A Farm is Worth A Million Words

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This is the hardest job to explain to people. It’s also the best job I’ve ever tried to, so it doesn’t ruffle my feathers in the slightest when people don’t understand what we do here at Riley’s Farm. The conversation usually goes something like this,

“So what do you do?”

“I help run an educational program for a field trip destination up in the mountains”

“Oh? Cool.”

“Yeah. It’s pretty great. Beautiful location, clean air. We teach students about American history.”

“Oh, so…you…like…dress up ‘n stuff?”

       RW Banner Opening Skirmish                                 

“Well, yes. We call it Living History.  It’s a real blast. You’d really have to see what we…”

“Cool. You catch the last quarter of the Super Bowl? Unbelievable. Well, good luck, man.”

Now, if that same person were to experience our Revolutionary War Adventure, the conversation goes quite a bit differently. People fall in love with this place after spending a day here. It’s an unequivocally fun experience seeing your students line up like colonial militia, endure the grueling 18th Century Etiquette Dance, or stand up to the wicked Stamp Tax collector. If none of that captures your heart, a visit to our bakery window for the promise of taking home a fresh, warm, Riley’s Farm-famous 5 pound apple pie (yes, we weigh them) probably will.


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