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City at War!

 Performed by Erin Keeney and Lockton Riley

 In 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment took effect, pronouncing all of America “dry.” Introduced by the Anti-Saloon League and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, ignorance, belief, and good intentions all combined to make illegal the purchase, sale, transport, and consumption of any form of Alcoholic beverages. As years pass, crime, alcohol consumption, death, and hypocrisy have risen, and the consequences of such a prohibition reveal themselves. The modern gangsters and racketeers have taken shape in the larger cities. Americans are waking to a new reality, the reality of Prohibition.

Experience Riley’s Farm’s newest Stage production premiering this July! The year is 1928 and the Jazz era has hit Oak Glen.

Join the ranks as a flapper, cop, gangster, or bootlegger, as you take a side on Congress’ newest Amendment voting all of the states ‘Dry.’

Don’t miss out on Riley’s Farm Theatre Company’s new Roaring ’20s musical,  ‘Prohibition: Angels in the Dark’.



Charleston Dancing, Live Music, Hayrides, and more… join us this July!

The night starts off with a bang when you board the Hayride and aid several of the city’s Law Enforcers to scour the countryside, raid stills, and capture bootleggers. Roam the Packing Shed recreated in 1920’s fashion, and meet characters and chose sides where you stand on the new Prohibition law, but watch out, you may need a password to enter into the speakeasy. The night consists of three acts played out on stage with chances to dance and converse with the characters off stage as well. Help bring criminals to justice or shoot it out with the cops, the ball is in your court, see. You don’t want to miss Prohibition in Oak Glen, a truly historical time for the whole family.




Stuffed Mushrooms



Lemon Chicken

Antipasto salad


Tiramisu for Dessert

Saturday Nights 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

$36 Adults $30.95 Children (3-12)

 Friday Nights 7:00 PM – 10:00 pm

$34 Adults $28.95 Children (3-12)

Do you have the secret password?  If so, then fine wines, ales, and hard ciders just might be available…

No outside beverages are permitted at this event, so don’t get any ideas, see?




Adults: $36

Children(3-12): $31


Adults: $34

Children(3-12): $29


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