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The Daily Beauty Surprise

When I do something, I tend to concentrate on the thing itself, so that means on my 3.6 mile daily farm walk, I look at the dusty, milk chocolate dirt beneath me, and the foot prints of so many different kinds of critters: rabbits, bear, mule, sheep,  mountain lion, and then you look up and see SIX mule deer are more or less staring you down.  (Video)

Seriously, the deer are so utterly graceful and unafraid of anyone these days, you might get to see them. A friend of mine says there are four point bucks guarding the ridges.

As to the apples, when I walk through the kitchen I am very blessed to see apples being peeled, cut, and mixed same day. Mary Riley — now running the kitchen, post Commie virus — won’t allow a pie to be sold unless it was cut and baked the same day.

California gold.  Let’s bring it back.

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