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For those of you who miss a restaurant breakfast around these parts..

Background:  I must say that the packing shed barbecue tri-tip was exquisite this last Saturday. (Excellent work, Dan Johns, Steve and Mario!)  Mary made some of the leftovers into beef fajitas yesterday evening and I went for a fajita, grilled onion and tomato omelette this morning, but I think I made a three egg skillet-size miscalculation because the batter wound up being too flimsy to oppose all that savory goodness.  It didn’t make for a bad scramble though, and it reminds me of the omelettes we had just brought to regular perfection here when Dr. Fauci forgot he had funded gain of function research in a Commie laboratory and brought the world to a halt, just to be safe.

That’s a round-about way of saying I (me, Jim Riley) would LOVE to be back in the breakfast business again but my wife Mary made a couple of observations about business life these days, in the “oops-we-stopped-the-economy” era of public health nitwits.  One of the parts we need for our commercial oven won’t be ready for one month.  A few months ago, I tried ordering extra security cameras and the wait was three months.  Last week, we were barely able to source chicken for our chicken pot pies.  This morning, Mary tried to order the extra trash containers we order for the harvest season and — guess what — the trash company can’t find dumpsters.  Have you seen the number of places around town scrambling to find people to work?   (We’ve had some leads on that front, but my staff is working so hard, they have trouble getting the time to follow up on new leads.)

The point here?   Although work is good for the soul, our political and bureaucratic elites seem weirdly allergic to it.  They seem to think the oven parts will go right on manufacturing themselves out of pure pandemic team spirit.  (What would you expect from the kind of people who keep collecting a paycheck until they realize — d’oh! — they killed all the taxpayers?)

The point is:  we may go back into the breakfast business when the world gets slightly less idiotic.

In the meantime, we still make a spectacular lunch and all of our dinner theater programs are selling out and the harvest is looking beautiful, don’t you think?

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