Crop Report, July 26, 2019

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Shellie Milne, Riley’s Farm Agriculture Manager,  on the state of the farm..

STRAWBERRIES:  Light to medium.  In the larger field, they have been a bit light during the week with some nice ones well on their way to fully ripe for the weekend.  The new strawberry patch is producing really nice berries with a robust flavor during the week and will be a bit light going into the weekend.  One of our larger fields became quite unproductive, so it has been replanted this week.  The new plants seem to be adapting well, despite the heat and humidity.    This is not normally a time to plant a new field, but it was so unproductive – and the fact we have another field to plant in the rotation come Spring, we took our chances and planted now.  Fingers crossed!  I am hoping that we might get a late strawberry crop into October (which would really something if that happened).

OLALLIEBERRIE:  They are strong and doing well.

BLACKBERRIES: Are coming on, and seem to ripening – but are still of a tart taste – so they will be perfect for cooking and baking.

MULBERRIES:  There are mulberries beginning to ripen in our sole mulberry tree.  The ripe ones are few and far beween this week – but are full of flavor.

RASPBERRIES:  Coming soon!  Not quite ready..

PEARS:  Are LOADED on the trees and it will be an amazing harvest this season.  Definintely something to look forward to.

APPLES:  Are doing their job of growing and ripening to get ready for the fall.

PUMPKINS AND FLOWERS: are coming up and getting ready for the Fall season.

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