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Farm News And Pictures — November 14, 2021

There’s a theme I may stress too much, but it keeps coming back home for me, week after week up here: if you LOVE something, you will fight like a mad dog to protect it.  You will speak up in its defense.  You will counter scoffers.  You will take up a stick, or a knife, or a gun in defense of that innocent beauty you call your child, or your country, or your faith.  If you really love, you will lay down your life for your friends.

And, along that battle road, you know what else?   You will embrace those who love what you love. It’s unavoidable.  It’s like a magnet.  It’s not a “side hug.”  It’s breast to breast, forehead to forehead, tear drop to tear drop, pure to pure.  You will feel “instant family” when someone loves what you love so fiercely they will stand with you in its defense. I feel that very spirit talking to some of you.  You want to live, and you’re damned tired of apologizing for your time on earth.

In this era of cowardly Commie virus fear, Alexis C. Madrigal defines the picture of the opposite reality.  After months of what appears to be self and family isolation, he finally decides he’s ready to attend a wedding.  Fully jabbed, testing for Covid compulsively, he is scandalized by friends who appear to be living their lives, attending weddings, singing, dancing, and being — you know — normal.

Madrigal’s account is laced with lacy, delicate weirdness of this sort..

“..There would be no anti-vaxxers among the guests..”
“..realizing that I’d probably have to travel through Las Vegas and have a considerable layover..”
“..I spent hours in an N95 mask in the Las Vegas airport..”
“..I left as soon as I saw the piano-bar-and-club scene there…”
“..My wife was rightfully getting worried. It seemed not unlikely that I’d get exposed to COVID. Had we really been thinking clearly?..”

God help us.  Seriously.  GOD HELP US. Can we honestly preserve the republic with “men” like this?  Men who utterly imperil their children with fear of a virus, who abjectly submit to their wife’s paranoia, who sit, cowering, in an N95 mask among the Vegas unwashed?

I am beginning to understand why all of our dinner events are sold out.  “The wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.”

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