Horrified Your Audience Will Agree

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Blacklisted Series, #8

Disclaimer: Our living history programs are not political. We have been forced to discuss First Amendment Issues because Cancel Culture is threatening our livelihood.

“You Could Be Such A Good Influence..”

Recently a ruddy-faced Covid-hysteria haus frau made a point of reminding me that no one outside of Oak Glen knows who Jim Riley is.  That’s probably more or less true, but I think she telegraphed a broader fear some of her friends on the left harbor: if enough little people like me start speaking, we will connect with a vast, powerful, common sense audience.

It’s actually become a theme over the last few years of my fight with group-think in the public schools.  Our little business, prior to the Commie virus, saw 80,000 students a year, and, with social media and the walk-on harvest crowd, we probably “reach” about a million people annually.

Given that reality, this appears to deeply frighten the “state as god” crowd.  You would not believe how many earnest liberals tell me that such a platform can only be used for the “approved” causes.  If I have anything to observe outside the approved agenda, I should remember that I’m only an apple farmer. A few even try to win me over with a reminder: “you could be such a good influence if..” (I agreed with them in every particular.)

All of you have the same super-power, if you choose to use it.  You are something like George Bailey.  You don’t even know how many people you influence.

Ponder a few situations..

  • Someone in a corporate HR environment asks you to articulate ways that your “whiteness” makes you ashamed of yourself…

You respond, “So you are asking me to be a racist?”

  • A 14 year old girl comes into your medical office and asks you to help her transition into being male.

You respond, “..you need to get some new friends. God made you female.”

  • Someone tells you that voter fraud is absolutely impossible.

You respond, “..like bank robbery, right?”

Bad ideas are very brittle.  That’s why the people who hold them insist you don’t speak your mind.

I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t speak the truth as I see it.  WILL YOU HELP ME?  They really are trying to cancel our farm.  Donate now if you can..

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