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Picking has concluded for 2015 Late September – Early November Picking has concluded for 2015

What is the cost for u-pick pumpkins?  

The minimum purchase for all pumpkin varieties is $2.50, and the per pound rate is:

  • All orange pumpkin varieties ~ $.45 per pound 
  • White Valenciano variety ~ $.80 per pound 



Whatever type of pumpkin you’re looking for, we’ve got it!  We love to try out new varieties every year, and make sure to keep all of our favorites around.

Our fields are several acres large, and you can hike out and pick out whatever pumpkins are perfect for you. This is another crop that has just exploded up here in Oak Glen. Just make sure you bring a few strong backs for hauling those pumpkins down the hills! If you don’t have any strong backs available, we try to keep the store stocked with a large variety too. And if your pumpkin is too big for any size back, we’ve got a tractor to load it up onto a truck for you.