Farm Journal — July 9, 2021

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The pumpkins are beginning to pop up.  Can you see them?  The timing of pumpkin planting is hotly debated around here, since the high demand times (mid to late October) can be missed by as much as two weeks if the weather doesn’t cooperate.  We try to stagger planting to make up for it, but among family members and staff, you will hear observations like “too early,” or “WAY too late” or just a grim look of silence, meaning “about right.”  This year, because of the fires, we’re fighting the gophers for them.  I proposed a “u-shoot” rabbit and gopher program on Facebook and people were UTTERLY scandalized.  We do allow the gophers to enjoy a pumpkin plant or two.   (We figure everyone deserves a last meal.)

We have fair berry picking today.  Remember to check in at the colonial store first to purchase your baskets.

Marketing news:  the first 5&5 Commission was made on an online sale yesterday.  Join the Riley’s Farm Event Promotion Team!  It’s easy selling and a friend-favor-giving-delight.  You get your friends 5% off the event and you make a 5% commission if they use your unique coupon code.  Talk about low pressure selling.  You just share one of our beautiful farm pictures, make the event look really good, talk about your memories here and at the end of the month, you get a check from Riley’s Farm.


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