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Picking concluded for 2015 Mid July – Early October (weather permitting) Check back in July 2016 for the latest crop information!


We have four picking containers available for you to select:Raspberries half pint w poplars

  • Half Pint for $4
  • Pint for $6
  • Quart for $10
  • Gallon for $35

We’ve been growing raspberries for several years now, with lots of success. Raspberries have done so well with all of our devoted pickers, we quadrupled our crop size in 2007 and now those bushes are so productive we have to use the extra harvest in the kitchen for shakes and pies! Like our blackberries, all of our raspberries are pesticide and herbicide free. Come up and try ours, and you might not want to get a raspberry from anywhere else!