keep telling people a simple truth:  the values of the 1619 project can’t be defended.  Drag queen story hour can’t be defended.  Communism can’t be defended.  Most people — the sane, hard-working, real people we count as our guests and friends are coming back in droves, despite cancel culture, despite the global stupidity of Commie virus policy, despite the bickering of social-justice hags in their own organizations.

We are the truthful majority.  It’s wonderful to see us beginning to act like it.


Picture my consternation last Saturday when a snow storm rolled in just as Finnegan’s Wake was getting ready to start.  The snow was starting to stick on Oak Glen road as the band was beginning to warm up.  The electricity flickered.  Even though I try my best to be relaxed as a host, the sheer worry of the weather was getting to me and I was waxing nervous.  I joked with some friends, “someday, I want to be the ‘nervous omelet chef’ here on the farm — splattering egg batter all over myself, cutting my fingers on the diced onion knife, selling admission admission tickets to watch me fail (with a laugh hopefully).

It all worked out.  These young people!  They can play some sweet music.  You should come up this Friday night just to hear Star of the County Down, Whiskey in the Jar, and the Leaving of Liverpool.

Remember, the powers that be, these days, want us to be miserable.  Resist!


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  • Sheri Shields says:

    We loved Finnegan’s Wake last year and I was so sad to realize we wouldn’t be in town for it this year. Great music, delicious food and a great fun story to round out the evening!

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