All of our pears are Bartlett (also known as Williams) variety, which was originally derived from the European Pear. Bartletts are one of the firmer pears, which means not only do they taste great by themselves, but are one of the best pears to cook with.

Bartletts are also considered a “summer pear”, as they’re a bit less cold tolerant than the d’Anjou, Comice or Bosc varieties, all “winter pears”.  But that’s good news for you, because it means that our Bartletts ripen quicker. See, pears aren’t like apples, which are best when freshly picked. Pears ripen off the tree, not on it.

Once our pears turn from green to yellow, they’re mature and ready to pick. In order to ripen them, however, we recommend placing them in a paper bag on a cool spot (65-75 F) on your counter for a few days, checking them once a day. When you can hold a pear in your palm with your thumb just below where the stem meets the skin, and the pear feels a bit tender under even pressure, it’s time to enjoy it!   $3.00 Per Pound.