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Summer Day Camp

Give your kids or grandkids a country adventure this summer! Send them to Riley’s Farm Summer Day Camp this year, where they’ll experience life on a working apple farm near Yucaipa, California. They’ll learn archery, throw tomahawks, go on nature hikes and hay rides, pan for gold, pick fresh produce, learn to fence like a pirate, hunt for lost treasure, build and sail mini-pirate ships, cool off in a good old-fashioned swimming hole, tend farm animals, and much much more! Riley’s Farm Summer Day Camp offers lots of opportunities to learn new skills, make new friends, spend plenty of time outdoors, and have tons of great fun in a family friendly farm environment. This will be our sixth year hosting what has proven to be a fun, dynamic program that has earned great popularity with our campers and their families, who return year after year. But don’t just take our word for it; you can listen to what they have to say on the testimonials page. Also, check out our itinerary for a complete list of the adventures that lie in store for Day Campers! 2014 camp dates are as follows:

June 16-20, June 23-27, July 14-18, and July 21-25

Extended hours are exclusively available during  the first week of camp.


We have an incredible summer planned!  Country fun awaits…

Click here to view a sample itinerary of what your camper will do at Riley’s Farm this summer!



Click here to view the complete 2014 Information Packet.


The Camp Scholarship Application deadline is June 18, 2014.

  What are the dates and hours for 2014 Summer Day Camp? June 16-20, June 23-27, July 14-18, and July 21-25 We have two tracks for Summer Day Camp. Regular hours are from 9:00AM – 3:30PM, Monday though Friday. Extended hours begin at 7:30AM and end at 5:00PM.  Extended hours are offered on the first week of camp only. What is the age range for attendees? Campers age 6-14 may attend Summer Day Camp. Are meals included? Yes! Regular hours include a lunch and two snacks, morning and afternoon. Extended hours include the same with breakfast in the tavern at approximately 8:00 AM.  Click here to see the sample menu of our farm-fresh camp cuisine! What will campers learn? Summer Day Camp 2014 includes five themed days: Farm Livin’, Wilderness Day, Gold Rush Adventure, Pirate Day, and Water Day.  Some activities and lessons may include:  archery, tomahawk throwing, treasure hunting, wilderness survival, map-reading and orienteering, animal tending, berry picking, gold panning, weaving, and much more.  Counselors wear attire according to the day’s theme, and they teach in settings that re-create a Gold Rush mining community in 1849 and the excitement and adventure of Piracy’s golden era.  Please review the 2014 Sample Itinerary for details on each day’s activities. What should my child wear? Guests should dress in cool clothing appropriate for outdoor summer adventure. Jeans/pants or shorts are best.  Long pants are not required, except on Wilderness Day.  Tennis shoes or sneakers are the best form of footwear, since campers will be hiking on dirt trails and playing outdoors. Overall, stick with cotton and leave at home that which you don’t want getting dirty. What should my child bring?
  • A change of clothing and extra shoes/socks tend to come in handy, as does a good sun hat. Water will be provided to campers throughout the day, but water bottles are highly recommended. Campers need not bring food, unless they want extra snacks.
  • Please provide medication and detailed instructions if you would like the staff to administer any prescription or over-the-counter meds during the day. Kindly advise the office when you register if your camper has any allergies.
  • The Bakery window and colonial store will be open during the week, so campers may bring money to buy extra food, pies, or souvenirs.  Time will be allotted on Friday afternoon for the campers to visit the mercantile.
  • On Fridays, we recommend that all campers dress normally and bring the following for Water Day:  a towel, bathing suit or swimming trunks, water shoes (if desired) or flip-flops.
How hot is it in Oak Glen in the summer? Usually it is about 10-15 degrees cooler than the surrounding towns, getting into the 80s and 90s on some days.  Most physical activities take place in the morning, and the afternoon activities are done inside buildings, under tents, and near the pond.  Is the program co-ed? Yes. We welcome boys and girls. My child is coming with a friend. Will they be in the same group? Yes!  You can request your camper’s buddy on the registration paperwork.  We will do our best to honor mutual buddy requests.  Be aware that some activities require us to break into smaller groups for short time periods. What type of qualifications and experience does your staff have? Our staff is very experienced and well-trained.  Counselors maintain current First Aid and Adult/Infant/Child CPR training and certification through the American Red Cross, as well as Food Handler’s Certification through the County of San Bernardino.  Staff members work year-round with children of all ages. Do you have emergency response plans? Yes, we have an extensive employee manual and training program to help us deal with all possible situations, including medical, fire, earthquakes, uninvited guests and wildlife. What’s on the menu? Campers will feast on tasty and nutritious delights from the on-site restaurant and bakery.  Some favorites include: homemade  pizza, chicken drumsticks, quesadillas, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and apple pie.  Visit the Summer Day Camp section of www.rileysfarm.com  for the complete menu. What if my child has a food allergy or other dietary need? First, we ask that you advise your booking agent when you make the reservation so that our staff is aware. Second, we will make every effort to offer a modified menu item when possible. If it isn’t, you are more than welcome to send any supplemental menu item(s) with your camper. We can easily accommodate whatever needs refrigeration. Do you guys offer a full week, overnight program for Summer Day Camp? We did the first few summers, but didn’t have the required minimum number of campers signed up to proceed with the program. We have not abandoned the idea, we just need enough popular request to put the plan into operation. What are your disciplinary procedures/expectations of campers? We begin each week with a brief meeting with our campers, wherin we advise them of all of our policies and expectations. We communicate that they are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and fun. Campers are advised that a first offense will result in a verbal reminder of what the rule is, and how it was broken. Second timers will receive a short break from the group, in a safe, supervised location, to give them a moment to consider what has transpired and how they may change their behavior. A third offense will result in a phone call to a parent/relative. Repeated behavioral issues beyond a phone call will result in a child being sent home for a day or more.  Since our focus is the safety and fun for all, we do everything we can to prevent issues before they arise. How do I get there?  From Los Angeles & Points West:  Take the I-10 or the I-60 toward Palm Springs. Exit on Beaumont Avenue. Turn Left and proceed approximately nine miles (Beaumont Avenue will become Oak Glen Road).  After you see the apple-shaped sign that reads “Welcome to Oak Glen” look for the large, red-lettered “Riley’s Farm” sign on the right hand side of the road.   From Palm Springs and Points East: Take the I-10 west towards Los Angeles. Exit on Beaumont Avenue. Turn right and proceed approximately nine miles (Beaumont Avenue will become Oak Glen Road).  After you see the apple-shaped sign that reads “Welcome to Oak Glen” look for the large, red-lettered “Riley’s Farm” sign on the right hand side of the road. Once I’m there, where do I go? Enter the farm at the large, red-lettered “Riley’s Farm” sign. Next, take a right turn into the Colonial Chesterfield Parking lot.  Look for the large, white colonial building that houses the bakery and restaurant. Proceed to the ground floor on the South side of the building (near the Lower Pond).  The brick Cider Cellar is our home base.  Please sign your camper in and out each day in the Cider Cellar Office.  Only persons on the approved list (on registration form) will be allowed to pick up your camper, and we will check identification before releasing the camper.    


