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Very Frightening

We don’t mean to freak people out, but some scientists are beginning to worry about an issue that should be of concern to all of us.  You can read the details here, and you probably should do so before going much further, since I’m about to brag and it will help explain the context.

Several years ago, while defending the tradition of Columbus Day on Twitter,  I started to confirm a suspicion that had been growing in me for some time.  First, everyone was being called “racist” for just about anything.  Second, it was perfectly alright to make sweeping, negative, and even ugly generalizations about white people without any sort of reprisal at all.  Go to Twitter now and search “I hate white people.”  It will come up over and over again.  No one loses their account for this.  No employer initiates an HR meeting.  No record label pulls their contract and no politician loses their seat for publicly demonizing white people as much as they like.  Truth be told, it probably builds “cultural street cred.”  People get a pat on the back for this kind of hatred.

Try the same thing with any other race or identity group — or maybe don’t.  You will face social media jail or suspension and you might get called into your boss’s office.

“Classic” anti-racism — the sort of thing we were all taught in the 1960s and 1970s — is pretty simple.  Don’t judge any individual by their skin color and be very careful making generalizations about groups in general.  Negative stereotypes can be a burden to anyone suffering from them, including — get this — “old white guys.”  Imagine attending a theology conference and telling all the black students they were not allowed to ask questions.  (Only the white students could speak.)  Well, it happened in reverse recently, and academics tell me this is actually quite common.  Don Lemon was even allowed to propose that a travel ban be put on all white men — again utterly without any professional penalty.

No group of Americans, of any color, should have to endure this.  We can’t beat racism and bigotry without, well, beating racism and bigotry.  It’s so simple, I am perplexed I have to keep repeating it, but I’m getting the sense it is all beginning to sink in.   The Babylon Bee spoof reflects a growing consensus that the tired dictums of critical race theory — “people of color can’t be racist,” “whiteness is a social evil,” “any objection is ‘white fragility’ — are beginning to wear thin.  School boards are being hit, around the country, by parents who don’t want students apologizing for their race, or considering themselves victims because of it either. The charge of “racism,” increasingly, is seen as the sort of thing you would expect from someone who never learned how to think critically in school–the thing you expect from some poor millennial who was indoctrinated instead of educated.

When I started down this path, I realized the grievance industry had a very powerful tool.  Any old white guy who stood up and said, “isn’t that a double standard?” would be caricatured as a Klansman. Anyone who made the very obvious argument “don’t white people have rights too?” would be culturally marginalized, as though they were incapable of understanding the special new academic sauce associated with this socially approved racism.  If you really want to destroy your enemy, in other words, make his simple self-defense appear to be an outrageously parochial tantrum.

It’s not working any more, and I’m proud to be among the first to pay the price for opposing critical race theory among small business owners.  When I simply claimed that black people demonizing white people represents “black supremacy” (what it would be called if this happened in reverse), it earned me the ire of some progressive neurotics in the public school system who couldn’t believe someone dared to speak up.

On August 31, our federal civil rights suit will go before the Ninth Circuit. We have the chance to tell school boards they can’t retaliate against teachers or vendors for having the wrong opinion.   Please consider helping us.  It may be your job, and your children, you save.

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This post was written by Jim Riley


  • Lisa Faiella says:

    Thank you for your boldness and courage for taking this stand of truth that is a credit for ALL people!

  • Melody Patula says:

    Jim, I cannot thank you enough for all you are doing on behalf of our nation’s future. A a teacher, I am enraged that our children are being used as tools in this Marxist scheme, and I will not perpetuate this outrageous myth. I stand ready to fight, alongside parents, and any other teachers who may be interested. Thank you again, for this interesting and informative article, and all that you do.

