Beaumont Refuses to Bow to Cancel Culture..

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The Grown-Ups Win..

In response to what sounds like a defaming and ludicrously false complaint made public from a 4th grade parent, a number of locals appeared at the Beaumont Unified School District Meeting last night, a few to request all Riley’s Farm field trips be cancelled and many more to support them.  Although we still don’t have the minutes and the audio of the meeting, supporters seemed to outnumber detractors by 4 or 5 to 1.  The Beaumont Board did not bow to cancel culture pressure.

My Take..

Because of my hearing issues and some of the boardroom’s speaker settings, I couldn’t make out all the comments, but one of our staff, sitting next to me, believed the comments ran in our favor by four or five to one.  At one point, sensing something shrill in the air, I inquired what was being said and our staff member reported, “she’s lamenting some tweet you made about ‘sexy homeschool moms.'”

These are the sort of Orwellian fundamentalists we are up against.  These folks don’t have just one trigger. They have a MILLION triggers.  It doesn’t matter what you weigh in on.  The racism of Louis Farrakhan (TRIGGER!  A black guy CAN’T BE RACIST.  CANCEL!)  The Constitutional Idiocy of David Hogg (TRIGGER!  Mocking a young person trying to ban guns!  CANCEL!)   The comic timing of Stormy Daniels sexually assaulting an undercover female cop, even as she’s trying to accuse the President of the United States of sexual misconduct.  (TRIGGER!  ME TOO!  CANCEL.  CANCEL.  CANCEL.)

Sexy Home School Moms!  (TRIGGER!  Someone NOTICED attractive women? Someone NOTICED why they might be moms in the first place?  TOXIC MASCULINITY.   TRIGGER!   CANCEL!  CANCEL!)

The fact that NONE of these ideas were even remotely discussed at a field trip escaped these folks.  They just want to cancel, starve and destroy anyone with an idea other than their own.  News flash: our very system, the great economic and political engine that is America, is based on disagreement, on speech that annoys you, that makes you think, that makes the great market place of ideas struggle for the best product and the best solution.  If we had actually allowed great scientific minds to argue publicly about masks, vaccines, and lock-downs, perhaps we would have had a better response to the Communist virus.  Right?)

There’s a theme wonderfully explored in a recent movie entitled The Death of Stalin.  In a Communist dictatorship, without any immutable Divine truth, eventually no one knows what the “safe ideas” really are, even when they are arguing about Marxism itself.

And the odd, sad thing about these Orwellian fundamentalists?   Once they cancel you, they will eventually have to cancel themselves.  Silence eventually comes for the silencers.

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This post was written by Jim Riley


  • Steve Barbee says:

    Was great to see you there. Thank you for coming. The meeting is two times a month, 2nd and last Tuesdays. We could always use the extra support. Heather emailed you a video of what you had to say to our board.

  • Ari David says:


  • Lisa C says:

    So happy you prevailed. I emailed the board in continued support of Riley’s farm. God is Good and so is Riley’s Farms. We need our history to be remembered. Some of my best childhood memories and my children’s memories are field trips.
    So many great memories are had every year at your property.

  • Kathie Mahoney says:

    Holy cats!!!! This is awesome!! Good for you guys standing up, preserving our heritage. I have been to places like yours as a child & I still have fond memories of the visit, good, bad or indifferent, it made me think, made me read, made me learn & most importantly it made me talk, converse & discuss. What could be better than a good old fashioned talk or debate? These skills are being taken away from children. It is either/or, black/white, that is not how the world works. God bless you & keep up the good work!! Oh, one more thing, I live in Chicago, Farrakhan is a racist. The closer you get to his home the more you see his goons in suits & bow ties lining the streets, stopping any one who ventures in the neighborhood. If you’re white, get out while you can, or else. That’s the truth. God bless!!

  • Ernie J Little says:

    Jim; thank you, God bless you…

  • Jan Reed says:

    I wrote an e mail in support of Riley’s Farm! I accompanied 2 of my grandchildren to these educational and exciting field trips. My grandchildren (now years older) still reminisce about those great days at Riley’s Farm. We laughed together about how fun they were. Thank you for this little bit of America we cherish!

  • Emily Vela says:

    Well said! We will always support Riley’s Farm!

  • Rhonda T says:

    I love Riley’s farm. However, Hawks Head will no longer be a destination for us. We used to love the restaurant. But, now you wait outside in the sun frying while some lady takes 40minutes to order and there’s only one window open. All the chicken pot pies were sold out so we waited in vain. Then you go in there’s no wait staff anymore. No one to get a high chair or find out where they are. It just ruined the whole vibe. Like I said USED to love this restaurant. We will still come for the apples but, eat somewhere else.

    • Jim Riley says:

      So sorry you had a bad experience. Restaurant level service was very hard for us to do profitably, in Oak Glen, where the walk-in traffic is either very high or very low. We concentrated on quality of the food and that’s one of the reasons we sell out of chicken pot pies. We’re working on making it faster and we may re-open inside service.

  • David A. Sanchez says:

    ‘Silence eventually comes for the silencers”. I appreciate the fight you lead to maintain debate of ideas without fear. Respectfully, a BUSD Trustee.

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