Adventures in Pumpkin Butter

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Inspired by our farm jams and fruit butter collection (and always seeking a new adventure), I found myself interested in making my own pumpkin butter at home. Find out what it takes and try it for yourself!
          Last year I had decided to try my hand at pumpkin butter for the first time. I spent a lot of time perusing the manyWhole Pumpkin different recipes available online. There were many to choose from, some of them very simple and some much more complex. Since it was something that I had never done before, I wasn’t really certain of what was going to taste good when all the lids were on the jars. The whole experience can be summed up in the words “trial and error.” For a first encounter, I considered the task fairly successful. More than the importance of little success, however, I valued what I had learned through my failures. I looked forward to a new year with new pumpkins and different recipes.

Split Pumpkin            I would attempt to make pumpkin butter again this year. Both years I chose a variety of pumpkin known as Mausque. They are large, thick, and meaty. The largest of this breed can be upward of thirty pounds and they have a wonderful sweet flavor. These pumpkins, left in a cool, dark place, will last for a very long time. I stored my pumpkins for six months. I was a little nervous about making this new batch. Last year I was able to abashedly admit that it was my first attempt at making the butter, thus relinquishing any responsibility for my failure. If the project went south this time, however, I had only one pumpkin in my supply and only myself to blame.

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