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The Souvenir/Memorabilia Thing

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Help me out here on the souvenir/memorabilia thing.

First of all, I can’t look at the word “memorabilia” without giggling at the memory of Gilda Radner pronouncing it “mem-oh-wi-beel-yah” as Barbara Walters. (If you can find the clip, share it in the comments.)

Second, those of you who attend our events, how important is it to have something on the shelf, a few years from now, as a reminder?  I’ve often been a little averse to the idea of souvenirs, but then I noticed that when Mary and I take a trip, I found myself looking for branded t-shirts.  (Must be an old guy thing.)

Third, what would you most likely buy?  Coffee Mug?  Beer Stein?  T-shirt?  Sweat Shirt?


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