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Picking Saturday 8/2/14 Late August РEarly November  Picking of Gravenstein apples begins on Saturday August 2nd, 2014!


Apples at Riley's Farm
Oak Glen is famous for it’s apples, and we’re proud to have one of the largest orchards in The Glen. We also support the largest assortment of apples, with almost 100 varieties. We have tree’s that are over a hundred years old, planted by the original Oak Glen family, and we have tree’s less than a year old. Every year we attempt to plant several hundred new trees and restore old orchards that have been forgotten or destroyed.

We specialize in “heirloom” apples, which are apples that have been forgotten until now. Modern grocery store culture has breed the flavor and life out of apples in order to get pretty apples that last on the shelves for years. While we have some modern varieties, our favorites are the ones we grow for their wonderful flavor and uses. Some of those apples may be a bit ugly, but boy do they taste good!