The Harvest Feast

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We welcome you to the Hawk’s Head Tavern for a night of merriment.  Enjoy a sumptuous feast as the public house comes alive, with countrymen far and wide, for a harvest celebration.  But keep your wits. We hear tensions are high amongst certain tavern characters, and a quarrel or two is almost assured! Featuring…

duel A duel
Dancing dancing
music Live music
Drama Fight
activities Activities



18th Century Dancing

(No Previous Instruction Required)

Tomahawk Throwing

Toast Contest

Live Colonial Music!


Sally Lunn Bread

Pumpkin Soup

Apple Cheddar Muffins

Spoon Bread

Bubble & Squeak

English Roast Beef

Apple Dumplings

Spiced Cider, Coffee



7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

$50 Adults

$45 Children (3-12)

Fine wines, ales, and hard ciders are available for an additional cost.  No outside beverages are permitted at this event.


Gallery coming soon…