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Blacklisted Series, #7

Disclaimer: Our living history programs are not political. We have been forced to discuss First Amendment Issues because Cancel Culture is threatening our livelihood.


Shut up, peasant..

A new friend of mine — a real warrior — is trying to keep her business running in the middle of this Covid Lock-down .  She owns a salon, employs as many as 25 people, and she shared a link detailing her lawsuit against the State of California.  When I went to share her link, Facebook cautioned me that her article contained information about the epidemic and was I really sure I wanted to share her story?  A week ago, I went to share a status message from the White House Facebook account and I received the same warning.  Was I sure I wanted to share commentary from the President of the United States?

Let’s be clear.  The sort of people who can’t stand a difference of opinion are EVIL.   The cowardly administrators of the school districts I’m fighting are EVIL.  They are the kind of people who would deny children the chance to learn American history because I rebuked, on my own personal time, a sacred cow — Louis Farrakhan, the racist “reverend” who advocates Jewish genocide.  (Didn’t you know?  Black people can’t be racist.  If you ask for an even and fair standard, then YOU are the racist.)

It’s one thing when a social media giant censors “improper opinions,” but when the government declares you unworthy of employment, or vendor status, for having an unapproved opinion, we are in deep trouble.  Right now our lawsuit against Claremont and eight other school districts is working its way through the courts, including the Ninth Circuit.  Our legal team is brilliant, and they have donated a great deal of  time, but I need to raise about $38,000 in the next 30 days.  (I am fronting this money myself, but if I don’t get help, I can’t sustain this fight.)

A few weeks ago, we received a check for $10,000 from one donor.  People are tired of living in what is becoming a fascist, machine party state — willing to tell you to tell you to cancel Christmas, willing to steal elections, and willing to ORDER YOU NOT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT.  (Seriously, I listened to one “public health” official a few weeks ago who actually said that it was not only important to follow state Covid guidelines but not to question them as well.)

Is that the “America” you want to live in?  If not, help us out as generously as you can.  As one of our legal team observed, “we could beat the state back if more people were willing to fight.”

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