Day & Evening at the Revolution

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Enjoy our popular, day-time Revolutionary War Adventure AND dinner in our 18th century style post and beam tavern with live music and the oratory of Patrick Henry

Many of our guests have asked to participate in our Revolutionary War dinner program without arranging for the logistics of an overnight program.  We have offered this to a few groups by special request, but we’re now making it generally available.

Summer Program Hours (June – August)|
Noon to 8 PM

12 PM – 4:00 PM
Daytime Activities
4-5 PM Free Time
5-8 PM
Evening Activities

Pricing and Reservations

Daytime Itinerary

Tour content may vary

The Stamp Act
In 1765, King George the III levied a tax upon the American Colonists known as the Stamp Act; a fee to be paid on every form of printed document. Decide where you stand as an American. Will you pay your tax or stand firm against the Tax collector Andrew Oliver? “No Taxation without Representation!”

The Admiralty Court

Experience the injustes of the meritime Admiralty Court led by loyalist judge Robert Auchmooty. Students will be put on trial for smuggling, and attempt to win their freedom before a kingsman who acts as judge, jury and prosecution.

The Quartering Act
King George ordered the Colonists to surrender their homes to British Regulars whenever called upon. Americans would have to house and feed the soldiers under the Quartering Act law, even if they had to temporarily live elsewhere. You may even witness firsthand the type of illegal search of private quarters that gave rise to our Fourth Amendment!

A Well Regulated Militia
Fall in line and learn to march, turn, and fire your musket as a enlistee into the township militia. This training may prove useful if the Regulars intend on attacking the township!

The Blacksmith
Learning the trade of a Blacksmith entailed committing to a seven-year apprenticeship. What how iron was forged into useful tools, or how pewter was transformed from molten metal to toy soldiers.

18th Century Games
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Experience various games children would play during the 18th century. Try your hand at Trapball, Hoop and Stick, the Game of Graces, and more!

As a young boy, not yet sixteen years of age, George Washington copied out a set of instructions regarding proper social behavior in a book he titled, ‘The Rules Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.” Learn the proper way to conduct yourself in the atmosphere of 18th century social protocol.

After England announced its intention to govern America in “all cases whatsoever” and took steps to prevent the colonies from manufacturing their own finished goods, it became patriotic to wear “home-spun” American wool.  Guests will learn the basics of weaving with a hand loom.

Evening Itinerary

Tour content may vary.

Advanced Drilling
Participate in extended martial drilling time learning advanced skills and maneuvers for the battle to come! Participate in competitions against your fellow militiamen to display your ability as a soldier.

Living History Stations
Learn the craftsmanship of an eighteenth century villager as to try your hand at dipping candles or writing letters with a quill pen.

Authentic Tavern Meal
Enjoy a fine feast of Sally Lunn bread, candied carrots, mash potatoes, and roast beast served within the Hawk’s Head Tavern. The atmosphere comes alive as you partake of your meal while being serenaded by live musicians playing period tunes.

Patrick Henry
The Tavern is known to have visitors congregate within its walls; even Mr. Patrick Henry himself has been known to frequent the area and educate the patrons by way of his speech, “Give Me Liberty or Give me Death.”


Groups of 30 or more
$105 Each
Individuals and Families
$125 Each

Summer Discount Pricing (June to August)

Groups of 30 or more
$80 Each
Individuals and Families
$95 Each

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