Have You Ever Tried to Break a Camel’s Back?

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The sinew alone would leave you winded..

The camel’s back is broken. I am done with Facebook.

Hold me to my pledge, because — honestly — it’s not easy.  If you have ever wrestled seven hundred pounds of frozen cattle into the back of your Honda CRV, you know that the physical world is an ornery, sturdy judge.  We need to eat.  We need to sell. We need to communicate with the rest of the world.  In that fight to create a business that attracts customers, it’s becoming ever more clear that Zuckerberg’s “community standards” squad doesn’t have any standard they can articulate or defend at all.  They can invite us to build a community of more than 40,000 people who love Riley’s Farm and then threaten us with de-platforming at will.

I’m done.  The camel’s back has been broken.  They can go to hell.

Earlier today, on my personal Facebook account, I had this to say about a blatantly racist ShowTime premiere..

Ziwe’s premiere “comedy” show on Showtime: blatantly, painfully racist and profoundly awkward at the same time. Fran Lebowitz appears caught off guard by the shallow, bitterly racial questions. She has nothing to work with, (safely at least). She appears to be wondering how her manager booked her onto a children’s show. Ziwe then reads the lyrics to Cardi B’s “WAP” to a confused Gloria Steinem, who is invited to opine as to whether sopping wet p*ssy is liberating feminism*. Four white “Karens” are invited to lament the assumed entitlement of all white women. A sketch features the “Imperial Wives” collection of American Girl dolls with white women giving natives small pox. The two doll-buying moms fall into a lesbian make-out session. Ziwe asks “what percentage of white women do you hate?” Cut to a musical number about white women being prone to call the police on black men merely for being black men.

It’s no exaggeration to think a white guest, on a show like this, should arrange for their own personal security; there is no slander, no negative generalization disallowed. White people are ugly, unfashionable vermin. If Ziwe could get away with filming their hanging, or their blood on the whipping post – clearly, she would do it for the entertainment value.

* There is something just too perfect about watching white, far-left women forced to confront the consequences of preaching a white supremacy that died out decades ago, and that never represented American values. Ziwe calls Lebowitz and Steinem “icons,” but essentially treats them like wrinkled, white clowns. I bet Steinem didn’t think that when it came time to throw the sacrificial virgin into the volcano, she would be the one going over the edge.

For that, I promptly received this message from Facebook..

So we’re done.  Riley’s Farm is leaving the platform.  Frankly, we are too truthful and honest to be even remotely associated with it.

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