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“Listen to them — Children of the night. What music they make!”

Riley’s farm is proud to bring back Dracula to the stage! Winner of three Inland Theatre League awards!

The year is 1897.  A christian solicitor from London, Jonathan Harker, has been given the task to journey to Transylvania, and settle estates with one Count Dracula. On his journey he is repeatedly warned of an evil presence that lies in Castle Dracula. Harker journeys on in spite of the ill warnings, only to discover that there does lie a true evil within the Count’s unearthly home.

Riley’s Farm Theatre Company invites you to travel back in time to visit the Victorian world of Bram Stoker, and his timeless tale of good against evil in our stage adaptation of Dracula! Enjoy a bountiful, full-bodied meal, a succulent dessert, and a deliciously sinister plot. Don’t miss this classic tale of one of fiction’s most iconic villains!

From pages to performance…

“There have been many stage and film variations of this particular piece of literary art. I am grievous to stay many do not do the story justice. Stoker’s work has been misshapen, cheapened, and worst of all, charged with sexual undertones. In spite of this dismal fact, Riley’s Farm now strives to capture Dracula’s true character in this particular stage adaptation. When the title reads ‘Dracula – a classic tale,’ we hope to deliver just that. We wish to bring the audience the true struggle of the Cross held up against the cowering vampire, good vs. evil. This is the story of Dracula. It needs no changing. Read Stoker’s book, it may give you a different outlook on the vampire. We hope you enjoy our loyal production.”

Eric Drazin, Writer and Director of ‘Dracula – A Classic Tale.’



Join us for the timeless story of Dracula, as he emerges on stage this November.

Five Performances – Oct. 28th, 31st, & Nov. 4th, 11th, 18th!

Make certain you show up early so you don’t miss a thing!

Saturday Event Itinerary

*Note: Friday evening events begin one hour later then Saturday events.

5:30 – Check-in at the Packing Shed.

Welcome to Transylvania in the year 1897! Arrive at the General Store to complete check-in and be guided to your table. Appetizer service begins in the Packing Shed (next to the Bar and Bakery).

6:10 – Dinner Service

Dinner is served in the historic Packing Shed.

6:35 – Dracula, A Classic Tale – Act I

7:30 – Intermission and Dessert

7:50 – Dracula, A Classic Tale – Acts II and III




Riley’s Farm Theatre Company presents a Dracula dinner event! Enjoy a mouth-watering meal, sumptuous dessert, and a 2 act drama.


October 28th, Halloween Night (October 31st),  November 4th,  11th, and 18th.


The two hour stage production is presented in three acts and features drama that occurs on and off stage. Watch out… the Count might be standing next to you!



Vegetable Soup

Main Course

Bavarian Bread
Chicken, Beef, or Veggie Skewers
Roasted Broccoli
Crashed Potatoes


Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling

Age Appropriate

All plays presented by Riley’s Farm Theatre Company are family-friendly.  We welcome theatre-goers of all ages! However, be advised, due to the intricate plot and vampiric themes (and perhaps a few frightening moments of suspense), all parents and guardians are advised to consider the subject matter before purchasing a ticket for their child.


Fridays 6:30pm – 10pm

Saturdays 5:30pm – 9pm


Adults: $40-$45 | Ticket

Children (3 – 12): $35 | Ticket