Disagree and You are a Racist

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Blacklisted Series, #9

Disclaimer: Our living history programs are not political. We have been forced to discuss First Amendment Issues because Cancel Culture is threatening our livelihood.

Actually, You’re Just A Racist Anyway..

Employees of Coca-Cola are now being asked to apologize for their skin color and to associate “whiteness” with oppression, arrogance, and ignorance.  (Click the graphic on the right for a few of the “educational” details.) If you are like me, you probably don’t find that terribly surprising:  colleges have been turning out reductive, critical theory weirdos for some time now.  Race hate of the “approved” type is completely okay these days.

What might surprise you is that our ability to even discuss this hateful idiocy is under attack.  A few years ago, on my personal Twitter account, I questioned the genocidal racism of Louis Farrakhan and a public school teacher took it upon herself to initiate a “cancel culture” attack on the farm.  (I was called a racist for calling out racism, in other words.)  Most public schools continued to support us, but a few retaliated — denying their students an educational benefit at the same time.

We are fighting back and we need your help.  Right now, we have two federal lawsuits in play, one of which is now before the Ninth Circuit where critical American freedoms are being defended — including the right to speak without being the subject of government retaliation and the right to sue government itself when it abuses its power.  Our case, in other words, is both a First Amendment fight AND a Qualified Immunity fight.  We have an opportunity to defend freedom on both fronts.  Please consider a generous donation.

Why we need financial help:  we’re a small business and we have already devoted more than we can afford for this fight.  Many lawyers have donated their time, but a legal battle is expensive and this fight is for YOU as well.  Do you have a relative who works for a public agency afraid to speak their mind on their own time?  Do you sell to a city or a school district?  Do you want government to have the power to retaliate against you for using your First Amendment rights?  If we win, we can make that kind of totalitarianism very expensive for them.

We can put FEAR in these leftist dictators.  Join us!



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