Summer Masquerade

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Over the years, Riley’s Farm colonial dinner programs have enraptured the minds of thousands of loyal patrons. This summer, we invite you to witness a truly immersive and premium experience–one that promises feasting, thrills, dancing, and more. The spirit of Independence Day thrives in Oak Glen. Forget your troubles, fervent Sons and Daughters of Liberty, and find yourself in the 18th century!


What is the Summer Masquerade?

The Summer Masquerade is one of our newest dinner events  and perhaps our most ambitious dinner program to date.

In short: a completely immersive and luxurious historical experience!


What makes Summer Masquerade different from other dinner programs?

This event is unique in that fine period attire (18th century costumes) are required. Don’t have one? Costume rental is included in your ticket purchase! You won’t just look the part –  you’ll live the part!

Your menu consists of a five course meal. Five sumptuous, mouth-watering authentic 18th century courses will please your palate.  Huzzah!

It wouldn’t be a Riley’s Farm Theatre Company production without drama. The narrative is constructed around you! We’re taking audience participation to a whole new level. Enjoy a complex narrative where you – the guests – further the story.

Did we mention the dancing? We’ve dedicated a whole hour of your evening to dancing and merry-making so that you may  learn the proper steps.





There were no dance callers for 18th century contras and quadrilles. Patrons were instead required to know the dances ahead of time. Because of the sheer intricacy of the dances, dancing instructors – known as dance masters – taught the masses the art of the dance.

No need to seek your local dance master, however, for dancing has been integral to the success of our dinner programs from the very beginning.  A whole hour will be dedicated for you to learn the steps to four classic colonial dances.

A thrilling proposition? We hope so.


5:30 PM  — Arrival & Orientation

This is where it all begins. Arrive early to don your period attire, giving you ample time for preparation.

6:30 PM — Act 1 – Hors d’oeuvres

The “calm before the storm,” so to speak. Take a moment to savor a few appetizers, try one of several available draft ales from local craft breweries as you the introduction to the drama occurs on the Public House Green.

7:00 PM — Act 2 – Soup and Bread in the Pergola

All you ardent Patriots and Tories will be gathered at the pergola for the furthering of your meal.  A simple, quiet evening should not be expected. British regulars mean to be quartered in the tavern much to the dismay of the rebellious tavern keeper.

7:45 PM — Act 3 – Main course in the Tavern

Once seated in the tavern, you can expect a hearty meal consisting of several sumptuous “removes”, or courses.

The tavern ambiance includes lively jigs, reels, and a fine selection of popular 18th century tunes performed by a live band.

8:30 PM — The Culmination

The line has been crossed, the mob will be assembled, and the hunt for rogue regulars begins. Don your masks and light your torches. A march into the night ensues – a march for justice!

8:40 PM — Dancing

Upon completion of the dramatic portion of the evening, you will reconvene on the candlelit green for dancing and merry-making. A set of four dances will be presented for your enjoyment, including two quadrilles and two contras.

9:40 PM — Farewell




Costume only 18th century ball, with authentic cuisine, dancing, and drama.


July 14th and July 21st


  • Mushroom Savories
  • Melon Balls with Prosciutto
1st Course
  • Brown Bread
2nd Course
  • Carrot Soup
3rd Course
  • Salamagundi
4th Course
Choice of:
  • Cornish Game Hen
  • Brown Sugar Pork Chops
  • Grilled Polenta with Vegetables
5th Course(s) – Dessert Table
  • George Washington’s Macaroons
  • Honey Flummery
  • Steamed Apple Pudding
  • Fudge


A drama presented by the Riley’s Farm Theatre Company, constructed for the sole purpose of guest involvement!


Live colonial band.


5:30pm – 10pm


Adults:  $115| Ticket + Costume Rental

Children (3 – 12):  $85 | Ticket + Costume Rental