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Have Your Apples Been Vaccinated?

Over the years, we’ve fielded hundreds of questions from customers who wanted to know how we grow our fruit and whether our commercial kitchens are free of nuts.  To begin with, on the second question, our kitchens are NOT nut free.  We drape nuts all over our caramel apples.  We have been known to bake peanut butter cookies. We’ve tried various nut-based confections in our period food items.  And, certainly, we hire lots of nuts — family members and strangers — to prepare them.  We don’t spray any insecticide on our berry crops, and we’re introducing organic coddling moth protection for our apples, but we do use Imodan when required.  We irrigate with pure well water, no chlorine or fluorine added.  You will not likely get a fresher, more natural piece of fruit, but..

..some of you “organic” and “local” people surprise me.

You want organic food, but some of you seem to think everyone in the country should be forced to accept an engineered vaccine to combat an engineered virus.  (There is nothing “nature-based” about this pandemic; it was created in a Communist research laboratory, funded with American taxpayer dollars.)

Insist on wild grown salmon but put a paper mask over your child’s face all day long?  Demand organic crop protection but allow someone to inject a wildly untested vaccine into your bloodstream?  And then insist it be injected into everyone else’s bloodstream?

Monsanto is evil but Pfizer is saintly?  Hello?


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