If It MOVES, Mask It And Stick It With A Needle!

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When Will They Admit They’re Wrong?

This morning brings the sad news that fully vaccinated Colin Powell has died from covid complications, and it’s not just happening to 84 year olds.  A 21 year old University of Georgia student, fully vaccinated, passed away last week as well.  The pro jab media loves to tell stories of dedicated anti-jabbers passing away due to Covid, but, the broader, statistical picture is both troubling — and frankly, annoying — for those of us pondering an American economy utterly ravaged by supply chain breakdowns and the possibility of Australia-style lock-downs.  You may wonder why a living history/agriculture venue like us complains, non-stop, about Covid policy, but that’s a bit like asking an abused wife to stop complaining about the husband who beats her daily.   Our business was nearly destroyed.  We can’t find enough staff, and we can’t order parts. (Try selling as many pies as we do with one oven, the other crippled by longshoreman who are too Covid-panicked to unload the ships.)  And as bad as all that is, having to hear, over and over again, that “we’re all in this together” and “vaccines save lives” makes it hard to breath with all the gas-lighting in the air.  Anthony Fauci breaks wind and we’re expected to think it smells like roses.

Global health “experts,” to put it plainly, don’t seem to know what they are doing.  Fauci recently worried that football games would result in more infections and increased strain on the health care system.  He was wrong again.  Even NBC had to admit it.  The vaccines, originally thought to lower the risk of fatality from Covid, ran into real world data from Public Health England, indicating that among Covid deaths, the majority had been fully vaccinated, with fewer Covid deaths among the non-vaccinated.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, and our leaders, across the world, appear addicted to that approach.  If lock-downs don’t work, lock-down harder.  If vaccines don’t work, vaccinate children at no risk from the disease itself.  If masks don’t work, mask up even more.  As all this failure unfurls, you can count on someone–double-masked in their closet at home for the last 18 months–to shout, “if we all did exactly what we were told, this would all be over!”


We gave it a chance.  It didn’t work. LEARN from your mistakes.  Ponder wise “eugyppius” on this front..

..high rates of vaccination can’t reduce infections, and vaccinating the oldest and sickest hasn’t done very much for overall hospitalisations and deaths either…

(Highly vaccinated Portugal and Iceland have more COVID-19 cases than largely un-vaccinated South Africa)

I’ve been warning, for months, that you simply can’t lock down economies, you can’t scare consumers from buying and workers from showing up at the factory, without the shelves going empty.  It’s happening now.

You won’t need a living history farm to reenact the Great Depression for you.  You’ll get to live it yourselves..

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This post was written by Jim Riley


  • Judy Shaw says:

    Very interesting and our comments are right on.

  • Judy Shaw says:

    Meant to say your comments are right on.

  • Linda Weber says:

    Thank you Jim Riley for being a truth bearer.

  • Yol says:

    You are totally correct!

  • Judith Nelson says:

    Continued courageous outreach with your Farm
    And patriotic activities is so treasured . You offer practical lessons and model the kind of ‘rebellion ‘ that made this country . So much more positive and educational than the vulgar flags and stickers displayed about the current PINO because you not only talk the talk but you walk the walk .
    Our schools have been immeasurably blessed with living history experiences ! And people should watch the movie you did ! Superb !

  • Charity says:

    Find Peace in Jesus if have not already.

    • Jim Riley says:

      We have peace in Jesus, yes, but Jesus will not be at peace with us if we don’t insist on His will being “done on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus wouldn’t be pleased with people who stick an experimental vaccine into the arm of six year olds.

  • Suzie says:

    Colin Powell had multiple myeloma, which is blood cancer (cancer of plasma cells). He was in his 80s, with cancer and a weakened immune system as a result. The “jab” reduces your chances of being hospitalized or dying but it isn’t 100% – like how the flu shot isn’t a 100%. But if you look at states across the US – not Portugal or South Africa but the United States – the majority of those hospitalized or dying are those unvaccinated. But sure, pick the fully vaccinated 80 year old with cancer who died as your leading example of why the vaccine doesn’t work.

    • Jim Riley says:

      When was the last time you heard someone say, “hey, I just got my 3rd polio booster?” I’ll wait..

      • Jim Riley says:

        ..and by the way, I agree with you that the jab appears to reduce hospitalizations, but your chances of death with the jab is greater than without it. See the Public Health England data I posted.

        Excess mortality is increasing in the countries that are the MOST vaccinated. Germany and Scotland. Should we _ignore_ that?

  • Gina Finlayson says:

    Mr. Riley,
    God bless you for your fearless stance upon truth and facts no matter what the culture has to say. As a former 5th grade teacher and after many field trips to your Revolutionary and Civil War re-enactments, I am so very grateful to know that there are leaders today with the same passion that the early leaders of our nation had. God only knows that this kind of bold leadership is as important in the day we are living as it was when this country was founded. May God continue to pour out His grace upon your work. Long live truth and those who carry its banner!

  • Lorraine Rogers says:

    Dear Mr Riley, We respect you and thank you for standing for righteousness! You will be hated, because Jesus was hated for telling the truth! Riley’s Farms has been our tradition for years and we will continue to support you! People have believed a lie and are disabled with fear! Our prayers are with you, as you continue to make a difference for our Lord Jesus in your community! We are praying that the insanity will stop!

  • Laura Wise says:

    Thank you to the whole Riley family for providing wonderful programs that I’ve enjoyed for over 30 years!
    The best are all the historical Civil War and Revolutionary War re-enactments. I thank you Mr. Riley for standing firm and resolute in your convictions and sharing with us the struggles you have with keeping the farm going. We know this life won’t be easy but we must never give up! Freedom is never free as you know and we must continue to fight against tyranny and put Jesus back in our government! God is good all the time and all the time God is good.. keep the faith.. many are fighting it with you!!

  • Jorden Sivero says:

    Jim, I got married at your establishment and have continued supporting and advertising your farm threw this whole “pandemic”. Thank you for being brave and fighting all that is wrong in the government.

    My family will always back you and enjoy our precious moments at your farm even more!

  • Al says:

    Mr. Riley…your ultra-right wing cherry picking of facts and ignorance of much science can only be attributed to watching far too much Faux Noise and kneeling at the alter of Breitbart and Trump. Maybe, if your farm doesn’t thrive, although I certainly hope you do well, you can always apply for a Fox News job, where the truth doesn’t matter.

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