  • David Johnson says:

    Good job, Jim. We stand with you. Ever since I heard about this a year or 2 ago, and spoke with my mother about it, we both agree, that this is bogus nonsense, the crap they pulled on you guys. First of all, I don’t support racism. But even for those who do, their rights to believe what they want are protected by the 1st Amendment. And it is illegal to discriminate, whether in the workplace, public or private domain or falsely prosecute based on religious, moral or ethical views, save that the adherrents of such views are not practicing a physical viewpoint of violence or conspiracy against their moral enemies. However, “racism” as it is called, I have not seen practiced by you, or hardly any. I read some of your posts back then (The supposed “offences” covered under 1st Amendment Freedom of speech, currently being unlawfully discriminated against by public officials of the education system), and I saw nothing racist about it. They used to call this “political correctness.” Now it’s somehow mega-amplified to “social wokeness,” and social virtue. Our social credit score is now being gauged off of, not our God-given rights under the US Constitution, and in the words of Martin Luther King, that all men were created equal. It is now being based and gauged off of whatever social pressure and leverage our Babylonian Govt. can levy against us in the scheme that best suits their own social interests, or special interests groups. See, critical race theory isn’t something that just benefits people of a particular skin color. It also benefits people of a certain social class. And that is, not to say, the lower, and impoverished slave class it purports to protect, but the upper elite eschalon of society, the 1%, the slavemasters. That is, under their global scheme, to collapse all sovereign borders, and declare genocide against the white man. And once he is finished with us, he will return to the same old scheme, pitting race against race, and turning us all into slaves under the premise of the New World Babylonian Order. See under this scheme, the strong, and the middle class are demonized, in order to bankrupt and collapse the middle class, so that there is no longer resistance against the international agenda of the global elite. If they no longer have the middle class fighting for social influence, and wealth, there then only becomes 2 classes of human beings. The rich and the poor. The owner and the slave. So, in this scheme of things, the real slavemasters propagating this, and these agendas, are not in essence enacting a global race war, but even more so in effect a class war. So, therefore when the middle class is no more, there will be no more resistance, and every race will thoroughly fall in line as slaves to the masters of the elite. If white men are standing in the way of this, through their wealth and social influence in the western world, then this obstacle and social paradigm is not so much a race issue, but an economical issue. See, we stand in the way of their complete stranglehold on international wealth and power. If and when they could ever collapse the social influence, wealth and power of the western world, and the so-called “mighty white man,” then what else would stand in their way??? As we can see, this is all complete malarchy. And the social cosmos will only uphold their diabolical interests for so long before utter chaos breaks loose, and the cosmos will no longer allow, as the hand of Almighty God will stretch forth upon the four winds, and all men of every tribe, color, nation and social class will be hunted as prey for whatever they are worth, regardless of their skin color. This social construct we are experiencing is only temporary, and it is only a matter of time until the controllers of humanity, and the dark lords of sheoul flip the switch in the control room, to favour another social cause or special interest group. Here and now it is the black race. Yesterday it was the homosexuals. And the year before that, female rights. Tomorrow they will try to push pedophilia, and the rights for or against children, in order to give further access of the monsters themselves to delve on the flesh of the innocent, while the masses pale in terror as a deer in the headlights, while the ancient human slave trade and ritual human sacrifice continues unabated every single day. For those of the collapsed social cosmos, animal rights, and beastiality could be a future target. You see there is nothing new under the sun. And they have been doing this, and using these schemes for thousands of years. It is just that our modern world, and history books limit the anount of information we are able to ingest and be exposed to. And we will never know everything that went on back then until now. I truly wish you the best my brother. It is only a matter of time before the tide changes, and the target of humanity will shift this way or that. For now, we must weather the tide, as the waves of our own countrymen crash against us in this fight of good vs. evil… And know, that I as a Christian soldier stand behind you. And that we, your christian brothers and sisters, stand behind you, from every color, and every creed. Every tribe and tongue and kindred and nation. We are the mighty. And the elect of God. And our Kingdom they will never destroy. For we will stand against the pillars of time, and in the war of the ages, we will stand victorious, as no army will be able to stand against us. For we are the elect of God, and the children of the Lamb. We are the saints of the Most High. And no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I am with you, my brother. Keep up the good fight. Stand and finish strong. Run your race. And we will be right here beside you, running til the very end. Until His Kingdom come. All of the enemies devices against us will surely fail. God bless, you my brother. Keep up the good fight. The good fight of faith. Finish your race. And lay hold of that for which Christ has laid hold of us. And recieve the crown, as we bow to the King of Kings. God bless you. And God bless the USA.

  • Jim Klein says:

    Martin Luther King, Jr. had it right. The Cancel culture of today has turned his common sense calls for fairness for all — they turned it inside out.
    We’re all humans made in the image of God. Skin color doesn’t matter.

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