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Press Enterprise Why are you running such a provocative advertisement?
James Riley Our guests, like most sane people, are sick of Covid hysteria and absurd over-reaction to the virus.  This bug was engineered, thanks to US funding, in a Communist laboratory.  People deserve to ridicule the evils of Communism and the incompetence of idiots like Anthony Fauci.  If people can’t walk around in a 760 acre orchard, gather Vitamin D from the sun, and celebrate not having to observe social distancing, something is wrong with them, or, at the very least, they have a broken sense of humor.
Press Enterprise But how has Covid policy hurt you?
James Riley Oh, let’s see.  It wiped a million dollars in field trips off our books.  It sent 105 of our employees home.  It petrified consumers needlessly. It encouraged healthy workers to take tests when they had no symptoms.  It kept people from church, weddings, celebrations and LIFE. In Australia, four babies died because of their government’s idiotic lock-down.  Should I go on?
Press Enterprise I know you’ve received plenty of corona virus relief dollars from the federal government. How is it not a contradiction to accept COVID relief money but be against COVID safety measures?
James Riley The federal government owes me that by way of damages. Do you think if I engineered a virus that killed 4 million people globally I wouldn’t have to settle up with the families of the people I killed and the businesses I destroyed?  Besides, it’s not “relief.”  It’s a loan.  I’ll have to work until I’m 95 to pay it back.  Furthermore, by my being really stupid and deciding to stay in business and employ people, the payroll loans just kept the federal and state governments from paying unemployment.  Think about it: the Feds knew they had to provide that capital or they would have had even more people opting out of a working life forever.  (“Oops, we destroyed the markets with hysteria.  Maybe we’ll call loans ‘relief.'”)
By the way, nothing bothers me more than slow-witted Covid Pharisees who regard all of this as a “minor inconvenience.”  Is it a “minor inconvenience” when people have to take the jab or lose their job, when cancer patients can’t get care, when those Australian parents lost their babies to a travel ban?
Press Enterprise Regarding the appeals case, any idea when the judges will rule?
James Riley You can’t make predictions but it’s fairly obvious my First Amendment rights were violated.  Both the original Federal district judge said as much and the judges at the Ninth Circuit seem to agree. (Watch the video).  It’s really now a matter of deciding whether the First Amendment is more important than using qualified immunity to protect civil servants too bothered to respect the Bill of Rights.
Press Enterprise Thanks for your time.
James Riley Thanks for the publicity.  Walk-on sales are up.
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  • Carl Winzen says:

    Thank God for business owners such as yourself who love freedom, cause, its Men like you that made this country, men that risked their life all they have for FREEDOM!

  • Mike Rossiter says:

    HUZZAH !!!!.

  • Kim Massey says:

    Thank you for standing for truth Mr. Riley. I live visiting your farm. Thank you , Kim Massey

  • Kathleen Unsell says:

    Well said!!!

  • Cindy Kraft says:


  • Helen Myers says:

    Thank you for speaking out and being a strong example of citizen leadership. Please consider running for office in CA to help turn our state back from its road to destruction.

  • Henry W Hunt says:

    Hooray for you….good job and keep up the good work! I’m sure your customers appreciate it and for sure your employees!

  • Lea Hargis says:

    Yes – you spoke out. I agree.

  • CA Anonnie says:

    Every time I see these kinds of things in the emails I wonder if I want to bother reading them, but then I do and I’m like, “Good for you!” It’s great that someone has the gall to stand up against this garbage. Great ad, by the way. I’m curious where were you running the ad the reason they felt the need to question you about it.

  • Kathy Kachaturian says:

    This was brilliant. If only all of us could articulate the way you do. Communication is so key to educating liberals and the sheep.

  • Judy Shaw says:

    Thanks for this great article Jim and portraying how many of us feel. In full agreement with you.

  • Bridget Honan says:

    Thank you for being open and giving people a little place to be normal in…

  • Bekah M Fairley says:

    Yes!!! Thank you for being a voice that stands strong on truth and freedom!!

  • IL says:

    When I saw the word “provocative” describing the ad, (in your email), I was totally expecting to see excess of cleavage etc… LOL

  • Patricia Young says:

    Hi Jim,

    Ned, Havilah and I loved coming to your farm in the glen 2 years ago before all this nonsense came into place. God bless you for your clear stance against all the BS. We are so proud of you. Soldier on man!!!

    Patricia Young

  • Sandy Needs says:

    So glad that we became friends back in 2004. You are such an honorable, dedicated and well-spoken (not just out spoken) American. We are proud to call you friend and so glad to have a leader like you near by to inspire all of us.

  • George Mack says:

    Eloquent, and hard hitting. I LOVE it. Again, good on you !!!!!

  • Hi Jim.
    Thanks for taking a stand. You have always been a champion of freedom and personal responsibility. Good post. Keep up the good work!
    Carey Barnett.

  • Thanks for taking a stand. You have always been a champion of freedom and personal responsibility. Good post. Keep up the good work!
    Carey Barnett.

  • Nita C. says:

    FREEDOM FIGHTERS Unite! God Bless you and God-Speed in fighting the good fight! The LIGHT of Truth will always break through the Darkness…Fight ON Friend!!!

  • Chris Grant says:

    James Riley, you are a Patriot – The ad reminds me of those during wartime. Making citizens aware of the incoming communistic threat.
    It is great to read at the end that you saw this as a marketing piece as well.
    It also seems that the press wants to always change the verbage – as in “Relief” vs “Loan.” Like so many businesses that were eligible received a Paycheck Protection LOAN!! It is up to the government to forgive the LOAN, which is not RELIEF.
    James Riley, you are in my prayers.

  • Cheryl de Rodriguez says:

    You tell ‘me! And anyone else who will listen. We certainly need more Americans with the courage of our predecessors.

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