Crop Status: Typical Season: Comments:
Not available September – October 20 Picked out as of 10/05/13

Pears in Oak Glen are almost as old as Apples in Oak Glen. Most of our trees date back to the original Wiltshire family who planted them in the 1880′s. After so many years the trees are still producing so many pears we can’t sell them all U-Pick, so often times we sell them in bulk for jamming in canning (if we don’t use them all ourselves.)

Most of our trees are Bartlett pears, which are incredibly juicy and tastey. They are best when you pick them straight off the tree, just before ripe, then store them in brown paper bags on your counter for a few days at room temperature. This is on of the few fruits that ripens best off the tree, rather than on it. So come on up and pick a peck of pears.