About the Counselors… “They were really nice and fun.” “The weaving lady was really nice.” “They love coming to camp & seeing Miss Angela, Mr. Harmon, & Mr. Bradley!” “You guys were great! I have to give it to you for patience with difficult campers!” “Mr. Harmon is so patient and appropriate developmentally for all three ages.” “You guys were awesome camp counselors!” “They were all good.” “You were so nice. My kids loved you.” “They are terrific.”   About the Food… “The sandwiches are so good!” “My favorite was the French toast and the apple pie.” “I thought it was great…They loved the beef jerky.” “Loved that you provided a healthy lunch menu and midday snack.”   General Applause… “Thank you! My kids love Camp Riley.” “Greyson really enjoys Summer Day Camp.” “I just wish we didn’t live 1 ½ hours away! They love coming to camp & seeing Miss Angela, Mr. Harmon, & Mr. Bradley! I tell everyone I can! But living in Orange County is a long drive for most moms. We mom’s enjoyed having pie for breakfast!” “I hope to return next year.” “Brooklyn absolutely loves to be at your camp and loves all of the people who run the camp.”


Call us to book at (909) – 790-8463 and then click here to access your Registration and Medical Release Forms, which are required for every camper who attends.


Camp Hours: 9:00 AM -3:30 PM

Tuition:  $199 per week

Additional sibling’s tuition: $169

*Includes lunch and snacks.

Extended Hours: 7:30 AM -5:00 PM

Extended hours are offered June 16-20 ONLY

Tuition:  $299 per week

Additional sibling’s tuition: $269

*Includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks.


The Camp Scholarship Application deadline is June 18, 2014.